Feb. 8th, 2010

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Why is it that whenever I try to do something nice I get totally bitten in the ass for it? And I don't mean the good intentions that don't turn out and leave everyone upset. I mean the kind of favour where from the other person's end it goes just fine but I get burned. Why is karma such a mean, backwards bitch?

I had someone over to talk landscaping. As we're wrapping up in the front door, a lost cocker spaniel runs up. I manage to juggle beagles, baby, cocker spaniel and telephone in the foyer trying to figure out who the dog belongs to. Several phone calls and an hour or two later someone finally shows up to take the dog.

It's a shitty day in Texas, so instead of leaving it in the yard like I normally would I have it crated. It stinks, like more than the average dog. So much that I'm skipping lunch today. When the woman comes to pick it up I tell the woman to stay in the foyer because I've just vacuumed. That's a reasonable and easily understood request right? I get the dog out of the cage and as I'm telling her, "no thanks, I don't need a leash", the dog struggles and knocks an expensive plate off the counter. The woman, despite my insistence comes rushing to my aid, in wet shoes, over my clean carpet.

So I have to redo the vacuuming, the house smells, and I'm out a $40 plate. But I saved a dog from getting run over - whooppee. Fuck.


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