Mar. 19th, 2010

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Mouse is a little over 7 months old today. Time is slipping away faster than I realize because I actually started writing "a day over" when it's been almost a week. She continues to develop nicely. Feedings are now both boobs but she generally goes a few more hours between them. The thing that seems to make us the most cranky now is being tired. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do for that other than hold her close until she finally stops crying and drops off to dreamland.

A month ago we started with daily cereal feedings. Then we started missing a few here and there. Now cereal is a rare occurrence. I'm too lazy of a mum really, and I doubt it is necessary. I also read some stuff online about baby lead weaning and that really appealed, so I'm just tossing her the occasional hand-sized piece of whatever we're eating and watching her closely. So far she's tried banana (not a hit), nectarines and peaches (which she has almost figured out how to eat. Mostly she just smushes it into her onesie), apple, lettuce (sucked briefly and then dropped to dogs) and grapes (I peeled and broke off tiny bits so she could actually swallow those but didn't get her hands on them at all. That was a big hit though as she kept opening her mouth for more). While Lisa and I went out for lunch she also had a piece of white toast (she didn't eat any that I could tell, just soaked it with drool and smushed it), a couple of raw bean sprouts (my mother let me have it for that as there could have been e. coli on them, yeah, whatever, there wasn't and she's fine) and a bit of the sticky rice I had for dessert (which was the only thing she actually swallowed at that meal). I also let her taste one drop of very milky tea off my finger and she seemed to like that too. The biggest hit so far was the guacamole off Jason's plate at a restaurant on the river walk on Monday. It's a shame we don't like it enough to warrant buying avocados. My parents will be up to visit in a few weeks and they always buy avocados so she can have some when they are here.

Jason's brother and his wife Lisa came to visit earlier this week. It was a short visit and we didn't get to do everything we wanted to due to complications with either weather (rained one day) or our ignorance regarding march break (we had no idea that this was march break and you simply can't get in to any attractions in San Antonio during the break). I guess we'll have to save the zoo and museums for the next trip and keep a closer eye on the school calendar.

What we did get to do was my roller derby game on Sunday. It was nice to have an audience of relatives beyond Jason, which has never happened before. I actually played relatively well, but you wouldn't know it from the pictures. I mostly stayed at the back of the pack and was able to keep the other team's jammer contained all by myself on several occasions. Other times I worked successfully with other girls to form walls or made some decent hits. I also fell a lot and wasn't really very good at skating to catch up (I'm still out of shape and relatively slow) and unfortunately the only times I got caught on film was in those moments. Any time I was actually playing well I was so in the thick of it that all you'd see was a stray sock poking out from behind someone else. Our team DOMINATED, so that was nice after the crushing defeat of last time. Would have been nice to get good shots of me, but better to have played well than to have pictures. Surprisingly, Lisa announced at the end that she'd like to play too. I hooked her up with info for the London league and it will be neat if she does end up playing.


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