Jun. 14th, 2010

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First thing not to do:
Do not try to sew something when tired. More precisely do not cut your favorite piece of fabric that you've been drooling over all week when tired. And do not try to do so while rushed. I had one step that I needed Jason's help for and he wanted to go to bed so I said "just help me with this and then you can sleep". I measured it once, he questioned my measurement but I was sure of myself and didn't double check. We marked it off, he went to bed, and I proceeded to cut the body of my dress 10 inches too short - fuck.

Second thing not to do:
Do not attempt to fix this mistake when both tired and now angry. I figured out how to recover the body but needed to re-cut the arms as a result. Measured it fine, didn't make sure the cutting mat was under the cut line before running the rotary blade over it. Lovely dining room table now has an annoying gash in it that probably no one else will notice, but that will mock me until I refinish the table and sand it out. Which of course I am not going to do for years because I have a baby who will probably add more gashes and crayon and marker and all manner of things that I will have to come back and fix when she's old enough to know better. It's just annoying that I was the one to make the first mark.

Third thing not to do:
Do not stay up all night because you simply have to see if your reworking of the pieces is going to produce a functional garment. Yes, after all this, even though I knew my math should be good at this point and that it will fit fine I had to stay up all night and push through its assembly. And measure and cut a few more dresses for good measure. To redeem my measuring skills I guess. Tomorrow morning (will come in about an hour when baby wakes up for her first feeding) is going to hit me hard.

On the bright side, the dress is together and no one will be the wiser. The seam allowance had to be smaller than my usual and the front slit is going to have to be hand finished in buttonhole stitch rather than simply pressed and turned, but it will look fine to anyone who doesn't know I didn't plan it that way. Just need to finish that slit, hem the bottom and wrists and I'm one dress closer to my Pennsic wardrobe. Add that to the one dress that was completed months ago, the dress that is all but hemmed from last week and I'm up to 3 dresses for 10 days - eeep. There's also one dress cut out and a final length of fabric on the table waiting for that long, 2-person measurement. Need a few apron dresses to wear over these and I can round out my wardrobe with the 4 or 5 Roman outfits I have and I'll be good to go. It's later than I'd hoped (I wanted all my stuff done by mid-June), but I may yet get this all done in time for Pennsic.

Still on the Pennsic to-do list after my clothes are outfits for Georgia, a few new shirts for Jason and attempting the cart for Georgia.


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