Apr. 13th, 2007

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Today I decided to do a little experiment here at work. I decided to see how short a skirt one could wear and whether or not it would get you sent home. This morning I left my house wearing the shortest skirt I own in a lovely army-green camouflage print, over opaque tights and my big butt-kicking boots, with my favourite buckle-and-zipper goth jacket. The result of this experiment was a little unexpected...

I showed up late, as usual. Logged in 15 minutes late. Answered my first call. Part way through this call I got an e-mail saying my schedule had been changed. After the call I checked the e-mail... they recorded me as a "No call, no show"... um, I'm sitting right here. Providing remarkably good service for someone not here I might add.

I guess the solution to the short skirt was to pretend I wasn't here at all - heh. Or as one of my co-workers pointed out, it is camouflage print... maybe they didn't see me. LOL

A shame, it's a gorgeous day out and I was really hoping they'd send me home.

In other news, applied for a lab assistant position with the city, so I'm hoping that will result in something. Would like to get off the phones, and working in a lab again would be nice.


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