Jun. 12th, 2007

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Today is my 3-month anniversary with E-Ville Roller Derby - wow, I didn't realize how long it had been. I was telling newbies last week that I'd been here a month, month and a half maybe. We had our boot camp last weekend, which was ass-kickingly good. I sucked out and sat on the sidelines in quite a few drills though. I need to work on my endurance.

I'm still learning new stuff and improving, which is good. But I'm not really improving as quickly as I'd like. We instituted a new "no suck" rule. I now have to do 20 push-ups when I say anything negative about myself. In addition to the 20 push-ups we have to do if we say "sorry". We split into teams last night. I LOVE the team I am on. And if I'd been able to pick any girls in the league, the ones I am with are the ones I would have chosen first. In order to make the teams the trainer paired the girls up by skill/style. I was the odd-one-out and went unpaired, but I also ended up on the team that was short one girl, so I'm not quite sure how to interpret that. I also found out I was not among the 12 chosen for the travel team for the July 23rd game against Vancouver, which wasn't a great surprise. There are still 2 spots up for grabs, but I'm not sure I'll get there skill-wise in time to be included. I get the feeling that this is where I should have been after 1 month, not 3. There's a good reason why I'm not improving at the best rate. I have skipped a few practices here and there. I've not done any extra work on my own. If I really want to improve I'll have to start committing more time to it.

On the bright side, being fired from Dell means I have all kinds of time to put towards whatever I like. So far I haven't accomplished a whole lot. I've re-arranged some of the furniture in my living room. I've washed some things that rarely get washed (the guest/camping pillows, couch blankets etc) And have pre-washed some fabric with the intent of finally making my Norse coat. I'd like to re-hang the shelf in my sewing room that fell down on me a month ago (no more drywall screws, need to actually locate the studs and use them). Once that's done I'd like to get some sewing done and maybe get back to the torch. I did get around to making myself a "birthday hat" for June coronet, which was cool. That's something I've been meaning to make for a few years now.

As far as job hunting... I'm still waiting to hear back on some things I applied for when I was still with Dell. I'm keeping my eyes on the city site to see if any city jobs come up. I need to apply for a job with the Children's hospital foundation here. I've got a head-hunter who has proven to be a complete waste of time thus far.

This month's to-do list:
- get the house shiney-clean
- finish the hand-finished linen dress I've been working on for months
- start work on a norse coat for me or Jason, or maybe some new beads
- send out one job application per day at least
- spend the first hour of every day working on my fitness (skating, running or strength)


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