Jul. 29th, 2010

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Today's agenda:
- Finish the apron dresses
- Cut out dresses for Georgia I cut out one, I still haven't decided on a color for the second
- Launder all our stuff that's been in storage totally made no progress on this one
- Set up the camp bed to test it out and it is fantastic!
- Apply first coat of finish to cart and camp bed and my hands and feet are all sticky with urethane - sigh

Also got a hood cut out and serged for Jason. Might try to assemble it before calling it a night.

I'm still feeling like tomorrow's to-do list is ambitious, but who knows I might surprise myself and get it done.

Anyway, time to stop arguing with idiots on the Ealdormere list (oh my god Arnora, I'd never noted this guy before but he is a total clod!!!) and get something done.
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When you're sewing a seam, pulling out all the pins as you go, and you get all the way to the end only to discover that you ran out of bobin thread at the halfway point - sigh.

In other news, there's at least a dozen sparrows outside my sewing room window, where their nest is, trying to scare something off. I'm trying to figure out what could be up there eating their eggs. I don't want to step outside and try to see lest I scare them off. It's either another bird (which would probably be scared off as well if I stepped outside) or a snake, which would not. I wonder, can a snake climb like that?


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