Jan. 23rd, 2010

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Not exactly a splurge, but I've figured out that I really like this knitting thing, so I might as well invest in it. Rather than buying needles as I need them I decided in investing in some sets. Managed to find a full range of 7" double pointed bamboo needles on e-bay for only $20 (14 sets of needles when I usually pay about $7 per set, so that was a fantastic deal) and then I invested $30 in an interchangeable cable needle set, also on e-bay. This is about the best I was going to do for an interchangeable set, and while I like bamboo for double pointed needles hands-down, I kind of prefer the slip of metal for circulars, so that's what I've got now. Still undecided what I prefer for single pointed needles. I really like the acrylic I was playing with last week, I really dislike metal and I haven't tried bamboo or wood yet. It's quite fun playing with all the different types of needle materials and finding out that my preferences change depending on the type of needle.

Still working on the massive felted bag. There's about as much knitting as there would be for a sweater I think. No fitting, but the sheer volume of stitches is impressive, at least to me. Yesterday I charted the horde symbol for the front of the bag and today I'm hoping to get a start on it. Very excited about attempting my first intarsia.

Also have a massive headache - sigh.


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