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I now officially have more finished objects than WIPs. And even the WIPs are mostly done. Georgia's doll needs a dress, but that's going to be sewn, not knitted, so the knitting is done. The rollerbooties have been re-purposed as Christmas ornaments so they've moved to low priority. The one mitten I made for Georgia doesn't fit great so I'm not sure I want to bother making a second one. My hat just needs a pom pom. The socks and bags are still legitimate long-term WIPs.

That said I'm thinking of taking a week or two off knitting to tackle some other projects. I've got fabric for baby gifts for the neighbour and I really should get those done before the shower.

Speaking of the neighbours, they came over yesterday and the day before and I am really suffering as a result. They own cats and of course that set off my allergies. Also, on Sunday when they came over Greg was wearing too much cologne and it's rubbed off on the couch where I always sit, so that's setting me off too. Not to mention I hate the smell. I'm torn about whether to say anything or not. It's unpleasant for me to smell this days later, but it's also one of those things you're not supposed to criticize. A few months ago my family confronted my Nana about her over-perfuming and she was genuinely and deeply hurt and felt like it was a personal attack (and no, I'm not just thinking that's how she felt, she was very clear with all of us about the subject). I wasn't there for the confrontation and she did ask me my opinion about it later. I can't remember if I stood by them or sold them out on that one.

In other news, Georgia hates when I sneeze while she's feeding. Pulls off to glare at me for interrupting her meal. And heaven forbid I cough to open the lungs a bit (seems to help me breathe when the asthma sets in). She's settled very nicely into Jason and my schedule. She likes to go to bed some time between 10:30 and midnight and wakes between 6:30 and 8 depending on how hungry she is. She plays in her crib by herself for a while every morning (we can hear the thumps of her kicking and sometimes she squeaks her giraffe or gets the music toy going) before calling for us. Life's good. I'm settling into this whole "being a mom" thing. The laundry is piling up, the kitchen is rarely clean and I haven't vacuumed in weeks if not months. But I'm happy and so is Georgia, and I'm thinking that's all that matters in life.

Date: 2010-01-27 01:10 pm (UTC)
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I don't have asthma, but I do get badly affected by perfumes and I tend to not say anthing if it's a) minor, and b) not a common occurrence from that person. For some though, I need to say something however, and I usually drop very large hints that aren't specifically directed at the person (i.e., simply saying in conversation that I'm allergic; I'm technically only sensitive to scents, but people laugh it off if I use that term because they don't understand). Asthma's another matter though- I'm more on the side of saying something as that's a dangerous condition to meddle with; I have a friend who's set off by scents and does have asthma, so I've at least seen what it can do, even if I don't have it. People often do tend to view it as a personal attack even if it's not meant that way (or they're completely mortified and apologize for days), but it's a matter of your health which can't be taken lightly.

Date: 2010-01-27 06:11 pm (UTC)
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Happy is good. An intervention for perfume. :-) Remember that older people lose their sense of smell and she probably doesn't even realize she wears so much scent.

Date: 2010-01-27 09:03 pm (UTC)
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"Georgia hates when I sneeze while she's feeding. Pulls off to glare at me for interrupting her meal.

I can just picture her doing that. I almost spit my water out when I read that. So. Funny. Little kid indignation makes me laugh.

Don't worry about housework. Happy mom and happy baby are the most important. Things will get done when there is time and inclination.



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