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Still haven't washed those pants. Starting to feel a bit like an oversized 5-year-old "you can wash them when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers and I'm not taking them off until they're stiff". I really should get to washing them on my day off tomorrow. On the bright side, a cool skirt arrived, so I've been rotating between the kick-ass pants and the skirt. And of course I was at an SCA event on the weekend so it's not like I wore real clothes Saturday. Sunday was PJ day as usual.

SCA event was pretty pleasant. I had to waste a lot of time doing crappy exchequer stuff, for which I still haven't quite completed the report. I forgot everyone's names of course. I had to get up at 4am and my brain was all kinds of not there. Feel like such a moron when I do that.

On the bright side, got to see and enjoy Wernar's very entertaining stepping down (he diced his crown away to his heir). Got to give the largesse I made to Gemma. Got to have a little visit with all my lovely LJ friends (Mona, Manyra (whose name was one of the many I embarassingly forgot that day), Pandorasbox (whose SCA name I have forgotten now of course. Starts with a Y I think)) and other non-lj-enabled buddies like Tammy (old friend of Fenrick's, many funny tales)and Kalira. Also got to spend a lot of time in the car with Fenrick, which was fabulous as usual. I really like road trips with Fenrick.

Anyway, have to run and do some crappy training here at work - sigh.
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Since my last event was all about being bitchy, I thought I'd take a moment to write about this weekend. This time around, I really enjoyed my weekend. I wasn't really in the mood to go, anticipated that I would not enjoy myself, and was pleasantly surprised with a relaxing weekend in excellent company.

Got there nice and early (yes, I was early and I'm not lying, Fenrick was in charge of driving, not Jason or I). Set myself up at a table with my loom and got recruited into doing the lists for fencing. Really enjoyed that actually. Feel free to ask me to do that again any time.

Spent some of the day weaving, some of it chatting with people about weaving, tudor hats, drinking horns and other stuff. Watched Fenrick fight. Buggered off to the mall mid-tournament to get yummy, bad-for-me mall chinese. Came back, and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and futzing around until dinner.

Went out to dinner at the Keg, which was disappointing as usual for food ($24 for two skewers of shrimp, some nasty looking mashed potatoes and they can't throw a few beans or a piece of broccoli on my plate???), but the company and the drinks were fabulous. Had a wonderful dinner with Nookie and four wonderful ladies whose names I have forgotten in a blur of booze (Manyra and um, yeah, that's where the drawing a blank starts up). And sometimes a yummy waiter can make up for less than yummy food eh ladies ;)

Court was all boring and courty as usual. I spent it in the back of the hall chatting to a woman (Tammy?) about Ferrets. And occasionally sneaking out to get weather updates from my husband. The drive home was a little scary in the fog, but Fenrick was great as usual and I was home safe and sound by 1 am.

Also got to meet the lovely [ profile] pandorasbox, which was a real treat. Must go add her to my friends list now.

Also picked up a whole bunch of new fabric for the stash (yes, I know I needed that about as much as I needed another hole in my head, but what can I say, bad girl and all that). And in the rest of the weekend and the beginning of this week, managed to get it all pre-washed and install a few shelves in my sewing/glass studio room to store it all. All in all, a productive weekend. And then the new World of Warcraft expansion arrived yesterday - buh bye productivity.

New icon?

Mar. 16th, 2006 02:46 am
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I've got space for one more icon... what shall it be? I'm thinking now that I have the shiney new helm, that a fighting pic would be nice. So I made up a couple of icons using my pics from this weekend...

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

So which one do you like? A, B or neither, try again? And yes, that is an ugly circa 1960s gymnasium in the background. I'll take a new pic when summer comes and I can take it outside, but that's gonna be a while.

More fighting images behind the cut for those who are interested )
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The weekend was full of highs and lows.
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I brought my lampworking stuff on the road. I first pulled it out under a picnic shelter at Avacal Inlands war to finish my thralldom graduation present. In the end I had 50 beads to give to Wernar. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of them. I'm hoping maybe I'll have a chance to take a shot later since it turned out to be a pretty good set.

The surprise at this site was that even on relatively still days there is still enough of a breeze to move the flame and redirect the heat. This made working very difficult, but I managed it.

Then it was back to Ontario where I set up in my parents' garage. I then learned that the ambient temperature can have a HUGE affect on the work. The glass heated a lot faster, the glass was molten for longer and the beads took a long time to cool.

I finally arrived at Pennsic and first I set the stuff up so I could try to teach my apprentice sister. That's when I realized that the sunlight was so bright that I couldn't see the flame. Which isn't a problem for me since I know where I'm supposed to be working and all that, but makes it hard to teach. Odette got to try it again early evening, but then the ambient light is really too little to see anything but the flame. Finding a compromise was tough.

The course was in a tent, so the lighting wasn't much of a problem there, and the walls sucessfully cut the breeze, though the heat (being over 90 degrees) did make working at all on anything really hard. The class itself was rather unsuccessful as it was in land grab week and wasn't advertised in the site book as I got it in too late. I only got one walk-in and my apprentice sister. However, it was nice that Odette got some quality time on the torch and I hope she enjoyed it. Unfortunately I left my brand new safety glasses at the bead night, or dropped them out of my belt on the way there or back.

I did a few more nights of work, but with the combination of too much ambient heat (burnt a LOT of beads) and the breezes, I wasn't pleased with most of my results. However, I was particularly pleased with this bead that I made for Heather:

First attempt at heaps of stacked dots:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Unfortunately, it was lost at some point in the week. I don't know if Heather had it or if I did, I have no idea if it's in my stuff or lost somewhere in the grass at Pennsic. Fortunately I got a pic of it the night before it was lost.

I also finished the beads for the fighting laurels' prize tourney but didn't remember to take a picture of them. Not a big deal as I wasn't terribly impressed with them in the end. The set started so well, but got totally derailed by working at Pennsic.

On the bright side, I did attend an advanced bead-making class, at which I learned some new techniques that I can't wait to try. I'd be in my room working on it now but my husband is out so I have to watch the hounds. Maybe when he gets home...
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Found a bunch of Pennsic pictures here. And by "a bunch", I mean SMACKLOADS, like 1500+! Sifted through them and managed to find a few shots of me and mine:

Some pics of me and discussions on my fighting at Pennsic behind the cut )
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Quick little Pennsic highlight reel, I'll go into more detail later.

Spent most of my time sitting in camp melting. Also spent some time melting on runestone hill. All in all, most of the time spent melting. Did not make it down the hill at all during the day. Spent one short evening at Alyce's place. Circled the lake once at 2 or 3 am and found no one at home (or everyone asleep) as even the bar at Vlad's had closed when I got there. Thus, missed out on seeing Arnora and meeting her fiancee - bummer, maybe next year. Medb, I looked for you and saw you once in the middle of teaching a class (I chose not to interrupt). Sorry I didn't at least get to say "hi". I think I managed to at least say a quick hello to everyone else I had hoped to spend time with.

Quite enjoyed camp farthingale. Food plan was great. Company was fine. Location location location baby! Wasn't even too angry at myself when I got to the battle field without ID, no biggie at all to return to camp to fetch it. Fought in one tourney and one battle, which was quite enough considering all the other things I had to do and my complete lack of skill doesn't make fighting too much fun anyway. Maybe next year I won't suck as much and it will be more fun.

Did a few classes. Far fewer than in previous war. See above note about melting. Living up North means that instead of being acclimatized to the heat and doing quite alright in it, I spend all my time melting. Not that I minded the heat really, it was nice to actually have a summer. But it made me tired and lazy. Oh so very lazy.

But not too lazy to shop! Of course not! Bought so much stuff that I couldn't declare it all at the border. "Those books, oh, no, I brought those with me to teach classes with, yeah, that's where they came from. And I brought all that jewelery from home too" Not that they checked anyway, they never do. Coming back into Canada I think we had a total of 5 questions. Jason and I just look really trustworthy I guess. Little do they know I smuggled WAY too many purchases back, and I (accidentally) brought Canadian beef across the border. It came home with me and never left the car anyway, but it still crossed American soil.

Have come to the conclusion that I packed too much and that some things were probably a real waste of space. Thus, the important list of things not to bring to next Pennsic:
Lawn games (bocce and croquet) seemed like a good idea to play period games on Runestone hill, but no one ever had time to play them with me, or it was too hot for anyone to want to play
My archery equipment Jason will walk up the hill to shoot, I will not. There are too many other things to keep me busy. Two years I've brought it with me, total arrows shot at Pennsic: 0
The Tudor gown Kinda fun, but in the heat I can only wear it in the evening. Also gets really filthy and will require lots of time-consuming cleaning. And requires an entire Tupperware to get it there. All in all, not worth hauling it around and the space would be better used for other things
Lampworking stuff Sure, lampworking is one of my favourite stress-releases, but it is probably best saved for doing at home. Working outdoors with the breezes and poor lighting (either too much or too little) was difficult and the ambient heat meant I burnt some of my colours. There are lots of other people willing to teach it, so I won't try that again. And any time I spend playing with glass, which I can do at home, just takes away from time I could spend with friends, whom I can't see all year.

If I remove the above-mentioned items and the mundane camping equipment, I can probably easily accommodate the period pavilion I've got my eyes set on. Now, to see what my bank account looks like before I make a decision on that...

Now, to see about actually getting some work in today.
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Not much in way of real writing lately.

Update on the last week or so... )

Just have to fight in one more war and I get to be a full member of the household.

Must sleep now.
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I am sooooo entering this! Now what can I bring as a prize? Oh, I know, beads! 'Cause I so need another excuse to make more beads eh? How many beads do you think would be a fair prize? Bidgie, you gonna join me?


This is the official announcement of the Fourth Annual
(Fighting) Laurels' Prize Tourney at Pennsic, this year
held under the gracious sponsorship of Her Majesty Denise
of Atlantia. While there is in our Society an event that
has been called a "Laurels' Prize Tourney" but which is
basically an "Artisans' Display" -- Laurels may not enter;
there are no prizes (other than word-fame); there is no
fighting or other competition, this is not it!. The new
and improved Laurels' Prize Tourney features actual
Laurels, real prizes, and lots of fighting...

The event is open to any member of the Order of the Laurel
authorized in heavy weapons combat. Each Laurel will
provide a prize of their own making. Apprentices of
Laurels are also allowed to enter. The apprentice must
provide a prize of their own making. New this year,
persons who are not formally apprenticed to a Laurel will
be allowed to
enter if they are sponsored by a Laurel; these persons must
provide a prize of their own making and must have a letter
of sponsorship if the Laurel is not present. (Laurels
whose apprentices are entering the tourney or who are
sponsoring entrants are expected to provide an additional
prize if they are not entering the tourney themselves.)

A tourney will be fought (format to be determined depending
on the number of entrants). The prizes provided by the
participants in the fighting will be arrayed on tables, and
the participants each have an opportunity to select a prize
from those provided by the other fighters, based on their
rank in the tournament (with the winner selecting first and
so on...).

The prizes provided by the Laurels who are sponsoring
apprentices or other entrants are given for reasons of the
Laurel's choice -- best death, cutest armour, best fight
with an axe, etc.

Combatants, if you would like to add to the pomp and
ceremony of the list by bringing your own Herald and/or
Banner Bearer please do so. We also invite any and all
other Brother and Sister Laurels that don't fight to
attend. If you wish to bring a prize of your own making to
present to the Combatant of your choice for whatever
reason, please do so. Whether it is for a chivalrous act on
the field a spectacular death or anything else that pleases
you. It can be presented at the end of the fight that did
so impress you.

This tournament will take place on Sunday, 14 August on the
Battlefield -- check the Pennsic Book for more exact
information on place and time or contact me in the Lochac
Royal Encampment.
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Thank you to all my wonderful friends who came forward and offered me a Pennsic home! I promise to stop by and visit with all of you in the week I am there. I'm really sorry I can only pick one group to camp with as all the offers sounded really, really good.

After a lot of careful consideration, we've decided to camp with House Ravenglass and have changed our pre-reg accordingly.

Em - when do we need to get tent-size info and to whom. Also, I have a mess of sunshades, a Coleman stove (still in box as I bought it last week) and assorted other goodies in my supplies. Should I bring them, what should I bring and in what quantities? I'm expected to pick up stuff I left in Ontario from my mum, so space is at a premium, but I also want to be able to enjoy Pennsic in the style to which I am accustomed. Should we make a yahoo group or an LJ community to discuss who is bringing what and the possible meal plan?

That's about all the news here. Anxiously looking forward to Pennsic, and proudly running my "countdown to Pennsic" program from on my desktop - wistful sigh.
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The friends have spoken and I am no longer homeless. I still don't know which offer we'll accept (I do need to at least talk to Jason before I make a decision) but at least there are options that DON'T involve the two people who drive me nuts. They mean well, they really do, they just don't think like the rest of us and I don't think they realize what they say all the time (chronic foot-in-mouth disease). I know some people in my circle of friends have occasionally told them when they've crossed the line, but they don't seem to "get it" in the sense of being able to apply that information in the future. In one ear and out the other. I just can't see myself having a happy vacation if I set myself up for this kind of conflict all week.

Eve thinking outloud behind the cut )
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Now that I've registered for Pennsic, I have to admit, I'm not 100% sure I want to go. I've just found out that all the people I camped with last time I went won't be attending, except of course for the only two people in the camp who drove me (and everyone else, which is why the rest of them chose to stay home) NUTS! So that makes 4 people for this encampment, which means no stuff, no space, and lots of close contact. Yipee.

My laurel had offered to allow me to camp with her when I was apprenticed last year. I was intrigued but let my husband make the final decision. He liked the people in our other camp, even if the location isn't ideal, but neither of us considered what if they don't come? Of course, since I left it to the last minute this year and her camp is in prime quarters, it looks like there's no space at her inn either.

Anyone on my f-list want two extra pre-reg's in their campsite for Pennsic? We're pretty easy-going, light drinkers, non-carousers. No kids and no serious cash problems, so will pay whatever camp fees are levied with little complaint. Were not overly keen on food plans since we're not actually in camp a lot of the time, so the chances that our drop-ins will co-ordinate with a meal are slim, and I'm a really crappy cook, so you don't want my help there. But we'll play along if that's the price of admission. We plan on attending from the Wednesday of land grab week to the Wednesday or Thursday of War week. Anyone have any room at their inn?
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War was great. The vikings just slaughtered the opponents, both as a barony against all outsiders and as a household against all outsiders. I lived through a couple of battles, got a kill in one battle, and got many compliments from the spears I was protecting that I provided good distraction and they were able to get quite a few kills.

My veteran told me that as a daughter, I would be required to fight every other battle. If I had been a son he would have expected me to fight every battle he did. Being the good thrall I aspire to be, I did indeed fight every battle he fought, and even stayed armoured for pick-ups after. I was one of the last ones off the field.

I am now suffering for my stubbornness and my desire not to give in to my failing muscles. They have well and truly failed me now. Even typing hurts.

The feast was okay. Mostly fairly modern foods, and nothing spectacular.

The good news of the weekend, is that the beagles seem to be getting along. The bad news of the weekend, is how we found out this fact. While we were at the feast, Anna figured out how to escape from her half of the kitchen. Rather than destroying alone, and mocking the still-trapped beagle, she decided to free Lizzy and double the fun of destruction. The house was AWFUL when we got home. But after a lot of cleaning, we all went to bed, both beagles in a single cage, and everyone slept quite peacefully through the night.

Speaking of sleep. My tired muscles could use a little more of that...

New beagle

Feb. 27th, 2005 08:37 pm
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So it's decided, we're getting a new beagle girl on Thursday. We have to drive to Calgary to get her though. Hoping I can get the day off work and I don't know what will happen if I can't. Today we went and bought a new, larger cage for them, and a nice, soft bed to put inside it. Lizzy has already licked her approval on the new digs. We also got a new collar, more food and all the other things I figure we'll need. We were unable to get a car harness as every store in the city seems to be out of the right size - drat. And we still need to get a second leash but we're going to get it at Wal-mart and it just isn't worth going to Wal-mart on a weekend, horrible zoo that it is. Other than that, we're all ready for our new addition.

And no, we haven't completely decided on a name yet. Jason likes Anna, and I like that name too, but we're still considering Mary. I think we'll wait until we meet her to see what name really fits.

I'm all headachy and tired today. Yesterday was investiture down in Calgary. It was an early morning (we left at 6 am) and a long drive with one of my brother vikings. I really like the guy but his car is kinda dodgy (he's been modifying it and I can't say it's for the better) and his driving was kinda scary (one lane, you need to drive in one lane, drifting is not good). He hadn't had any sleep at all, so I'll credit lack of sleep to the horrible driving, instead of just thinking he sucks. His "tweaking" on the clutch however was rotten, as was the rotating shifter knob and the stereo that kept skipping. I'll keep to my factory cars thankyouverymuch. I ended up doing the last leg of the trip from Red Deer to Edmonton and I have to admit, even I was in poor shape to drive. If I'd been in my own car I would have pulled over and done a couple of jumping jacks and breathed in some cold, winter air at least once to wake myself up, but I just didn't want to stop in his car and have to shift it back up to 5th again. We won't tell mother how fast I was driving (same reason I didn't stop, wanted my task of driving it over as fast as possible). We finally got back around 1am and I fell asleep on the couch lying on my dog because I was too tired to go upstairs and she was all soft and warm... so I didn't sleep great last night, which is probably why I feel awful right now.

So how was investiture? Really, really nice. Got some work done on the blackwork, and I might even do a little more before bed tonight. I'm hoping to have that done this weekend so I can send it off. Got to sit with Rectangularcat both during the afternoon when I was blackworking and for feast, and I have to say, she was just as nice and charming in person as on livejournal. I hope we see her at more events in the future. Also managed to get my new apron dress done and worn. Tablet woven straps and trim, applied by hand, no visible machine stitching, hand done hem, I was quite pleased with it. Colour probably not documentable, but pretty (screaming royal purple with green and cream trim). I even had all the accessories so it was complete with beads (including some REALLY nice hand made beads by Inga), tools hung by fingerloop braids, and brooches by Kes_zone. I bought those brooches at Murder Melee two years ago and FINALLY got the dress done so I could wear them. That feels great I'll tell ya. I'm all about finishing projects right now it's sweet!

Feast was spectacular too. Apparently that area has a reputation for inedible feasts (not just bad, inedible) but this one counted among my 5 best in the 10 years I've been in the SCA. I think that says something for it. Need to get the recipe for that salad dressing...


Sep. 13th, 2004 12:16 pm
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Went to a FABULOUS event over the weekend and had a great time.

Beautiful day, shot a nice round of archery (with a better than my average but still pretty crap score), and enjoyed a MARVELOUS feast. They did it buffet-style and still had enough to feed about 20 people on the table when everyone was stuffed to the gills. I felt kinda nauseous from eating so much meat and had to start handing it off to the dog. A perfectly cooked roast beef, pork, veggies, salads, fruit and like 6 different desserts. Yum, yum, yum. Apparently they are known for the quality of their feasts and some people who couldn't make it during the day still showed up in the evening for the feast 'cause it's just that good.

Anyway, the evening was where it really got interesting...

I entered their bardic competition. Mostly because I'd been watching (and feeling bad about) a bunch of poorly attended competitions earlier in the day (the A&S and Fencing champions both won because they were the only comers) and felt there is more honour in the winner being able to defeat a larger group. I never thought I'd win or even be in serious contention, I mean, I'm a singer, not a bard. Yeah, I have a great set of pipes and I'm not scared to admit that, but I can't write worth sh!t, and back home, that makes you a second-class bard. Yeah, you can sing, if none of the real bards show up ;)

There were two entrants with original pieces (one written on a napkin during feast no less), myself and two others singing stuff written by others, and a final entrant (a professional) doing opera (which was WAY cool by the way). Of the original writers, only one could carry a tune, but back home, as writing is more valuable than vocal ability, I figured he'd still come in ahead of me. The one that could carry a tune was okay vocally, but his song was FABULOUS, very rousing and I loved it! I figured he was the hands-down, opened a can of whup-ass champion. Anyway, after a long conferral during which we kept the circle going, the judges came back and asked for one more piece from the finalists, me and the in-tune original composition guy. Me? Me?!?!?! Hold the phone, you think *I* am a serious bard?!?!?! And, um, I've already done the only three pieces I know by heart! And of course no one has an Ealdormerean songbook, like, duh. So I did a chorus (I know choruses, I know ALL KINDS of choruses because as a singer, I am always part of that great "Ealdormerean choir" so all I have to know is choruses, I don't know no stinkin' verses!) though I at least picked a long chorus :) Or it might have been one verse and a chorus, I don't know. Em, want to send me the Little People words so I can see what exactly I was singing?

Anyway, the other guy won (phew, cause I would have felt REALLY bad winning when in my eyes he whipped me) and the judge came up to me after and said "it was CLOSE, we decided if you knew one more song, you would have won". To which I responded, "yeah, and there's the fact that he wrote his piece" and the judge answered "that doesn't matter". !?!?!?!?! Since when does that not matter????? I am sooo glad I didn't sing "My cup fell in the ice chest", as though I have that one memorized, I judged it not to be a competition piece. But isn't that the strangest thing?!?! Back home I would never have thought to enter in anything but a performance contest as back home, I'm not considered a "real" bard. But out here, they don't judge the same way and there seems to be classes in performance ability rather than writing ability - weirding me out still.

Anyway, the other weirdness I ran into around this fire was someone explaining why they hold and enter bardic challenges, because they hope to one day be on the same respect level as the fighters - wow, back home that's already the case, and I don't remember it being through competition. In fact I've only ever seen two competitions; the Leith competition between three story-tellers (Japanese, Norse and the third was German, French, I forget) as to who could tell the best story in their native style, and it had to include beets (that was SUCH a kick-ass competition) and the Baronial Bardic competition between Ivhon and Naga for Baronial Bard of Ramshaven (where it was decided they should share the title). We didn't compete, we just ALL sung together (like the whole damn kingdom) and if there was a bardic fire, everyone showed up, and there were never silences, at all, it was hard to jump in even. There were silent spots in this fire where people actively were asking who would go next and where people were racking their brains for repertiore! So exciting to be here at the inception (or reviving - I don't know which) of a bardic tradition!

I could get respected as a serious bard here!!!! The thought alone is blowing my mind...

Anyway, in honour of this kewlness, I am going to try a little something new. Instead of staying up all night sewing so I can have a new piece of garb for every event, I'm going to re-direct my energies into memorizing a new song for every event. So, where to start...

And why isn't "inspired" or "anticipatory" moods on this stupid thing? I keep having to settle for "close enough", and that is vexing me. Like do we really need the 10 different ways they've put "angry" in there?

And another thing, the spellchecker is hella-annoying when you write about SCA things or use Canadian spelling. >grrrr


Aug. 3rd, 2004 09:22 pm
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Clinton War checklist:

Arrows fired: check
Merchants visited: check
drinking: check (but very little)
bardic circle: check
A&S classes: 2 for Eve, none for Jason
Food mooched by Lizzy from food merchants: one burger (lucky dog)
Dust devils: 1 and it was impressive
Filth levels: higher than Pennsic!

Wildlife (of interest) spotted:
5 big horned sheep
3 deer (one which came inches from being a hood ornament)
3 loons
1 bear (not kidding, it ran across the road a few car-lengths ahead of us, also narrowly missing becoming a hood ornament, but on another car)

Well, it was one helluva drive. We didn't wind up leaving the city until 6pm or so. At about 1 or 2 am in a place called "Blue River" just the other side of Jasper, we finally ran outta steam. We stopped for the night. We were hoping for a motel but as they were all booked (and all full in an hour either direction too according to the clerk) we went in search of a campground. We set up the tent for the night, slept, woke up, packed and got on the road. No fire, no lingering, no noise, not even breakfast. Easiest $13.50 that landowner ever made. Okay, so the no noise is not strictly true as the beagle was awake and BORED at 6:30 am or so. Jason took her out for a pee (which she didn't) as we figured that was the problem and TRIED to go back to bed. Eventually we gave in to the whimpering and dragged our butts out of bed. Don't know what got into her, thankfully it was only once this weekend and has never happened before either.

Ate breakfast at a nice little park surrounding a lake near the campground. There were loons on the lake and the beagle got a little croissant and running around, so that was all good.

Pulled in to the Clinton site some time between 2 and 3, not really sure exactly when. Had camp all set up by 4pm, though all the interesting A&S classes that day had already passed us by. Decided to check out the merchants (lame predominantly Goodwill/Salvation Army merchants and *some* good merchants, including one selling iced slushie drinks - yummy). Shot archery after dinner right until it got too dark to shoot. Though as it was the "war point" the actual shooting we got in was pretty paltry. We only shot about 15 arrows that day, in a two hour shoot - lame.

The next day I spent most of it in classes. Leather tooling in the morning and woodblock printing in the early afternoon - much fun. The woodblock stuff was especially fun as the other attendees were a hoot. Joined Jason for a lite lunch and archery in the late afternoon. Apparently that day's war-point shoot was even slower than the day before, but luckily, we talked a few marshals into coming back out to the range to score a royal. As Jason is down to fewer than 6 arrows (he's even broken most of my "loaner" arrows now) he coudn't score, but had fun anyway. Lizzy was pretty well behaved on the range, only howling once in frustration when her humans went to retrieve arrows.

There were lots of doggies that understood tag and were eager to play with Lizzy, so she was ready for bed most nights before we were. At night she would drag us back to the tent even though she's not fond of it because she knew her cage was inside.

Interesting things that were unique to Clinton:
Dust devils... I'm standing at a merchants booth when someone says "oooh, cool" so I turn around and I think "wow, that's a big kite" the big kite was a 10'x10' sunshade and it was about 75' in the air at that point. Following the "big kite" was a dress, and it was fun to watch it twist and spin and dance 100' in the air.

Dust... If you thought Pennsic was grubby, let's just say I was dirtier in an hour at Clinton than I was in days at Pennsic - two hair washes later the water is still running brown - ewwwww. And the dog kept rolling in it to cool off and ask for belly rubs. I have never seen her more filthy - she wasn't even her natural colour most of the time. Just all brown.

Getting home was long and tiring. We were packed and on the road by 10am (an hour later than I had hoped, but we did have to walk the dog) and didn't walk in the door at home until 10pm. Again, walking the dog on the way home caused a few delays, but still, that was a LONG trip. Not sure we'll ever make it again. Anyway, for the curious, pictures can be viewed here.



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