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Didn't get a whole lot accomplished this weekend.

Achieved my Nether-ray mount on WoW (not much of a real-world achievement, but made me happy, so there ya go). Died a zillion times in our guild's first Shadow Labs run. Gave up after the 10th or so death on the second boss and decided next week we should try some place a little easier. Did some quests with my husband and he's only two weeks away or so from his dragon mount, which has him all excited. Actually didn't waste too much time in the virtual world.

Saturday I made my breakfast omelete cup things to bring to work this week. Putzed up the recipe and wound up making twice as many as I had intended to make (note to self, when making a half-batch, use 3 eggs, not 6). On the bright side, actually caught Jason (the egg-hater) eating one on Sunday.

Spent most of Saturday watching the "So You Think You Can Dance" marathon of reruns on Much Music (Jason and I both totally love this show) and then watched the finale of "Colin and Justin on the Estate" on HGTV, which was a real eye-opening inspirational show coloured with a bit of crushing reality. It's really interesting watching reality television that actually reflects some reality instead of a bunch of bored, bug-bitten, mud-coated beautiful people lounging around a beach in China for 6 weeks stabbing each other in the back for $1 mil. On the Estate is basically two designers going and spending 8 months working with a ghetto and trying to make it tolerable for the residents. They make some pretty great strides and accomplish some really wonderful things, but they also suffer a whole bunch of set-backs in the process. It was a fascinating show and I would LOVE to see a follow-up a year or two later. It feels like they're fighting a losing battle, but it could be a tremendous turn-around as well.

Ended the evening off playing WoW until 4am. And now we know when the daily quests reset.

Sunday morning woke up with the odd sensation of knowing that the day's WoW quests were already done and as a result didn't even turn the game on all day. Also crawled out of bed shockingly late (unsurprising with the late-night WoWing the night before). Spent the morning (what little was left of it) eating breakfast and watching S1 episode 11 of Rome. How much do I LOVE that series?

Finally got off the couch and showered Sunday at noon. Jason made plans to hang out with a friend so I hung around the house cleaning while we waited for him to come pick Jason up. I then headed out to arrive fashionably late at 2pm for our derby fundraising BBQ. We made a scant $136 on a day's work apparently, which has some girls miffed. Some of them feel it is too much work for that kind of money, and that they could have spent the day doing something much more productive (like sleeping - not making that up, someone actually said it) and that we are making too little money for the effort we're putting in. Seems to me we're making just about what we should. All we do is show up and the store wheels out a table, BBQ, cooler and all the food. It's risk-free, we pay for nothing up-front, and we take 50% of the money we collect. Some of them are upset that we only get 50%. I'm thinking that with no set-up, no clean-up and no risk, that's about right. And I'm willing to say "hey, between the two days we did it, that's $250 or so we didn't have before, and pays for a week's worth of practice space".

Anyone out there have any good ideas for fundraisers? We need to have about $4,000 by November for pre-bout expenses (Hall rental, liquor license, booze, posters etc) so we can hold our game in November against Calgary.

Ended the evening off making apple tarts for the office out of the free apples donated by one of my co-workers, Steve. Interesting making something out of apples other than the ones off Hjalti's tree. These ones were much harder and OMG SOUR!!!! The final product is a sweet-n-sour thing that is rather interesting, though I think I prefer Hjalti's sweet, eatin' apples for my baking. My poor, bent apple corer feels the same way.

Next weekend sister arrives, brunch at Bioware and 4-day weekend! Woo!

In other news, the bruise is much darker and more impressive today than it was when I photographed it, but hurts less.
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WoW porn

See that PORN word there, that means probably not work-safe, depending on your place of work of course. Jason actually got it from his work.

Best internet video EVER! And best song. I want this on MP3 to play at my next place of employment. Make people squirm and then say "but it's from a musical", priceless.

In case anyone wonders, the soundtrack is from a broadway musical called Avenue Q, which contains other greats like:

What Do You Do With A B.A. In English/It Sucks To Be Me
You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want (When You're Makin' Love)
Everyone's A Little Bit Racist
I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today

I want the soundtrack for Christmas and if anyone is feeling really generous, a weekend in New York and tickets to see it live would be great.

There, I've made my Christmas list ;)
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So I'm playing World of Warcraft (yes I know I should be applying for jobs or writing thankyou cards or making dinner, I'll get right on that) and I partner up with this stay at home mom. She is COMPLETELY clueless as a player. She's playing the same character class as me, so I'm trying to give her tips on smarter, more strategic game play. She's, well, not getting it, but that's not my problem.

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