Jan. 19th, 2010

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My weekend was ugh. That's all there is to it. Jason had a holiday so we had all kinds of nice things planned, but alas the universe and my immune system decided not to cooperate.

Saturday started out reasonably well. I finally got the pictures hung up in Georgia's room, I finished mum's scarf, I hung up my necklace organizing hooks in my bedroom closet (at last). I wanted to get more done in the cleaning and vacuuming department, and I had intended on working on the main floor more than upstairs, but somehow when it came time to actually do stuff there I was working away on the wrong floor. I figured no worries, I have the whole rest of the weekend to hit the main floor. Saturday ended with a trip to the Ethiopian restaurant with a few of Jason's co-workers. One of the couples owned a cat, so I spent all of dinner and a good part of the next day with an asthma attack, but that's a small thing compared to the shit that hit the fan the next day...

Sunday morning I woke up and felt a little funny, so I started the day off slowly. By mid afternoon I was calling next door to cancel our dinner plans. I had really been looking forward to it, but I didn't want to risk giving Rhonda the flu I had suddenly come down with. I spent all day moaning on the couch as every muscle in my body ached and my digestive tract plotted a mutiny. Needless to say I accomplished nothing around the house. I did manage to finish up the holiday hat I was working on though. Just have the pom pom to make and I can set that sucker to "finished". We also sat around and watched the "Being Erica" marathon. I quite enjoy that show and as it turns out we'd seen almost all of it. In fact, we'd only missed one episode that season. So of course, when that episode aired this weekend we had to have a blackout that lasted most of the hour - sigh. On the bright side, said blackout landed right at the time I would have been cooking dinner, so it was a good thing I'd canceled. Unfortunately, the blackout hit right in the middle of re-heating some lovely homemade stew Jason had pulled out of the freezer. I futzed around, fed Georgia and wasted as much time as I could in the dark until my hunger overcame me. We pulled the Coleman stove out of the garage and set it up on the porch, got it all hooked up and warming up, I transferred the stew out of the microwave bowl and into a pot, and as I stepped outside to put it on the Coleman the power came back. Just in time for me to dirty a pot. I remember this happening in Edmonton last time we had a long power outage too. As soon as I drag out the Coleman and dirty a pot the power springs magically to life. Maybe I should learn and drag it out sooner.

Monday I tried to make up for the lack of progress Sunday by cleaning the kitchen and making waffles for breakfast, but after all that was done I was overcome again and the rest of the day was lost. Georgia had a bath, but other than that nothing at all got done.

It would have been nice to get a little more work done with Jason being home and all, but I suppose it was nice to have him around to pick up the slack while I was sick. Being ill and dealing with a baby would kinda suck.

Today I'm on baby-minding duty so nothing much getting done yet again. Keeping an eye on her to make sure she's not catching this thing. So far so good, but who knows how long it might incubate. Back to baby entertaining and knitting...


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