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The missing box is 2 cubic feet. It is definitely lost never to be found. I have been asked to estimate the value of the box. All I have to go on is the movers' description "books". I have no idea how much I should claim. What is reasonable? I'm afraid of asking too little and having them accept it without arguing, but I also don't want to claim so much that they enter an aggressive negotiation. Should I just submit an amount or should I submit a list of books with their prices on Amazon as backup documentation?

I've been working on a list of books I'd like:
Is there anything you'd recommend adding to that list?

I don't think I have a "full box" yet, though I might experiment with one of the 2 cube boxes I have left and see just how much space I reasonably have by packing it with similarly sized books.
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Good news: I found the Tournament Illuminated collection.
Which leads to good news: I'm not going crazy.

Bad news: I'm back to not having a clue what is missing.

What is accounted for:
Every book I entered into Librarything
My collection of TIs
All the binders of photocopied class notes
A stack of loose comics that looks approximately as large as I'd expect for the comics I was purchasing the last year or two in Edmonton.

What else might these morons have labeled as "books"? Ideas anyone? Envelopes of sewing patterns maybe... let's go hunt for those next.
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I think I know what is in the missing box. It appears that all the back-issues of Tournaments Illuminated that I have spent the last couple of years collecting on e-bay are missing, as is one set of sheets for my bed. Here's what's odd though... I could swear I had previously found those magazines in a box. Maybe I had a really vivid dream or something since I sure as hell can't find them now. I think I'm going nuts.

All the books seem to have made the trip, at least according to my librarything list. One box is definitely missing for sure. I went and checked the numbers on all the flattened out boxes, and assuming they did their labeling correctly (ie one per box) then something is definitely missing. Knowing what was in that box for sure is still really challenging for me.

I hate "professional" movers.
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Feeling pretty good today. I managed to clean out the game room almost completely. There is still one box of my crap to be unpacked and a few boxes of Jason's CDs, which I have decided are not my problem. The floor is all vacuumed and everything. I even cleaned the windows and dusted all the windowsills when I was done. Of all the rooms in the house, I think that one was the closest to being done. Or at least the one where I had the best idea of how I wanted it to look when I was finished.

This weekend I'm setting a lofty goal. I'd like to see at least one room done for every day off we have. Seeing as this is a long weekend, that should work out to 3 rooms. I think with Jason's help that is entirely possible. Not sure which rooms we'll pick. I think it is definitely time that the master bedroom and bath became the sanctuaries I know they can become. After that I'm not sure what is the highest priority.

I do need to get this all done and out of the way soon because we need to file our claim with the movers. We know they broke our TV and one martini glass, and somehow a couple liquor glasses appear to have gone astray. But there's one box unaccounted for, and of course the listing that they recorded is pretty much useless, so we need to unpack everything, have a good look at what did make it to try to figure out what didn't. I wish we could just put in the claims as we found stuff, at least for the obvious thing like the TV. But instead we get just one shot, so we really have to be sure of it when we submit it. And of course time is running out on how long we have to get this filed.

Moving sucks.

In other news I purchased a new cookbook last week and finally got around to trying one of the recipes yesterday. Persian cookbook and what I attempted was apricot rice (which I'm pretty sure is what's pictured on the cover, though it doesn't come out looking exactly like that if you follow their instructions). It produced enough food for at least 8 people, which is a little more than we were aiming for. It wasn't exactly how I imagined it would taste, but it's still pretty good. I might modify it (at least to cut down the volume of food produced) and try it again, but I'm not sure just yet. We'll try the leftovers tonight and see how they rate.
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What needs to be done? A better question to ask might be "what does not need to be done?"

The place is still a disaster as most of the boxes are still untouched. Or they're open, I glanced at the contents, couldn't find any rhyme or reason as to why the movers threw all this shit in together or what made them label it as that, and decided I'd deal with this shit later.

Prime examples of the WTF method of packing:
Box labels - contents
Office Supplies - two lamps, scarves and mittens and dog grooming tools
Boxes, Linens - Mirror, Jewelery Box, contents of which were emptied throughout the larger box
Iron, Linens - curtain, level, bag of polyfil
Boxes, hangers - some (very few) hangers, drinking glasses, armour, tent pegs and banner pole t-bar

Their favourite labels appear to be "boxes" and "linens". I'm pretty sure 90% of the boxes say "linens" on them. Some of the contents are actual "linens", being towels and sheets, though differentiating on the labeling would have been nice. Many of the contents are just fabric (it is my household contents after all). This is entirely UNhelpful when it comes to actually trying to find linen-like things. I have finally managed to track down most of my bath towels and bath mats. Face cloths are still eluding me, as are hand-towels. As for bed linens, I consider myself lucky to have found one set in that first, frenzied night. Since then I have been stripping the bed, washing them and putting them right back on because I have failed to find any more.

It appears that they have lost a box of our books. Maybe more than one or maybe there is a box out there labeled "papers" or something inane. They also broke our TV, which makes me sad as it is hard to get tube TVs any more and I actually prefer the picture on those old things. The claims requirements are ridiculous. They need a full inventory of the contents of the box. Which I can see as a reasonable request if I had been allowed to pack any boxes. As I was specifically told not to pack anything, and would be charged an additional fee if I had, and they then sent a team of 4 who dispersed all over the house where I could not possibly supervise them all, how could I possibly know what they threw in each and every box?!?! Fortunately, being a box of books, it is fairly easy (if time consuming) to use Librarything to inventory the lot and see what is missing. On the upside I know what is gone. On the downside, of course, a lot of it is out of print, hard to obtain and even harder to price. The other issue is that even if I do inventory this list of loss, what is to say that they will agree with my assessment? I assume I will get a whole list done, submit an Amazon or Barnes and Noble list detailing the price of each tome and they will respond with "box of books = $50" or some other amount that will be woefully inadequate to actually replace the missing items, not to mention irritating me with the grand waste of time of listing them all. I really wish I could call them and talk to them about their requirements and what the results of the claim will be, but of course Jason is being the phone-phobic gate-keeper yet again. I'm not allowed to call these people and ask any questions and he simply won't.

Most of this week I have been avoiding the unpacking by watching Heroes or Dexter. Have also spent some time entertaining the guests, but not much as they were gone pretty much every day from the time they got out of bed to the time they crawled back into it. Yesterday I killed time baking and weeding. Today I have been catching up on Livejournal, but I will probably never get completely caught up as I am easily months behind on that.

It's windy and shitty out and actually sleeted last night so it looked like there was snow on the ground when we woke up. It was all just piles of ice rather than fluffy, pretty snow, but it was certainly cold. Two days ago I was wandering around outside barefoot in a short skirt. The weather report says it should be back to that by Monday.

Moving sucks. Time to get back to it.


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