Mar. 26th, 2007

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... are growing on my desk. Made myself a cup of herbal tea some time last week. No, I honestly don't remember what day. Anyway, neglected to throw out what I didn't drink. This morning I come in and find two distinct colonies of stuff growing in there. One variety is loose-floating green fuzzy blobs about the size of a grain of barley. The other is a whitish-clearish blob on the side of the glass with black pepper specks. What is interesting is that this stuff was of course not native to the tea, which means it comes from somewhere. The likely culprit is the air vent above my head. In a building only 7 or 8 months old, they already have molds and mildews growing away in their vents. Shocking eh?

That said, it's not like the glass was covered, so I guess one should expect some stuff to drop out of the vents.

In other news, someone I really liked and respected here quit this week. She was up for a management job and didn't get it around the same time I interviewed for the finance job I didn't get. I'm not sure she was given a good reason why she was passed over, so I imagine that is why she went elsewhere. Time I too saw the writing on the wall and got the hell outta here myself.

Didn't do any work on that this weekend though. Spent most of the weekend baking cakes and doing birthday stuff with the hubby. Anyway, back to answering phones. 24 people in line, longest hold time 17:59 - wheeee!


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