Jan. 23rd, 2007

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Since my last event was all about being bitchy, I thought I'd take a moment to write about this weekend. This time around, I really enjoyed my weekend. I wasn't really in the mood to go, anticipated that I would not enjoy myself, and was pleasantly surprised with a relaxing weekend in excellent company.

Got there nice and early (yes, I was early and I'm not lying, Fenrick was in charge of driving, not Jason or I). Set myself up at a table with my loom and got recruited into doing the lists for fencing. Really enjoyed that actually. Feel free to ask me to do that again any time.

Spent some of the day weaving, some of it chatting with people about weaving, tudor hats, drinking horns and other stuff. Watched Fenrick fight. Buggered off to the mall mid-tournament to get yummy, bad-for-me mall chinese. Came back, and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and futzing around until dinner.

Went out to dinner at the Keg, which was disappointing as usual for food ($24 for two skewers of shrimp, some nasty looking mashed potatoes and they can't throw a few beans or a piece of broccoli on my plate???), but the company and the drinks were fabulous. Had a wonderful dinner with Nookie and four wonderful ladies whose names I have forgotten in a blur of booze (Manyra and um, yeah, that's where the drawing a blank starts up). And sometimes a yummy waiter can make up for less than yummy food eh ladies ;)

Court was all boring and courty as usual. I spent it in the back of the hall chatting to a woman (Tammy?) about Ferrets. And occasionally sneaking out to get weather updates from my husband. The drive home was a little scary in the fog, but Fenrick was great as usual and I was home safe and sound by 1 am.

Also got to meet the lovely [livejournal.com profile] pandorasbox, which was a real treat. Must go add her to my friends list now.

Also picked up a whole bunch of new fabric for the stash (yes, I know I needed that about as much as I needed another hole in my head, but what can I say, bad girl and all that). And in the rest of the weekend and the beginning of this week, managed to get it all pre-washed and install a few shelves in my sewing/glass studio room to store it all. All in all, a productive weekend. And then the new World of Warcraft expansion arrived yesterday - buh bye productivity.


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