May. 20th, 2010

At last

May. 20th, 2010 03:32 pm
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For years I have wanted a sewing room of my own. At my parents' place I had to share my sewing space with the "teenagers social room" in the basement. This meant that a lot of the time I had to share it with my sister, and even when her and her friends weren't over, there were non-sewing things like couches, bookcases of books that weren't mine, a TV, and any time anything was cluttering up my Dad's office that's where it got dumped. There was also the plants that came in for the winter, complete with all the sap and stickiness that wasn't great for sewing either.

In Edmonton I had a room, but the heating situation was sketchy, the layout was poor, I didn't like being all alone upstairs when we moved Jason's computer downstairs, and it was also the dumping ground for all the clutter that didn't have a home anywhere else. To make matters worse, all the fabric ended up in the basement under everything else we stored down there. It was a major production in an unlit space to look for fabric.

Since the move I've had a really nice, dedicated room but the treatment has been much the same as in the past. Dumping ground for all things without a home. This week I'm finally putting an end to it. I've bought some proper curtains so I'm not on display in the front window any more. I've bought pretty shelving to store all my fabrics on so I can get rid of the ugly stack of rubbermaid bins. I'm hoping this helps me to "shop at home" instead of running off to the fabric store every time I have a project. Really, at this point I should have enough on hand to do something with what I've got. Seeing it all laid out like this might also help me to finally part with those ugly pieces that I really will never use. Up to this point I've been using the "well it's not like I could get to it to use it before" excuse. Time to get over that.

Got me a lovely pair of Expedits in birch. Even managed to get one half off because it was dented in the box. Unfortunately it is on the side that faces into the room, but it's so little and I've put it down at the bottom corner up against the wall so no biggie. Got one shelf assembled LATE last night. Today's task has been to bolt it to the wall and fill it with all the junk from the other side of the room so I can move out the ugly white rubbermaid pantry and assemble the second shelving unit. I'm through all the stuff in the pantry and am slowly hacking away at the stack of rubbermaid bins.

Baby is down for her second nap so I've got a chance to make some good progress here. Wish me luck.


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