Jan. 14th, 2010


Jan. 14th, 2010 11:17 am
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Yesterday I took the car and Georgia and I headed out to Hill Country Weavers on South Congress. OMG YARNGASM!!!! It was a converted turn of the century house (so lots of tiny rooms and doorways too small to easily maneuver the stroller) that was completely stuffed with yarn. I don't know where to start. It was amazing and I was completely unprepared. I went to pick up some yarn to make a blanket for Georgia, but was overwhelmed by the choices and started thinking of excuses to buy other stuff to do with the lovely yarns I was confronted with. I'm quickly realizing that with this hobby, like so many others, that there are more ideas in my head than I will ever have time to complete in a lifetime.

I grabbed a bunch of Berocco vintage (not the exact colours I had in mind, but it was the softest washable wool) for Georgia's blanket. A few skeins of some lovely merino to make a scarf for my mother for her birthday. A few skeins I couldn't resist to make a scarf for me (I am as yet undecided what the exact design will be there). And a big ball of acrylic (I know, synthetics are evil) that was soft, cheap and will make something for Georgia out of it as it will also be washable.

I started on the scarf for my mother as soon as I got home. Browsed patterns online and eventually settled with what I had in mind as soon as I came up with the idea to make a scarf for her. Im about 1/4 of the way through it, but when G cried this morning and I put it down to pick her up it fell off the needles, so now I have to do some investigating and recovery work - sigh.

That makes 4 unfinished projects on the needles now. The awesome bag is coming along nicely, but will probably require another week or two to finish (bags are big). My hat has been hibernating in favour of more interesting shinies. The sock is painful. I've changed out the needles as the ones I had were a shade too long to be reasonable and that makes it slightly better, but it is still going to take a lifetime. I'd estimate at this point that I have about 1/4 of one sock done - sigh.

I also decided to set limits on myself when I started this hobby. I bought a box from Ikea and decided that my yarn stash was never to exceed this box. As of yesterday's shopping trip I have now officially filled the box to capacity. So this is it. No more yarn shopping until I get some of the existing yarn used up. I will admit that I am liking this limit (and the organization inherent in said limit) and may move on to set limits on some of my other project supplies.


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