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Sep. 7th, 2005 05:58 am
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Obviously I am a lazy bitch, otherwise I would already have these thank you letters done, and I certainly wouldn't be sitting here resenting having to write them at all. I mean, the sentiment is lovely, and I would be happy to dash off an e-mailed thank-you, or type a lovely letter, but my hand-writting isn't what I'd like it to be, and I'm just never perfect the first time around. I always wind up mis-spelling something (and I mean stupid things like leaving a letter out of a word I know or having a flourish at the end that looks like an e or an s) and then having to try to fix it, making blobby, wide, ugly pen-lines and a barely legible piece of writing. If I could type these things I'm sure they would be off already, but hand-writing sucks!

I've made it through three of the 18 thank-yous on my husband's side and none of mine - le sigh. Back to work...
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We made the time this weekend (instead of working on my course like I was supposed to) to go and start registering for gifts. Didn't get a whole lot done, but did manage to pick dishes, sort of. Didn't manage to pick just one set. Really liked two sets. So we registered for one set, which will be the "company's coming special dishes" like china, only dishwasher safe. We'll pick up the other set on our own over the next few years to use as "everyday" dishes. So the fancy set we registered for the whole kit'n'caboodle, platters, tea pots, gravy boat, the works. In the other set, it'll just be dishes, the platter, bowls and that's it. So what did we pick?

The set we registered for

The other set we want

I think I like the brown one better (reminds me of my mother's dishes) but Jason thinks it's a little too informal to be the "fancy" dishes and I tend to agree. The blue and white at least evokes the feeling of china. I think they may be discontinuing the "Boston" pattern, if they haven't already, so we might end up not having a choice by the time it comes around to completing the set...

In other news, I bought crystal wine glasses this week. 10 glasses at $16 a piece. Less than I've seen them anywhere online and I really deep down did want nice glasses, I just would have felt like a goob paying that much for something super-plain and unadorned, but I hate the old-fashioned look most crystal has. our crystal

Anyway, after another non-productive night of no CASB, time to go to bed. Must get it done tomorrow...
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And this is why I didn't really want to plan a wedding in the first place. I got the ring, so why am I putting myself through all this torment over having the stupid party now?

The source of my grief: I'm trying to put together a guest list. I already did this last year, but stupid me, I did it on my mother's old computer and she gave it away and erased everything on it late winter of this year. So now I'm trying to reconstruct my list, and frankly, the numbers are too high. I've committed to a small wedding. My mother doesn't want more than 80 people at it. The guest list with the family and her friends is up to 30. And I'll admit, I slid two of my friends into "her" list.

So that leaves me space for 5 couples. That's not a lot. So who do I invite? How do you make these decisions without offending someone? I've got my "short list" down to 9 couples, but that's not 5, it's almost double the 5 I'm allowed. I've invited no one from Ivey. I've only got one person on the list from my last undergrad. I've got a former boss who invited me to his wedding that I think I'd cut, except that I orignally asked him to "officiate" a renewal of vows (or rather, we were going to pretend it was a real wedding and not tell anyone we were already married, but we've told everyone now, so it's beside the point). We have since decided the renewal of vows was a silly idea, but because I already asked him I don't think I can uninvite him, that's rude. Of course we also haven't talked since then. I think I've e-mailed him a few times, but not since Christmas, and last I e-mailed him, he and his wife were maybe separating, I do't even know where he's living right now. You'd think I'd stay in touch with juicy news like that, I'm so useless. I've got two couples I've known since public school, so I think they have to be on there. But I'm not sure on everyone else. So that leaves me three more couples. Aaaargh! I hate this.

I hate this wedding planning thing, I really do. The actual wedding, with all of 8 people in attendance was so much more fun, and carefree and just what I wanted. Why am I doing this? I've tried to make it easier and more tolerable by not having a dinner, or a DJ (shudder), or a paid bar (sooo tacky) but it still sucks!

So I have to get this list finalized, get all the invitations sent, register for gifts and maybe make a dress if I feel motivated. It's not a huge to-do list, and registration is like shopping, you'd think I'd be doing that happily. So why does it feel like such a chore?


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