Mar. 1st, 2007

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Didn't win the big prize last night. Didn't win any of the smaller but still okay prizes either. In fact, didn't even win the $20 booby prize. Stupid, useless ticket. I was really fantasizing about being able to call my boss and up and quit too.

At this point I'd REALLY like to just up and quit, but realistically I have no good reason not to be working at something. I just need to start using my spare time more efficiently to look for something else. I am soooooo terribly bored here. I know I've learned all I can from this role, and the longer I'm here, the more dead-end it looks. As far as I can figure, only one, or maybe two of the 30 or so managers here was promoted internally. The rest were poached from other companies, people with previous management experience. Without previous experience, I get the feeling I won't even be in the running for any job remotely worth having here. They don't seem to either consider other things like education or personality, nor do they have a way to achieve the experience needed for the more senior positions. So might as well cut my losses and get out rather than continuing to slave away on the bottom rung of the ladder, looking up at the glass ceiling of unattainable experience. That said, I'm finding it really hard to justify up and quitting with nothing else to go to. I need to get off my butt, put out a few resumes, and start looking for those greener pastures.

The other reason I need to get outta here is that I am so bored I am occupying myself doing the only thing I can get to here... e-bay. More great stuff arrived yesterday. A fabulous velvet mini-dress and a great little reversible plaid skirt. As much as I am doing pretty well on e-bay, getting great deals on things that fit, look sensational, and are way cheaper than I would be able to get them anywhere else, I have to admit that I am also picking up a lot of things that I don't actually NEED. It's like how some people fill that empty space/remedy boredom by stuffing their faces with food, instead I'm stuffing my closets with clothes. Problem being, the more money I spend on junk I don't need, like clothes, the less money we have to spend on the things I do need, like savings and a future house.

Anyway, my parents called Monday and decided they are coming to visit this weekend. I figure my dad is coming to kick my ass into gear and nag me into finding a job more worthy of my education/intelligence/skills. Unfortunately, this has resulted in my actually spending less time on the job hunting as I am spending time cleaning the house to make it presentable. Last night we did a whole lot of work on the main floor and it's looking pretty decent. I could still fuss and tweak things, but it's been vacuumed, dusted and straightened up to the point where it looks like civilized people live here. This morning I did the bathtub. This leaves the rest of the upstairs bathroom and all of the downstairs bathroom to complete, which is easy enough as it is just cleaning, not putting stuff away and finding places to stash more stuff. Also have to do a bit of laundry, which I have been avoiding as the basement light has gone out and I don't have a ladder tall enough to reach and replace the bulb myself. Landlord has been called, but no sign of a maintenance man yet. The most difficult job I must tackle is getting stuff put away upstairs and setting up a guest room so I have somewhere to sleep. Though it was immaculately clean a mere few days ago, the purge downstairs and a few SCA events have resulted in my studio being a complete disaster yet again. That's what I'll be tackling tonight.


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