Apr. 23rd, 2010

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I stayed up late tonight finally making the baby gift for the family next door. The twins were born last night and they will be coming home on Saturday, so as a welcome home gift there's nothing wrong with the timing. I'd already given them a little something at the shower and I'd been sitting on the fabric for months now, so it feels good to be able to say it's done. I'll be presenting them with a gift basket containing the following:

Kidco Pea Pod (These things are AWESOME! We used Georgia's at an event a few weekends ago and she loved it)
A changing mat wallet thingy that is a favorite travel item of mine
Handmade items out of 2 different jungle themed flannels (which is what I was working on tonight)
- 4 bibs
- 4 burp cloths
- 2 receiving blankets
- 2 sets of nursing pads

Good haul of swag I think.

Things to get done this weekend so I don't have any obligations hanging over me...
- paint the fence
- thank you notes for Georgia's baby gifts - yes I still don't have those done. I hate writing thank you notes. It's just something I'm not good at. I never know what to say and even though I know I should just write anything and get it over with I am paralyzed.

Might also have to reformat my computer, but I think I happened to luck on to the virus when reviewing files for back-up, or maybe it was the deletion Jason did while booted to repair mode off the Windows CD. Either way it doesn't seem to be misbehaving any more. I'll keep an eye on it anyway.

Off for a bed-time reward cup of tea and brownie.


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