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I hate cleaning. So far all I've managed to accomplish is a bit of tidying up and I've vacuumed the stairs and cleaned the baseboards of the stairs.

This morning, instead of doing more cleaning I chose to organize and inventory my Tournaments Illuminated issues. Then I thought, aw heck, how about doing a bit more scanning. I always tend to choose older issues to scan rather than the newer ones (you know, in case anything should happen to my collection, it's the older stuff that is harder to replace of course). Today I happen to be working on 1986. It's fascinating to me how this magazine has changed over the years. This particular issue for example, has wasted 3 pages on "lost sheep" (these people have moved and we can't mail their magazines to them, if you know where they are please contact us - really? was this of interest to the general readership even at the time?). This issue also had a crossword (lame). This is total rubbish for me as I'm only here for the articles. But I'm scanning it anyway as I am a bit of a completist. And did you know at one point that there were color interior pages! The number of pages per issue also varies widely. When I'm done the scanning project I'll summarize the high and low number of pages

Today's TI is a pretty slick thing. It's been good for years. I'm still irritated by the decision years ago to revoke the Kingdom Newsletter -OR- TI option. Back then, getting TI was a genuine incentive for me to get a membership. Now it's purely a financial decision based on how many events I plan on attending in a given year and whether or not I'll be hitting a big war. And I honestly wish I didn't have to get the Kingdom newsletter as it has only proven useful once. I actually tried to use it to go to an event last week, but the directions provided by the group were impossible to follow. Only 2 turns were given, one directed you to turn North on an East-West road, the other directed you to turn on a road that they gave the name of, but which did not have a road sign. I definitely have issues with how groups here give directions - sigh. I'm sure unbundling TI was a financially motivated decision, but ironically, when they removed the TI option, I ceased to be a member, picked up the missed issues of TI on ebay and thereby denied them of any income. It wasn't completely my intent to stick it to the corporation (as if they'd notice one less member) but it just worked out better financially for me that way. I think it is interesting that the BoD is talking about allowing people to subscribe without memberships. I don't think I'll be taking that option as I hope Pennsic is in our future for the next few years, but I like that the option for a stand alone subscription might be there for me if I wanted it.

The SCA itself has become a bit of a conundrum for me lately. Events are boring. There's only so much you can do as a spectator, and only so long that will be interesting. After 15 years there's not much I want to just watch. I don't really know anyone here and I'm not getting to know anyone here really well because I simply don't come out enough. I'm not really active in anything that is done publicly (I still sew, weave and lampwork, but that's not the kind of thing you do *at* events). I'm still really enjoying the crafts and hobbies that come with the SCA, but I'm not excited about participating. And it's totally my fault. People here recognize me from one event to the next and they are friendly, but I'm not putting in the effort to remember names or really make connections. I miss all my friends from elsewhere. I'm also feeling with the baby that I just don't have the energy for this. Jason doesn't want to waste his weekends on the SCA, and I don't blame him, that's his choice, but once I've packed up all the stuff, driven out there, and spent all my time baby wrangling I just don't have a lot of spoons left for making connections. I probably just have to stick with it and make an effort, I always feel a little out of sorts when I move to a new place. It just doesn't usually take me this long to fit in.
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An unscheduled weekend, and yet I feel completely overwhelmed by it. I've decided it's time to clean and resume living like adults after our summer of slovenliness. Both front and back yards are in desperate need of weeding, pruning and lawn cutting, that task alone could take most of a standard weekend. Then the indoors needs to be dusted, tidied and vacuumed. Bathrooms need to be cleaned, laundry needs to be done and put away, and it's high time we parted with some of the junk in the junk room and organized those things we actually want to keep. I'm not sure if we should try to do all of it and completely exhaust ourselves, or attempt all of either indoors or out or try for a bit of both and end up with mild improvements in each area but not show-home perfection anywhere. There's also a whole mess of organizing and childproofing. So much to do, only one long weekend in which to do it, then I'm back to life as normal, with Jason at work and me baby-wrangling all day.

In the week leading up to my planned weekend of cleaning I've been poking at the mess and trying to minimize the work for the weekend without having any real expectations of myself. I've managed to get caught up on a bunch of laundry, do some work with the kitchen and purchase and assemble a new desk for myself. Am most pleased about that desk part. The kitchen cleaning involved a phrase I never thought I'd utter... so during baby's naps yesterday I scrubbed the beagle blood spatter off the walls. Yeah, I still hadn't gotten around to cleaning up after the big fight they had right before we got home from Pennsic. Done now, and except for the dent on Anna's nose and the wedge missing from Lizzy's ear tip you'd never know anything had happened.

Yesterday I was surveying the garden and trying to figure out where to start when I spotted what at the time I could only describe as an "oh shit!" spider.

cut for phobias )

Turns out it is a Black and Yellow Garden Spider and is beneficial. It kills flying things like mosquitoes (which may explain my complete lack of bites this year) and doesn't harm people or pets. Scares the bejezus out of you if you're not expecting to run into it though.
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Originally uploaded by SmoPho
This is me getting lead jammer (that's a first, both me jamming in a game and me getting lead, this is a first for both), but as you can see the other jammer is right on my tail. By the time we catch up to the pack she's ahead of me so I just called it off before she could get any points either. Not my best game ever - sigh. Lots of room for improvement, but with 6 weeks off this summer at least I know why I'm not improving at the moment. Will work harder at it in the fall.


Aug. 27th, 2010 09:09 am
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Last night we finished Dexter season 4. I have to say, in my years of watching it, the finale this season was the first one that really disturbed me. Neither Jason nor I slept well last night. Just what we needed. And of course we'd stayed up late to watch it and G decided it was going to be an earlier morning than usual (and with more screaming and crying than normal too). I feel wasted today. And Jason has to do some on-camera interview for the game today - poor boy.

The worst part of it is that we don't even really have the weekend to recover. I have an event on Saturday and a roller derby game on Sunday. Even though the game isn't all day I know I'll be wiped out and not accomplish anything. So yet another week of the house looking all disastrous.

G is sitting on the floor right now, industriously emptying my purse and wallet of all their contents. Not that they contain much any more as this is hardly the first time for this game. I should probably try to get something done while she's happy and distracted.

Ants again

Aug. 26th, 2010 01:50 pm
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Same places as last time. Had a professional in for an estimate again. This time I asked for what it would cost to treat regularly over a year instead of doing it once and hoping they don't come back (because that strategy worked so well last time). As it turns out, it's expensive. Jason is balking at the price. I'm starting to think that this is just part of the cost of living here. In the same way we have to pay for AC and property taxes are outrageous, pest control seems to be just part of the cost of living in this climate. Last time I was the one balking at the price and the poisons and it took a bazillion bites to convince me otherwise. I'm wondering if that's going to be the same situation this time, that it will take something to push him over the edge before he comes around. And if it's him getting bit, well it was his choice. I'm just worried that it will be Georgia or I that suffers because we're the ones here most of the time.

In the meantime I've been reading up on non-toxic solutions... so far all have been debunked. I tried one of these non-toxic "solutions" on my mother's suggestion and as it turns out I've just been feeding them corn meal all morning. It will do nothing to kill them. Rats.

Anyway, G's nap is done. Updates to follow I'm sure.

Mini Mouse

Aug. 24th, 2010 09:26 pm
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Had our 1 year appointment yesterday and the little mouse still isn't really growing. We're up to a mere 27 1/2 inches and 16 lbs 2 oz. This puts her under the 3rd percentile in both areas. The doctor says she is concerned because her face doesn't look like it has a lot of baby fat left. She wants me to introduce cow's milk and asked me to add fats to the food we serve her. Where it makes sense, I have been doing the fat addition (butter on bread mostly) to no effect since the last appointment where she gave the same advice. I'm not sure about the cow's milk. I don't really get how that could be better than the breast milk she's already getting. This is one of the (many) doctors that wanted me to supplement with formula back in the first few months when she was growing well, so I'm hesitant to blindly follow her advice. One of my friends has recommended changing physicians, but I'm not sure that will solve things either. I got this woman on my side when I had Georgia growing well at the beginning on breast milk alone, but it's easy to be supportive when everything is going well. I'm not sure my friend's pediatrician, who is completely supportive of her, with her monstrously large child, would be as supportive of me and the mouse.

Georgia eats plenty to my mind, but I'm aware that I'm not an expert. I offer her 3 meals a day plus a snack or two and she eats until she's had enough and starts feeding dogs. Most meals are 1 or 2 pieces of fruit. Sometimes she eats a bit of meat or an egg. There's lots of cheese going. Usually there's some grains too (bread, rice or cereal, sometimes pasta). It doesn't look to me like she's wasting away. She plays fairly energetically, she isn't tired, she's happy most of the time, but even I will admit that it doesn't look like she's getting any bigger.

The doctor wants me to come back in a month for a weigh-in but I don't get exactly what this will get us. I'm pretty sure the result in a mere month will just be more of the same. No matter what the result I'm not going to go along with any supplement that doesn't feel "right" to me (none of the liquid diets are acceptable to my mind)

And there's the very real fact that I am only 25th percentile for height and Jason is under 5%, so it's not like we're expecting to get a giant here. How much of her growth is diet and how much is simply a matter of genes? Should I be worried? Will cow's milk really solve all my problems?
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I realized while at Pennsic exactly how long it's been since I did any work with
glass. I hadn't touched the torch since I got too big in my pregnancy to get
near it and my festoons were from 2005?!?! At the time I made them I was really happy with them of course. But time changes, we learn things, and we start to realize what is wrong with the old stuff and start wanting new stuff. Also, I'm going to another event next weekend, and it's an A&S geek-out so I really wanted something new to wear to it.

This afternoon, in the sweltering Texas heat, I braved my garage and spent a few
hours making new beads. I recycled some of the acceptable beads from my old set,
incorporated some lovely metal bits I'd bought down here, and overall I'm pretty
pleased with the result.


There are still a few "modern" beads in the lot (there's only 4, can you spot
them?), but they stand out a lot less, or at least that is my feeling on it. All
of the beads I completed today were attempts at exact copies of period finds
(down to the colors used), though sometimes the glass got away from me and I
ended up with something that had a slightly different shape, or the zig zags
were wonky. A couple of them ended up being dead ringers for the pictures
though, and that made me most pleased. Unfortunately in this shot you don't get a good view of the millefiore cane I made and pulled myself today. Used some tips I got from someone at Pennsic and it turned out rather well. Still lots of room for improvement. But for the first time back at it in over a year I've got no complaints.

I also bought a bunch of linen at Pennsic and then picked up even more (as if I
needed it) at Hancocks because they had a ridiculous, and utterly irresistible
sale when I got back. Spent today getting it all pre-washed, so expect future
posts on the consumption of linen :) Speaking of which, time to move more of it over to the dryer and head to bed.
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The little mouse saw her first movie today, How to Train your Dragon. It was not the 3-D version (which is good because I think that would make me nauseous) and was at the cheap theater. Baby still reached out to try and touch the Northern lights during one flight sequence - awwww, babies see movies in 3-D without the fancy technology. She seemed to enjoy most of the movie, but from the climactic fight sequence onward I was not allowed to be in the theater. Instead I was out spinning her in the lobby to excited giggles. Ah well, I got the idea and I'm sure it will be just fine on video. Not sure when we'll make another attempt at a movie in theater. Maybe when Toy Story 3 hits the cheap theaters.

I thought it was very fitting that her first movie be about Vikings anyway :) Even if they were ridiculous, fictionalized vikings. And was it just me or was the village INCREDIBLY similar to the norse-influenced villages in WoW? My husband pointed out that it was probably because they were both based on actual Norse villages, but I'm pretty sure that they were entirely fiction.
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Tomorrow is the last day of my sister's visit. It's been a bitter-sweet week for us here. Have done fun things with my sister, but Jason and I are also going through some sucky personal stuff right now that is dampening the mood. (in case anyone is wondering it's stuff happening *to us* not bad juju between us, and no, I'm not up to talking about it yet and might not ever be)

I feel a bit guilty about not posting at all here about G's birthday. We hung around the house most of the day. Took her to a splash pad when she woke up from her afternoon nap (and had it all to ourselves because it was dinner-time, which was awesome).

Had take-out Chinese for dinner, which she seemed to enjoy. Presents and Cake happened after dark and baby went to bed very late after staying up playing with new toys for hours.

Other things we have done during sister-visit this week...
Monday - stand up paddling at the Quarries - yay for free fun in Austin
Gotta love the yellow bubble-butt flotation device I wound up with, but again, it was free so no complaints.
Wednesday - Lauren came with me to derby practice
Thursday - long bike ride on trails in the next subdivision
Today - tax-free shopping weekend (it's a state back-to-school thing) at the outlet mall so no tax on shoes, clothes or school bags (I got a lunch bag for baby snacks). Was surprisingly well-behaved and did not over-spend.

Not sure what we will get up to tomorrow, her last day here. I do know that I will miss her when she leaves as always. Options for the day include bat fest, taking Georgia to her first movie (which might end in someone hanging out with G in the lobby while the other two watch the movie), returning to the splash pad or coming up with something entirely different.

Better get to sleep if I plan to be awake for any of tomorrow.
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Thoughts on Pennsic as recorded on my iPod on the way home and filled out a bit this morning...

Camping with Eoforwick was okay. I got along with most of the others and the annoyances were small and relatively infrequent. I really enjoyed catching up with Hans and Kristie and meeting their household. I was delighted with my laurel's new soon-to-be apprentice. Meal plan was tasty but I don't think I'd go for it in the future. I'm not keen on chores or on making my schedule work around less than predictable meal times instead of just treating meals as the catch as catch can that I normally do. i thought scheduled meal times would be better for baby, but of course they didn't coincide with her schedule anyway. Also, I need to create a levelling system for my new bed, which other than the ridiculous slope worked great. Jason actually decided it was more comfortable than any of the larger beds in the motels we stopped at on the way to and from the site. It's not the size of the bed, it's the stability of the frame (some of those hotels I swear it felt like the bed was suspended like a hammock) and the fact that it is foam not springs, which cuts down on the motion transfer significantly. Lucrece had a brilliant solution that I will be trying to copy in the coming weeks for bed levelling. Also need to download a level ap as it turns out the ipod is the most easily transported levelling tool, and the coin we were rolling down our frame, while effective, was less than ideal or completely accurate. Was not terribly impressed with having to use public showers. I think that will be the deal-breaker for me when it comes to camping with them in the future.

The cart was hit and miss. In the market it was a definite win, providing portable seating for watching performances or breast feeding. But dragging it up the hill was hard for Jason and impossible for me. It did work out well as a bed at least. And Georgia did seem to enjoy watching the market roll by.

Speaking of the market, I spent extravagantly as always. Some badges and a belt from fettered cock, linen from Carolina calicoes that many considered too inexpensive to be 100% but I was happy with anyway. Lots of jewel tones and garish colors that are probably not period, but I like them. Also picked up some handwoven wickerbanden that are beautiful, a pair of Norse necklace hangers from the treasury (edit: and I managed to lose one before I even left site apparently - sigh), and another mirrored jewelery box from Tancred. My favorite purchases were the amber and jet necklace that Jason bought as my 6th anniversary gift. Doesn't top last year's present but nothing ever will ;) the other lovely thing was a tiny baby mug for Georgia that she picked out herself and immediately and happily demonstrated she knew what to do to with. At least for 30 seconds until she tipped it over to chew the bottom.

Classes were the main attraction as always. The best had to be the Norse sewing tools class that turned out to be a surprise blacksmithing class. The description said nothing about how we were going to be making these tools, or what they were to be made out of so I showed up in my pretty new embroidered shiny garb and was pleasantly surprised when I left the class 3 hours later no worse for the wear. Incidentally I wasn't the only one who didn't get the blacksmithing memo as several others thought we would be working in bone or horn. End product of that class was 2 very useable needles and the knowledge and motivation to make more.


There was also a basket making class from early in the week that required showing up like an hour early to get in. Totally worth it and I will be doing my best to show up to future classes of hers in coming years. I'm also feeling very inspired by that class and will be buying materials to make more baskets. I have promised a set of them to Tangwystl in exchange for the fleece of the lamb that Georgia met this summer. I think I'm getting the better end of that deal, but she thinks she's cleaning up so it's all good.


Georgia is down for her morning nap so I need to get on with the cleaning and bathroom caulking before my sister arrives. First load of the mountain of laundry is in. Soooo much more to go - sigh.
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Felt compelled to try to catch up on a Pennsic's worth of LJ entries. As it turns out, it was the 90 entries that my friends page will let me go back. Very few things of note happened in my absence, which is often the case, but it never hurts to check. It's always when I don't check that some major news hits that I miss out on completely (usually pregnancy announcements). Off to bed for realz now.
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In my absence LJ has mysteriously "forgotten" all my settings, forcing me to finally abandon the old, unsupported, but frankly just fine the way it was S1 layout and upgrade to S2. I hates it.

In other news, Pennsic was fun, but I am very much exhausted by the whole camping with a babe and traveling for 6 days to get there and back. I also discovered upon returning that I did not take nearly enough pictures. It looks like I have shots from the first day and the last day while we were packing up and that's about it. Not sure where any of the in-between time went. I have more shots of looms than of people. No pictures of anyone who isn't in my immediate family. No general shots of Pennsic. And it looks like Jason never got up the motivation to take any pictures at all. So much for buying a new camera. Also, I completely failed to get any decent shots of the cart in action. Go figure. It's like I got exactly enough images to prove I was there and no more.

We did get one nice family portrait shot after the van was all packed up and just before we left site:

The set of pictures is here. I told ya, pretty sparse, but there it is anyway.

I think it may be a function of the length of time I've been in the SCA. The longer I'm here, the fewer things grab my attention and require pulling out my camera. It's a shame because my wardrobe is certainly nicer now, and I do notice things that are worthy of note with a better eye than I used to. Maybe I'm just getting lazy as I get older.

Actual thoughts on the event will follow. I typed them up on the ipod on the way home and I'm just too lazy to pull it out now. Also tired, very very tired.
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No packing done yet, but I got up this morning and did the final sanding on all our new furniture. For the record, here's the finished cart. Action shots to follow from Pennsic I'm sure and those will contain both the mattress and the cute baby.




Can't wait to try it out. Think I might bring the stroller along just in case it completely sucks. At the very least it will make a decent crib in the tent.

Okay, time for breakfast and packing.

This is it

Jul. 31st, 2010 03:06 am
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Time to call it a night and admit that this is all that is getting done before the drive.


1 dress for me
2 dresses for Georgia
3 apron dresses for me (2 could use some embellishment, but not needed before Pennsic)
2 apron dresses for Georgia
1 hood for Jason

Almost done:
3 dresses for me, one needs sleeves hemmed, all need embroidery around neckline
1 dress for Georgia needs embroidery to hold hem in place

I'm thinking that's a totally reasonable amount of work to complete in a 24 hour drive. And if it has to get done on-site, well that's okay too.

There were also a few knitted soakers, but they didn't make it into the shot. I was mostly doing that to test the new camera anyway. Always risky to buy a new camera before Pennsic.

No one got coats (unlikely that we'll need them anyway) and Jason didn't get any new shirts, but there's always next year. Going to sew the buttons on to Georgia's second apron and head to bed. Wish me luck with the packing tomorrow.
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It just wouldn't be Pennsic without that last-minute dash to finish projects. I managed to get Georgia's second dress assembled, but the hems need hand-finishing. I've decided to go back and work on that wool apron dress I had previously written off while I wait for Georgia's diaper wash to finish so I can move it to the dryer. Jason's shirt is still staying firmly in the not getting done this year category as I don't feel like fiddling with his neckline. Have to tackle the cart cover and sand all the furniture tomorrow. Might stop and make one more baby sling too, but we'll see how it's going. Still have a wee bit of laundry to do for us too, but overall I feel like I'm in decent shape to get out of here some time tomorrow.

Went to Wal-Mart today and picked up almost all of the last-minute stuff for the trip. I know I probably missed some things but it's not like I can't pick them up later if absolutely necessary. That totally wore me out though and I got nothing done all afternoon.

Anyway, off to take a stab at getting something done before bed.
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So I come in from the garage last night after sanding all the furniture and applying the second coat of finish. I'm sticky (with both sweat and urethane and with bits of steel wool dust stuck to me all over) and dead tired and Jason's already gone to bed. I close the back door, turn off the single light he's left on for me and head for bed at around midnight. Around 2am Jason wakes up to a horrible commotion. Poor Lizzy is outside crying because I neglected to count my beagles before I went to bed and locked her out. He tells me she was very submissive, thinking she must have done something horrible to merit being left outside all night.

Didn't accomplish everything I'd hoped to last night. Can't say I'm surprised, the list was a little too ambitious.

- Make a hood for Jason
- Make Georgia's last 2 dresses One dress almost done (just hem) and the other is cut out and ready to be sewn up
- Make the shirt for Jason removing this from the list for this year
- Make coifs to hell with those she won't wear them anyway make cart-cover for Georgia
- Apply second coat of finish to cart and camp bed
- Finish hand work on my dresses stuff for today and the car ride I guess
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When you're sewing a seam, pulling out all the pins as you go, and you get all the way to the end only to discover that you ran out of bobin thread at the halfway point - sigh.

In other news, there's at least a dozen sparrows outside my sewing room window, where their nest is, trying to scare something off. I'm trying to figure out what could be up there eating their eggs. I don't want to step outside and try to see lest I scare them off. It's either another bird (which would probably be scared off as well if I stepped outside) or a snake, which would not. I wonder, can a snake climb like that?
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Today's agenda:
- Finish the apron dresses
- Cut out dresses for Georgia I cut out one, I still haven't decided on a color for the second
- Launder all our stuff that's been in storage totally made no progress on this one
- Set up the camp bed to test it out and it is fantastic!
- Apply first coat of finish to cart and camp bed and my hands and feet are all sticky with urethane - sigh

Also got a hood cut out and serged for Jason. Might try to assemble it before calling it a night.

I'm still feeling like tomorrow's to-do list is ambitious, but who knows I might surprise myself and get it done.

Anyway, time to stop arguing with idiots on the Ealdormere list (oh my god Arnora, I'd never noted this guy before but he is a total clod!!!) and get something done.
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Sunny came over this morning, earlier than I was really expecting her so I didn't even get the kitchen cleaning done that I had planned. We spent the day out enjoying ourselves as she may be gone by the time I get back from Pennsic. And anyway I needed new pacifiers for G because I left a bunch in Canada. We also had a nice lunch, roamed the outlet mall and hung out chatting for a bit.

When Georgia finally went to sleep tonight I got both of our apron dresses assembled and hers hemmed. Still have to do hemming (top and bottom) on mine and straps for both.

Dinner tonight was interesting... I think Georgia discovered that terrible experience where dinner tastes so good that you bite your tongue/lips/cheek. Had to stop dinner about 2 minutes into it and carry her around, sobbing, for about 10-15 minutes until she calmed down. The whole time I was walking around I kept feeling a beagle tail brushing against my legs. Lizzy was following around right under my feet wagging at the baby and trying to make everything all right. Anna on the other hand hung around the dining table howling that if we weren't going to eat that we really should be letting her have it. Had to coax Georgia back into the high chair by first feeding her tiny bits on my lap. Then when she got into the high chair there was a whimper of protest and some cautious eating before she tucked into it again and eventually got so happy that she was applauding dinner. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands seems to be Georgia's new motto.

Jason was kept unexpectedly late at work tonight, so I was on my own with a mildly grouchy baby all evening. Which explains my complete lack of progress on anything today.

Tomorrow's plan will be:
- Finish the apron dresses
- Cut out dresses for Georgia
- Launder all our stuff that's been in storage
- Set up the camp bed to test it out
- Apply first coat of finish to cart and camp bed

That leaves the following for Thursday:
- Make a hood for Jason (he's decided he wants this more than a new shirt)
- Make Georgia's last 2 dresses
- Make the shirt for Jason
- Make coifs and a cart-cover for Georgia
- Apply second coat of finish to cart and camp bed
- Finish hand work on my dresses

- Housecleaning
- Pack
- Wrap up any machine sewing before the trip (this is a low priority thing as I'm pretty much thinking if it didn't get done by then, it ain't getting done)
- Do Georgia's last cloth diaper load and switch over to disposables
- Visit Chiropractor

- Pack the car and get on the road

It's still a huge to-do list. Thursday especially is looking like an overwhelming amount of work when I factor in to the mix that I have to be watching Georgia while I'm getting things done. Might try to pack more into Wednesday to get a bit ahead.
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Some progress, but lots to go still... only 4 more days to get this all done, packed and ready to go.

- 2 1 apron dress for myself (already started)
- 1 apron dress for myself and 1 for Georgia out of cloth that I still have to dye cut out but that's it
- 3 2 Eura dresses for myself in various stages of completion right now handwork only
- 2 more Eura dresses for Georgia, not yet started
- 1 or 2 shirts for Jason
- a couple of coifs/hoods for Georgia (she probably will just pull them off but I can try)
- Coat for Georgia
- Coat for myself
- Embroidery on Eura dresses (something to do in the car perhaps)

- apply finish to cart and install the last few pieces
- apply finish to the new bed (purchased from Ikea - yay)
- apply finish and some sort of paint job to Georgia's toy box (likely won't get done this year)

- launder all of Jason's costumes to freshen them up
- locate various lost camp items

- Finish the piece of weaving I'm working on now and pre-wash the trim I plan on using
- Dye fabric for apron dresses
- Do a dry-run on both the tent and the bed to ensure I have all the pieces and that everything is in good repair
- clean the entire house and have it prepped for a guest as my sister arrives the day we get back and I know I won't have the time or energy to deal with it then


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