May. 27th, 2010

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I think I found the sale to end all sales. Yesterday I found a pink puffy jacket in size 4T (yup, she won't even be able to wear it for 3 more years) for a whopping $0.99. A $50 jacket for less than a buck. That was it, the culmination of my bargain hunting career. I will never be able to outdo that find.

Also managed to pick up more of my beloved Sweet Pea diaper covers, which means I can retire all the inferior ones in the stash - yay! And to all that asked "what's a soaker?", it's a bit like wool undies for baby. You coat them with lanolin to make them water-repellent and they work like a diaper cover over cloth diapers. In our case, I'm using them to protect us from blow-outs at Pennsic when we're using disposables. I won't have enough garb to be able to do a second change any day and I want to avoid laundry, so we're going with back-up protection. Also covers the ugly that is sposies. Still not entirely happy about the fact that we'll be using disposables at Pennsic but being unwilling to do laundry on vacation I can't really see a way around it. I'll bring a day's worth of cloth with us just in case the disposables go badly (cause rashes or something) but I'm really just hoping it will go well for the week. Anyway, I'm one cuff away from being finished making my soaker and it looks like I've made a soaker for a 5 year old. Fortunately wool shrinks, which was my plan all along. I figured better to make it too big and felt it down than try to make it the right size and be stuck with something too small. I'll post before and after pics of this experiment. Wish me luck.

Georgia is moving comfortably over to solids. I'd say she's going about half and half now. Every morning she has a first breakfast of milk before I'm ready to get up. Then when I have my breakfast she has a half a banana with a handful of cheerios. Then at lunch it's a bit of whatever I'm having, which if we're at home is omelet for me, 1 yolk scrambled egg with cheese for her. Dogs get a lot of that, which makes them happy hounds. Sometimes if we're out and I'm not eating something baby-appropriate (chai frappucinno is not really a baby food) then she's back to milk only. And at dinner she sometimes has a bit of what we're having or I'll steam her some veggies. And throughout the day there are still a bunch of milk feedings, culminating in a last one to lull her to sleep at bed time.

Photographed some finished projects today while Georgia napped.

The mobile I made for Georgia. And yes, I am aware that the butterfly in the middle is a bit over-the-top tacky, but it's meant to entertain a baby and she seems to like it. I guess from that one could draw the conclusion that babies have no taste.

The scarf I knitted for my sister for this Christmas (nice early start on the gifts this year):

Bamboo scarf with bamboo background:

Also uploaded a pic from a few days ago. Anna has decided that the best place to sit and survey her yard is from my lounger, especially when I leave the pillow on it.

The yard is coming along nicely. Nothing dead yet and the only thing that I have caught the dogs eating was today when Anna sampled some of the grass that is invading the flower bed between the bamboo - good dog helps me weed! Interestingly, while it looks to my eye like everything is thriving and growing before my eyes, the plant that has really taken off in a noticeable way when compared with the pics from immediately after it was finished is the pomegranate tree! I know, I'd have put bets on the bamboo too, but it just looks like it's greened up, not gotten larger. The pomegranate has put on inches though, and has at least two little fruits developing on it already!


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