Jul. 31st, 2010

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It just wouldn't be Pennsic without that last-minute dash to finish projects. I managed to get Georgia's second dress assembled, but the hems need hand-finishing. I've decided to go back and work on that wool apron dress I had previously written off while I wait for Georgia's diaper wash to finish so I can move it to the dryer. Jason's shirt is still staying firmly in the not getting done this year category as I don't feel like fiddling with his neckline. Have to tackle the cart cover and sand all the furniture tomorrow. Might stop and make one more baby sling too, but we'll see how it's going. Still have a wee bit of laundry to do for us too, but overall I feel like I'm in decent shape to get out of here some time tomorrow.

Went to Wal-Mart today and picked up almost all of the last-minute stuff for the trip. I know I probably missed some things but it's not like I can't pick them up later if absolutely necessary. That totally wore me out though and I got nothing done all afternoon.

Anyway, off to take a stab at getting something done before bed.

This is it

Jul. 31st, 2010 03:06 am
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Time to call it a night and admit that this is all that is getting done before the drive.


1 dress for me
2 dresses for Georgia
3 apron dresses for me (2 could use some embellishment, but not needed before Pennsic)
2 apron dresses for Georgia
1 hood for Jason

Almost done:
3 dresses for me, one needs sleeves hemmed, all need embroidery around neckline
1 dress for Georgia needs embroidery to hold hem in place

I'm thinking that's a totally reasonable amount of work to complete in a 24 hour drive. And if it has to get done on-site, well that's okay too.

There were also a few knitted soakers, but they didn't make it into the shot. I was mostly doing that to test the new camera anyway. Always risky to buy a new camera before Pennsic.

No one got coats (unlikely that we'll need them anyway) and Jason didn't get any new shirts, but there's always next year. Going to sew the buttons on to Georgia's second apron and head to bed. Wish me luck with the packing tomorrow.
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No packing done yet, but I got up this morning and did the final sanding on all our new furniture. For the record, here's the finished cart. Action shots to follow from Pennsic I'm sure and those will contain both the mattress and the cute baby.




Can't wait to try it out. Think I might bring the stroller along just in case it completely sucks. At the very least it will make a decent crib in the tent.

Okay, time for breakfast and packing.


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