Aug. 13th, 2007

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Got lots done this weekend. V pleased with myself.

Cleaned the mildew out of the grout with bleach and a toothbrush. Also cleaned the bit of mildew on the wall because the tiles don't go all the way up. Wanted to make sure that when the health inspector comes he doesn't get confused as to which mold requires attention (and isn't my fault. I freely take responsibility for the bathroom stuff, which is all gone now anyway). Tub area is now sparkly-clean and bathroom smells like a pool, which is nice and comforting. I love the smell of pools. Makes me think of summer and of vacations.

Cleaned and weeded the dog yard with Jason.

Also did a few loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen.

Jason cleaned doggie ears and brushed doggie teeth - go Jason!

Went to Future Shop and picked up a new scanner so I can scan the wonderful magazines that Thorgir lent to me. Only have until Investiture (Saturday) to get them all scanned and returned. On getting home, Jason installed the scanner and tested it out. V nice. If you are interested in Norse stuff and want a copy of the PDFs of this magazine, just drop me a comment.

Went to Canadian Tire in search of a weed whacker. Found an appropriate model, found it was sold out, gave up and left it for next weekend.

Hit Ikea to look for a spice cabinet and some nightstands. Have been looking for spice cabinet and nightstands for a few years now, but finally found acceptable models of both.

I'd decided I couldn't deal with digging to the back of the cupboard looking for spices and ending up with duplicates (has only happened once so far, but still annoying). Jason was also frustrated with the cluttered cabinet. We obtained and assembled a medicine cabinet that will fit the bill. Everything fits in it - yay. Didn't have any screws long enough to mount it to the wall, so will have to do that tonight.

Found acceptable models of nightstands in the as-is section of all places. Pre-assembled and 25% off - woot! Finding nightstands has been a tricky task as the space we have to put them in is very particular. We have only 18" on each side of the bed, and our bed is stupidly high (about 30"), so most nightstands are dwarfed by it (and it ends up too low to be useful as we can't use the light or see the clock). We found these shelves that are a lovely 16" wide (wide enough to be proportionate to the bed and useful for putting things in) and 32 inches tall. Right now they are just two open shelves, but you can apparently purchase cupboard doors, extra shelves and drawer inserts depending on your needs. I think I'll do for one of each, or maybe just a set of drawers in each. I live so close I can start with the drawers and if that isn't enough I can always make a second quick trip.


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