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An unscheduled weekend, and yet I feel completely overwhelmed by it. I've decided it's time to clean and resume living like adults after our summer of slovenliness. Both front and back yards are in desperate need of weeding, pruning and lawn cutting, that task alone could take most of a standard weekend. Then the indoors needs to be dusted, tidied and vacuumed. Bathrooms need to be cleaned, laundry needs to be done and put away, and it's high time we parted with some of the junk in the junk room and organized those things we actually want to keep. I'm not sure if we should try to do all of it and completely exhaust ourselves, or attempt all of either indoors or out or try for a bit of both and end up with mild improvements in each area but not show-home perfection anywhere. There's also a whole mess of organizing and childproofing. So much to do, only one long weekend in which to do it, then I'm back to life as normal, with Jason at work and me baby-wrangling all day.

In the week leading up to my planned weekend of cleaning I've been poking at the mess and trying to minimize the work for the weekend without having any real expectations of myself. I've managed to get caught up on a bunch of laundry, do some work with the kitchen and purchase and assemble a new desk for myself. Am most pleased about that desk part. The kitchen cleaning involved a phrase I never thought I'd utter... so during baby's naps yesterday I scrubbed the beagle blood spatter off the walls. Yeah, I still hadn't gotten around to cleaning up after the big fight they had right before we got home from Pennsic. Done now, and except for the dent on Anna's nose and the wedge missing from Lizzy's ear tip you'd never know anything had happened.

Yesterday I was surveying the garden and trying to figure out where to start when I spotted what at the time I could only describe as an "oh shit!" spider.

cut for phobias )

Turns out it is a Black and Yellow Garden Spider and is beneficial. It kills flying things like mosquitoes (which may explain my complete lack of bites this year) and doesn't harm people or pets. Scares the bejezus out of you if you're not expecting to run into it though.
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I think I found the sale to end all sales. Yesterday I found a pink puffy jacket in size 4T (yup, she won't even be able to wear it for 3 more years) for a whopping $0.99. A $50 jacket for less than a buck. That was it, the culmination of my bargain hunting career. I will never be able to outdo that find.

Also managed to pick up more of my beloved Sweet Pea diaper covers, which means I can retire all the inferior ones in the stash - yay! And to all that asked "what's a soaker?", it's a bit like wool undies for baby. You coat them with lanolin to make them water-repellent and they work like a diaper cover over cloth diapers. In our case, I'm using them to protect us from blow-outs at Pennsic when we're using disposables. I won't have enough garb to be able to do a second change any day and I want to avoid laundry, so we're going with back-up protection. Also covers the ugly that is sposies. Still not entirely happy about the fact that we'll be using disposables at Pennsic but being unwilling to do laundry on vacation I can't really see a way around it. I'll bring a day's worth of cloth with us just in case the disposables go badly (cause rashes or something) but I'm really just hoping it will go well for the week. Anyway, I'm one cuff away from being finished making my soaker and it looks like I've made a soaker for a 5 year old. Fortunately wool shrinks, which was my plan all along. I figured better to make it too big and felt it down than try to make it the right size and be stuck with something too small. I'll post before and after pics of this experiment. Wish me luck.

Georgia is moving comfortably over to solids. I'd say she's going about half and half now. Every morning she has a first breakfast of milk before I'm ready to get up. Then when I have my breakfast she has a half a banana with a handful of cheerios. Then at lunch it's a bit of whatever I'm having, which if we're at home is omelet for me, 1 yolk scrambled egg with cheese for her. Dogs get a lot of that, which makes them happy hounds. Sometimes if we're out and I'm not eating something baby-appropriate (chai frappucinno is not really a baby food) then she's back to milk only. And at dinner she sometimes has a bit of what we're having or I'll steam her some veggies. And throughout the day there are still a bunch of milk feedings, culminating in a last one to lull her to sleep at bed time.

Photographed some finished projects today while Georgia napped.

The mobile I made for Georgia. And yes, I am aware that the butterfly in the middle is a bit over-the-top tacky, but it's meant to entertain a baby and she seems to like it. I guess from that one could draw the conclusion that babies have no taste.

The scarf I knitted for my sister for this Christmas (nice early start on the gifts this year):

Bamboo scarf with bamboo background:

Also uploaded a pic from a few days ago. Anna has decided that the best place to sit and survey her yard is from my lounger, especially when I leave the pillow on it.

The yard is coming along nicely. Nothing dead yet and the only thing that I have caught the dogs eating was today when Anna sampled some of the grass that is invading the flower bed between the bamboo - good dog helps me weed! Interestingly, while it looks to my eye like everything is thriving and growing before my eyes, the plant that has really taken off in a noticeable way when compared with the pics from immediately after it was finished is the pomegranate tree! I know, I'd have put bets on the bamboo too, but it just looks like it's greened up, not gotten larger. The pomegranate has put on inches though, and has at least two little fruits developing on it already!
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Blogging to you today from my lounge chair on my fabulous new patio. G is on a play mat at my feet yanking happily on the laptop cord and the sprinkler is misting me as a gentle breeze blows through. Anna is looking suspiciously through the dog door at the sprinkler and there's butterflies fluttering all around me. This my friends is the life. It simply doesn't get any better than this.

As I finally have the virus cleared up (I think, knock on wood and all) it's high time I posted pictures of the final result. I'm not going to post a before. I'm sure you can all imagine what it looked like. Flat, rectangular yard, filled with weeds, a greying wood fence and a plain, too-small concrete patio. Except for the occasional wildflower there was nothing inspiring about it, and the weeds this year managed to choke out most of the wildflowers that we had last year.

I'm still not quite finished the work. There's more patio furniture to be refinished (4 chairs for the dining set, the big table a side table/foot stool thing and 2 arm chairs) and arranged but most of the planting is done and it's certainly close enough that you'll get the idea.

Click for a larger version of this image.

more pics under the cut )
In a few weeks we'll host a "yard warming" party. I figured I should give the lawn a little while to get established first, not to mention giving me time to get the tables and chairs ready. I'll probably post pics of the party and you can see "action shots" of the yard then.

To all my friends in Edmonton who are buried under a late spring blizzard, you have my deepest sympathy and all I can say is I'm eternally grateful that I am not there to share this moment with you.
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The sound of a beagle eating a natural rubber baby pacifier. Bad beagle.

In other news the beagles have not yet consumed the bottle brushes. They took a few goes at them while they were still in the pots, but since I actually plopped them in the ground (and that is all I did, just re-used the holes from the ixora that they dug up, no new peat moss or shovels or adding back extra dirt, just worked with what I had) they haven't touched them. I hope that this is a good sign for my future plans of a bottle brush hedge and not just them luring me into spending a bunch of money on a dozen plants for them to eat.

It's officially "winter" here in Texas; there was frost this morning. Two nights ago I dragged the citrus trees inside. I think I'm going to swap the dumpster plant outside since it keeps shedding this sap that is making everything in the kitchen sticky. If it survives the winter, good for it. If not, well it got an extra year of life anyway. The citruses will then get that corner. Also need to repot the hibiscus tree and bring it inside. I could just clean up the current pot, but it is really small and the plant ended up with a lean due to the wind, so a larger pot is really in order to correct that so it's not tipping over every 5 minutes. I also bought myself a new orchid that needs to be potted (it came in a mesh bag with no pot and instructions for potting), so lots of plant work to be done this week.

This weekend the roller girls are meeting here to do a skate maintenance workshop. The weather is looking like it will improve by then, so hopefully we'll be out in the back yard, not inside putting my new carpets at risk. I do kinda want to tidy the place up before everyone gets here though, just so if people do slip inside I'm not completely embarrassed.

Knitting project #1 is coming along nicely. Still a bit left to do on it, but it is getting to be a recognizable object. Today I purchased wool and needles for projects 2 and 3. I'm liking this knitting thing, though it means I am getting little else done.

Also, today Georgia confirmed that she has indeed "found her hands". I held out the handle of her favourite toy and her little hand very slowly and purposefully reached out and grasped it. Not the usual "flail and find" grasping, so that's a good sign. Also she seems to be starting to hold her head straight when being lifted, so we should be able to put her in the bike trailer I picked up yesterday very soon. More fantastic Craigslist finds :) The next craigslist hunting project... a Bumbo. I refuse to pay $40 for a piece of shaped foam.
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Managed to motivate myself to get out there in the sun today and finish the work on the garden. I actually really like gardening. I think I've said this before, but it's one of the few "around the house" tasks that gives me a real sense of accomplishment. Sure, it's hard work and involves a lot more heavy lifting and putting your back into it than say dusting, but the results of the work are easily observed, not hidden in a cupboard (dishes) or drawer (laudry) somewhere, or almost indistinguishable from the non-done state (like vacuuming). It's also something that once done tends to stay done for a while. I shouldn't have to do anything other than remember to put the water out on it for a while. Maybe I'll have to dead-head the mums occasionally, but that's a quick task. And the mulch should keep the weeds at bay for a few months.

First I had to get Georgia all ready for an afternoon outside. All dressed and strapped into our rocking seat thingy.

Ready to go outside and garden with mum? Yes!

She's started to respond to things other than just our faces, which is kinda cool. I really do need to work on a mobile for her room now.

Baby is going to set her toys on fire with laser eyes!

Okay, enough gratuitous baby shots. On to the garden...
Had everything planted by 1pm when I took a break for lunch. Went out just now to finish laying the mulch, put away the tools and tidy up. Just to jog your memory, here's the very sad before and a lovely after:

I went with yellow and red mums and yellow snapdragons. Mostly because those were the cheapest things I could lay my hands on that I liked the look of. You can also see the hibiscus that hasn't made its way back inside yet, and the bottle brushes that are destined for the back yard. For about $35 in plants and mulch and about 9 hours of sweat equity I'm pretty pleased with the result. Looks like a new garden!

Tomorrow is shopping with Rhonda, Thursday I'll plant the planters and the bottle brushes in the back yard and I'm done with gardening for this year. No more visits to garden centres to ogle the pretty plants, I promise. Still have to complete the Halloween decorations, and I'll need to buy a bit for that, most notably a sledgehammer and green light bulbs, but technically that's not gardening.
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Big ol' photodump today.

Lemon flowers at night

The store that sold this had it labeled as a lemon tree. We picked one of the fruits a while back and Greg was pretty sure it tasted like key lime. I'm thinking this "lime" has grown too big for a key lime and maybe it's a persian lime? I'm leaving it there to see if maybe it will ripen and actually be a lemon. *shrugs* it's a nice plant either way.

Some pics of the baking I've been doing:
spidercakes and wedding gift )
Greg and Rhonda "saved" us some pieces of the cake but forgot to bring it over until last night. They should have just eaten the whole thing, as intended, and quickly. Whipped cream and strawberries just don't keep. Jason criticized my use of strawberries when he ate a piece last night saying they tasted terrible. Tonight I finally got the time to cut off a piece and discovered Jason's error. The strawberries had (as expected) gone bad. I mean hey, it had been 5 days with no preservatives, what did he expect? What was unexpected was that they had not only fermented (he figured I'd put a liquor in the cake - silly boy) but that they had also grown mold. I cut off everything that had touched a berry and ate the topmost portion of the cake. I'm not sure even that was a good idea. Not sure if I feel a bit queasy because of what I ate or just the thought of it. And that's the "bad idea" part of this post.

Today and last night I spent out in the yard weeding in preparation for swapping out some plants and readying the garden for winter. And also because I wanted to decorate for Halloween. A little later than I wanted to, but with the trip and the rain this was the earliest I could get to it. Spent about an hour weeding last night, and an hour putting up decorations, and another 5 hours on it today. The garden is finally prepped for the new planting (and I went out and bought more plants tonight) and I have at least some decorations up. There's more in my head, but this is at least a start.

In other news, I have the most idiotic "gardeners' tan" now. It's like a farmer's tan (short sleeves) combined with a lorry driver's tan (right arm more than the left) with the added yuck of stopping at the wrists where the gardening gloves were. And really, "tan" is a generous name for it. It's a burn of course. I figured I'd be okay this time of year. I figured wrong. At least I was wearing a hat so my face didn't get done. And of course I was careful to keep Georgia in the shade.

Scary yard before and after )

gratuitous baby pictures )

That's it. Time to get some sleep. Big day tomorrow with lots to plant.
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Anna has taken up a not-so-silent protest on the weather. This morning she refused to go outside when she was retching. I chased her around the kitchen trying to get her to go outside, but even while working on puking she is a fast and slinky creature. She finally ran into her cage and I decided that was an acceptable place for barfing and we were all good. When she was done she demanded a cookie for working with me and coming to a compromise. I didn't figure that was the best thing to do for her tummy though, so she's now sulking in her bed.

Jason tells me last night that there were blossoms all over our lemon tree. He didn't mention it until 4am when the wind started and was so strong that it blew things off our patio and rattled our windows. The rain started around 4:30 or so and though I haven't ventured outside to look yet, I'm sure the flowers must be miles from here by now. Bummer, I would have liked to see them.

Earlier this week we went shopping for new plants to put out front. The African Daisies aren't responding well to the wet and they're annuals so I figure it's time to rip those suckers out. One of the mandevillas died and the other is looking okay but not great. I'm not sure if I should pull out the still living one so I can plant something new and matching for the porch. Matching is nice, but I hate killing things. I'm a big softie so I'll probably just go and buy another planter. In November I'll probably winterize the garden by bringing the hibiscus inside. Once I make all those changes there will be no flowers out front other than the bottle brush. While the bottle brush has perked up significantly in the wet weather and is pushing out some very impressive blooms, I'm thinking the garden needs a bit more colour than that. So far we've picked up some mums to replace the daisies and I'm thinking the front edge of the bed would benefit from some snapdragons as they seem to do well here. We've bought the mums and the mulch, we just need the snapdragons and some peat moss. And for the rain to stop so I can actually get out there and do my gardening. I'll take some before and after pics if I ever get a chance to get out there and work.

As for the photographer mentioned in the last post... they called this morning and canceled. Which was fine by me. The place is an embarrassing disaster as I still haven't managed to get my shit together since the trip home. I'm not sure if I'll rebook or not, but I'm happy to have the day to clean and maybe bake and just chill at home.

Yesterday was a frustrating day of accomplishing almost nothing. Had a cavity filled at 10am and the freezing kicked in to full potency around 1pm, 2 hours after the dental work was done and right around when I was dying of hunger. Made for a shitty, uncomfortable lunch that I couldn't enjoy at all. Spent the entire afternoon with my face feeling tingly and itchy and knowing that I wouldn't feel scratching and that it wouldn't help the itch and might result in me hurting myself so I had to try to control that instinct. In the end I decided to just sleep it off and got absolutely nothing done all afternoon. Georgia wasn't impressed either as apparently mum in pain is not terribly attentive. All said, I think the freezing caused more pain and discomfort that the filling. Next time I'll skip the freezing.

Georgia is making up for yesterday's frustration by insisting on lots of attention today. So I might just get nothing done today either. I guess I'm okay with that.
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Georgia turned 6 weeks old on Saturday. Didn't post about it because we were on the road. Had a very bad night Friday as Anna got into something when we stopped in at my Nana's house on the way out of Canada. Jason suspects she might have tried some mushrooms growing in Nana's yard. She threw up twice in the car and about 8 times in the motel that night. The sound of beagle retching kept Jason up all night. The baby also woke both of us a few times. She didn't sleep tremendously well her last night in London either so it was a hard trip home for us. The beagles also broke down the gate at Nana's place and escaped, but I caught them and managed to call them back before they got further than the driveway. Stupid beagles. Put all that together and it was not the best return trip we've ever had. After two long days of driving we pulled into our driveway at 4:15 in the morning Sunday - Uuuugh.

Tried to sleep in Sunday but Georgia was hungry and having nothing to do with that sleeping thing. She was also up most of last night. Poor Jason was back to work today and I'm supposed to be home making dinner. So far I've bathed Georgia and made up the single bed in her room (I'm thinking I'll sleep there tonight so Jason gets at least one good night in). I also returned a call that was left while we were gone that was supposedly from our bank. Half way through the call I got suspicious and decided to hang up, call my bank directly and cancel my card, so I am now, annoyingly, cardless. It might have been legit, but why chance it?

Found out yesterday that the neighbours will not be providing Georgia with one playmate, but with two. Was a bit of a surprise for them too as they were not on any fertility drugs and there is no history of twins in her family. She's only 6 or 7 weeks in now and already starting to show, so we'll be out shopping for maternity clothes on Wednesday. Not really sure where to look as Old Navy has discontinued their line (at least in stores. It's still available online but then you have to pay shipping and can't try it on so that's a major pain) and everyone else seems to be both ugly and expensive. I might just suggest that she wear the maternity scrubs she needs for work all the time and forget about shopping for anything else.

Georgia's rash is healing up and she should be all better after a few more cat-free days. I weighed us yesterday and I think she's up around the 10 lb mark, though my scale is notoriously inaccurate. I gained a bunch of weight while on vacation, as usual. I'll take her on a walk later today and pick up the mail.

While we were gone Texas was all cool and rainy so our lawn is lush and green, the tree has fully recovered and the bottle brush is happily blooming away. I think I should buy some mulch and weed this week and post a pic because this is about as good as it's going to look this year. It will of course just get better every year as the tree gets established and the bottle brush gets bigger.

To wrap up, here's a pic of Georgia and I at her first event:
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Every Monday when we go to our birthing class I lose more and more of my back garden. The hounds were very efficient last night. They dug up the second ixora (and at this point it's pretty clear that the one they dug up last week is completely dead despite the replanting and my efforts to save it), ate the entire plumeria and any low-hanging leaf on the lime tree. They also took another go at the purple thing, but I can't even tell where they pulled leaves off and it will certainly survive the attack, at least for this week. We've only got 3 more classes and I think they're going to have to be restricted to indoor caging. Sucks to be them, but they've earned it. Once we run out of plants I'm worried that they'll move on to the furniture. While the plants make me sad and re-planting will be an annoyance, it's still cheaper than buying new furniture. The other thing they might move on to is digging out under the fence and getting hit by a car, and I just can't give them that opportunity. Not sure what we're going to do with them while I'm in labour and for the few days I'm at the hospital. All I can hope for is that I go into labour while Lauren is here so she can pop home and check on them regularly.

I'm still undecided with what to do about the yard. Should I re-plant what has been destroyed or should I admit defeat and realize that all I'm allowed to have is grass and maybe those two citrus trees? Either way it's probably going to have to wait until after I give birth and get back from Ontario in the fall because I just can't deal with it right now. Still, very sad about the plumeria. It was a lovely plant, it was doing well, and it wasn't cheap either.

Busy day

Jul. 29th, 2009 05:19 pm
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Got up early this morning and made french toast for myself while Jason finished the last of the waffles. Ate it out on the back patio on the lawn furniture. We've made a bit of a routine of it and this has become about the best part of my day.

Pics of my patio behind the cut )

Then while Jason was showering and getting ready for work I ran out to Lowe's for some supplies to make inkle looms. I'm teaching a class on Thursday and rather than finish up the weaving that has been on my looms for ages and letting people borrow my good looms, I figure I'll toss together a teaching set and people can buy one if they like, or just borrow one, up to them. Makes sure my looms don't get all bogged down with other people's projects at least. They're bogged down enough with my half-finished junk.

Anyway, I got home just in time for Jason to take the car, but while I was out, he had noticed that we were supposed to have our property tax assessment today. Ooops, totally forgot about that, so no woodworking for me today. I had to drive Jason to work and come in to his office to make copies of all our evidence without having so much as brushed my teeth. I didn't mind looking like that at Lowe's, but I felt kind of embarrassed slumming around Jason's office looking that way.

Came home, put all the baby laundry away and got washed and dressed with plenty of time to make it to the hearing. Hearing was a success. Having a recent sales document on the property in question pretty much guarantees success. Apparently things like comparative sales numbers from other properties and professional appraisals don't guarantee anything of the sort though, as someone from Jason's office had tried that route and gotten no where. We were lucky to have purchased at a down time, and that it was a foreclosure. Got the value of our house knocked down 20% from their estimate, so that should take a nice bite out of this year's taxes. Also got them to revise the description of the property to remove the fireplace that we clearly do not have.

Celebrated my victory against the bureaucracy by hitting a Wal-Mart a bit further from my house to hunt for the sports bra I like. No luck on said bra, but I did manage to get some infant gowns on clearance, so that's nice. I'm not going to run a load for 4 little pieces of infant wear, so they'll just get tossed in the drawer and I'll wash them with the first load of actual baby laundry.

I've taken some pics of the nursery, but as I have to run out the door to pick Jason up from work and I haven't had a chance to edit them yet they'll probably come up in the next post.
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The baby's room is almost done. Ikea finally got the crib back in stock and it's all assembled and ready to go. I also managed to pick up a comforter at Wal-Mart that matches the room, so that will be nice to snuggle up with in the winter months. All I need to do is finish the throw pillows, put all the linens and baby clothes back in the room that are in the laundry right now, hang the stuffed animal holder thingy and some mobiles and put up one picture. Most of that stuff is easy, and everything other than putting the linens back is optional really. The picture, which should be a 30 second job with a picture hanger and a hammer, is proving to be the most difficult thing.

Growing up I had this unicorn picture hanging in my room. It happens to match the colour scheme of the baby's room, so we brought it home with us at Christmas time. However, as we didn't yet know what we were having and Unicorns are fairly girly, I agreed not to hang it at the time. This means I put it somewhere to store. Beats the heck out of me where that somewhere is. I've checked my closet, the baby's room closet, the spare room closet and the junk room. I can't see it in the games room or in the garage. It's not in my sewing room either. The house is big, but it's not THAT big. Where the crap did I put this thing? Don't you hate when you hide something so well that you've hidden it even from yourself?

If I don't find the picture it's certainly not the end of the world. It just annoys me that I can't find it. Not like it's the only thing I've "lost" in this house since the move mind you.

In other news, the beagles were bad AGAIN this morning. I didn't feel rested when I got up this morning, so I joined Jason outside on the patio for breakfast and then went back to bed. I couldn't have been back in bed 30 minutes when I heard all kinds of frantic barking downstairs. I assumed some strange animal had entered the yard or the house, threw on a housecoat and went down to investigate. As I came down the stairs one of the beagles emerged from the kitchen into the dining room with a box of turkish delight in her mouth. I yelled, she dropped it and beagles scattered. Anna slunk off to hide, Lizzy tucked her tail firmly between her legs in the "I'm soooo sorry" gesture, but was also whining and dancing around me as she was THRILLED to see me. Obviously they thought I was gone with Jason, not just asleep upstairs. The turkish delight was up on the 36" high counter and Lizzy, an animal 15" high at the shoulders, managed to jump high enough to grab it. To put that in perspective, I'm 53" at the shoulder, so that would be like me jumping high enough to grab something 10'7" off the ground. I can't do that WITH the help and extra reach of my arms and hands, and she did it with her mouth! Amazing little athlete eh?

I'm not sure if the barking was misery at us being gone, or Anna encouraging the counter surfing "there, get that! Just a little higher! You can get it!" On the bright side, I did get the turkish delight back without so much as a tooth mark on the box. And I guess we know everything has to be in a cupboard now.

Beagles when a human is home are tranquil, peaceful, happy creatures, as evidenced by the fact that they've spent the rest of the morning and afternoon lounging and sleeping around the house and yard. Beagles when they think they are alone are whirlwinds of destruction. I'm not sure if they're unhappy that we're gone, or thrilled to have the opportunity to do what they like.

I've re-planted the bits of ixora that still had roots and leaves after last night's episode. I've also thrown a bit of orchid food on it to hopefully restore some nutrients and give it another chance. Here's hoping it makes it. So far the flowers are looking droopy and unhappy, so I think I've lost those, but the leaves look okay. It probably just takes leaves longer to die though.

The hibiscus that I replanted this weekend looks DELIGHTED with its new situation. I think the baby leaves have doubled in size in 2 days. Hopefully it will start blooming again soon. The replanted plumeria is also looking very happy and pushing out new leaves.

Next door, still nothing. I wonder what they're waiting for.
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In light of the Kool Aid incident earlier this week, we decided we should cage the beagles when I went out today. We pressed their cage up against the back door and removed the back so they could use the doggie door to go in and out, thus having access to both AC and their washroom. Unfortunately, semi-free beagles are just as neurotic as totally free beagles. Instead of ravaging the kitchen counter and taking no prisoners where food was concerned, they eliminated the ixora that had just put out its very first bloom. I feel really sorry for it. It almost died at the nursery (I got it off the clearance rack of dead things), and didn't do a whole lot better when I brought it home and waited a month to get it in the ground. But it had recovered beautifully and was a really nice shape and was finally pushing out some blooms. I did manage to find some intact pieces with roots still attached, so I'm going to try re-planting them tomorrow and see if it can make another miraculous recovery or if the beagles truly did it in. It's a shame they didn't target the one that has finished blooming and that they'd already trampled anyway.

They also dug a REALLY deep hole, highlighting the notion that they could in fact dig their way out of the yard if they ever came up with that idea... so I might be investing in some pavers or something to put around the edge of the fence. I'm not exactly sure what to do there yet.

I'm not even sure which beagle is the instigator on this one. Both sets of paws were meticulously clean when we got home. Not like it would matter even if I did know which one started it as you've really got to correct those sorts of behaviours when they're doing them, and they don't pull this shit when I'm here. Stupid neurotic dogs.


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