Mar. 8th, 2007

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Watched a HORRIBLE movie last night. Alexander was showing on TV. I have never watched a bigger budget movie that was so boring, with acting so bad, and which looked like it had the budget of a particularly well funded high school production.

Alexander sucks! )

In summary: even if it's on TV, avoid Alexander. It's not even terribly good as a movie to watch and loudly mock. Though with a large enough creative group I may be proven wrong.

In other news, my parents' visit was pleasant and went by way too quickly.

Edmonton: Tourist Dream Destination! )I had my mid-afternoon interview at Bioware for a contract job testing games.

interview at Bioware )If I get an offer I'll post more details and have a better basis upon which to make a decision.
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Went to my first roller derby meeting tonight. First practice will be Monday of next week. I think this will be much fun.

I need to come up with a name, not immediately, but eventually. Names must be unique and cannot resemble names already taken by other girls in leagues in North America. Names should be evil, violent, and/or witty. Names do not need to resemble your real name in any manner and are meant to encourage theatrics and playing an entertaining persona on the rink. Controversial or naughty is okay as this is an adult sport. Names I have come up with...

Anna Cleaver (only funny to Tudor geeks)
Anne Brawlin' (more Tudor geekery, but less obscure)
Elektra Cutie (might conflict with Electra Cuter)
Elektra Shock
Purga Tory
Scarlett Letter (or Scarlett Rhetter if I want to play on Gone with the Wind AND a famous book at the same time)
Eva Lie or Eva Lye (say it out loud, trying to play on "Evil Eye")
Hellen Earth
Evilyne Tensions

I think I like the last one best. It suits me relatively well and incorporates my WoW character name, which I already answer to anyway. Really though, any of those names are acceptable.

Which name do you like best?

Can't wait for Monday when I actually get to try this.

And to anyone in E-ville... we're thinking New City Friday night if anyone wants to tag along.


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