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Just posting this so I can go back and see it later...

WFTDA has a set of minimum skill requirements for derby girls. One of which is to be able to make 25 laps of the track in 5 minutes. We had our skills test on Wednesday and I managed 28. I thought that the minimum was 20, so I'm going to have to check if they've changed it or if I was just misinformed. Still, let's see if I can't do better next time.
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This virus is still kicking my ass and I'm finding it may not have had anything to do with Ash after all. People with nothing better to do than sit around writing viruses should all die in the most painful and creative ways the fates can conjure for them. Until this is cleared up posts will be short and I won't be reading anyone else much either. iPod us okay but not the best for long missives.

In other news had a game today and sucked royally. It was like my skates were filled with lead. But at least I managed to look good while having my ass handed to me. I had a cute outfit and so did Georgia. Pics on facebook and I'll post them here too when the lappy is fixed.

Off to comfort G while Jason continues to try things with the lappy.
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Mouse is a little over 7 months old today. Time is slipping away faster than I realize because I actually started writing "a day over" when it's been almost a week. She continues to develop nicely. Feedings are now both boobs but she generally goes a few more hours between them. The thing that seems to make us the most cranky now is being tired. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do for that other than hold her close until she finally stops crying and drops off to dreamland.

A month ago we started with daily cereal feedings. Then we started missing a few here and there. Now cereal is a rare occurrence. I'm too lazy of a mum really, and I doubt it is necessary. I also read some stuff online about baby lead weaning and that really appealed, so I'm just tossing her the occasional hand-sized piece of whatever we're eating and watching her closely. So far she's tried banana (not a hit), nectarines and peaches (which she has almost figured out how to eat. Mostly she just smushes it into her onesie), apple, lettuce (sucked briefly and then dropped to dogs) and grapes (I peeled and broke off tiny bits so she could actually swallow those but didn't get her hands on them at all. That was a big hit though as she kept opening her mouth for more). While Lisa and I went out for lunch she also had a piece of white toast (she didn't eat any that I could tell, just soaked it with drool and smushed it), a couple of raw bean sprouts (my mother let me have it for that as there could have been e. coli on them, yeah, whatever, there wasn't and she's fine) and a bit of the sticky rice I had for dessert (which was the only thing she actually swallowed at that meal). I also let her taste one drop of very milky tea off my finger and she seemed to like that too. The biggest hit so far was the guacamole off Jason's plate at a restaurant on the river walk on Monday. It's a shame we don't like it enough to warrant buying avocados. My parents will be up to visit in a few weeks and they always buy avocados so she can have some when they are here.

Jason's brother and his wife Lisa came to visit earlier this week. It was a short visit and we didn't get to do everything we wanted to due to complications with either weather (rained one day) or our ignorance regarding march break (we had no idea that this was march break and you simply can't get in to any attractions in San Antonio during the break). I guess we'll have to save the zoo and museums for the next trip and keep a closer eye on the school calendar.

What we did get to do was my roller derby game on Sunday. It was nice to have an audience of relatives beyond Jason, which has never happened before. I actually played relatively well, but you wouldn't know it from the pictures. I mostly stayed at the back of the pack and was able to keep the other team's jammer contained all by myself on several occasions. Other times I worked successfully with other girls to form walls or made some decent hits. I also fell a lot and wasn't really very good at skating to catch up (I'm still out of shape and relatively slow) and unfortunately the only times I got caught on film was in those moments. Any time I was actually playing well I was so in the thick of it that all you'd see was a stray sock poking out from behind someone else. Our team DOMINATED, so that was nice after the crushing defeat of last time. Would have been nice to get good shots of me, but better to have played well than to have pictures. Surprisingly, Lisa announced at the end that she'd like to play too. I hooked her up with info for the London league and it will be neat if she does end up playing.
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Had a Rec League roller derby game today. I played for "team pink". It was a wonderful game. Low-stress because I wasn't really invested in the score. We lost by a landslide but I didn't really care. My goals were to keep up, get some good blocks in and have a good time. I succeeded on all counts. I had one GREAT block where I came from the back of the pack and knocked a jammer right out. On several occasions I was in the right place at the right time. It was awesome. I usually feel so useless out there, so this was a nice change. I wasn't like an all-star player or anything, but I didn't make a complete fool of myself.

It was a "closed-door" game so spectators were not invited. Georgia (and Daddy who had to come to watch her) were the only exceptions because of the breast feeding thing. Georgia happily slept through the first half of the game and then woke up and just LOVED watching the second half. Brightly coloured girls going in circles are AWESOME! She was totally silent for the whole thing. She smiled at every roller girl that came up to chat with her, and then babbled in the back of the car all the way home. It was like she was telling us about what she'd just seen. It was super-cute.

In other news, I have started my Ravelympics project... my very first sweater. I am kinda cheating in that I am making it for Georgia. I just don't feel any real desire to make a sweater for myself. Seems like a lot of work for something that might not end up fitting any better than something I could buy. For me I'll stick to hats, scarves, mitts and fun little things.

Any other knitters or crocheters out there, or if you just want to see what I'm working on, feel free to check me out on Ravelry.
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Went to see my first Texas Rollergirls bout on the weekend. It was interesting. The skating was definitely a lot faster than I was used to. There were some real stars on the team that were amazing to watch. Some teams were very good at strategy and working together. But there was also the strung-out packs and unobservant blockers I saw in our games at home on occasion. If I work hard I'm sure I will make the team eventually. Once I'm done with this whole pregnant thing.

As usual, family is on the way to visit and I am way behind schedule with the prep and cleaning work. Accomplished absolutely nothing this weekend, so I'll be playing catch-up all week. Jason's office is also really slamming him this week, so I'm completely on my own with this stuff.

to do list behind the cut as it's not the most fascinating read ever )

Lots to do and they get here some time around mid-day on Saturday. So about 3 days to accomplish all that. Best to go get a start on it...
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It's official, Jason's accepted the position in Austin. Now we just wait for the immigration stuff to go through and off we go. And no, at this point I don't have a date because I have no idea how long this immigration stuff takes.

Our plan at this point is that Jason will go down and I'll go with him for a week to try to find a house. Then I'll come home and make a bit more money and I'll move down with all our stuff when the deal closes (2 months tops). That all depends when the move happens though. If we go in December or later I'm going with him. No way am I staying here during winter all by myself :p I'm going to take a month or two when I get there just to get settled and do any work on the house that needs doing and hopefully the work permit will go through in that time. Then I'll have to start looking for a new career.

Really, other than the weather, Edmonton's been great. I'm especially going to miss E-ville Roller Derby. I went to practice tonight and it was good. I still suck of course, but I hope to improve with a bit more regular practice this month.

Moving is scary. Having to find a house and commit to a purchase that big is ENORMOUSLY scary. But it's a good scary, like getting married. It's scary because you know everything is going to be different and you don't really 100% know how it's going to be different, but at the same time you really want it and you know you're ready for that adventure.
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Last weekend was fairly productive. Got some laundry done and finally hung up the lizard that my husband bought himself for a 30th birthday present. We decided to hang it between our prints from Malta. Fits with the theme of "art bought on vacation" and the colours really worked.

The lizard's name is Fuego (fire in Spanish) and he's entirely made of bronze. Weighs about 4lbs according to the scale but it sure felt like more as we carried him through the airport.

While on vacation in Maui we also purchased a print to hang over our bar and an original oil painting. We actually met the artist of the oil painting, who does all her work entirely with a palette knife. We had them framed and hung a few weeks ago, but since my mother asked, here's what they look like:

I love the kitschy bamboo frame we chose to go with this cheesecake print.

The fish look much better than this in person. I've got them hung in a dark corner in the house (to prevent sun-bleaching) and the flash reflects horribly off the oils, so this is the best image I could get.

I'm really pleased with our art acquisitions thusfar. I truly believe that a house isn't a home until you hang something on the walls.

This week I didn't accomplish much. Last night I went with my roller derby team to do the "Relay for Life" walk for the Canadian Cancer Society. We raised a decent amount of money as a team. The event itself was cold and wet. I'm exhausted from not sleeping last night. While alcohol was not allowed on site, we snuck some in. I did not drink it as the rain dampened my spirits, so I just drank it now, so it wouldn't go to waste and all. Apparently I made that drink A LOT stronger than I thought, so now I'm pretty much useless. The drink was so strong my fingers are tingly.

I think I might go and try to sew the replacement director's chair seat and backs that I had planned to do this weekend. This will be interesting while inebriated. I'll let you know how it goes...


May. 12th, 2008 01:44 pm
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Went to the Calgary Roller Derby "Rookies Rumble" on Saturday with three other roller girls. Skated my little heart out and had a great time, but spent a lot of time in the penalty box (whooopsie, need to work on making sure my hits are legal). Woke up the next morning sore. Strangely, sore in my chest and arms and not feeling any pain at all in my legs, just like last time. I wonder why I seem to use my upper body so much in games and not in practice?

My solution to waking up stiff and sore on Sunday was to do another workout at home that day. The theory was to work and stretch my muscles a bit, get some blood flowing and feel better that way. The end result is that my chest and arms still hurt and because of all the leg lifts and stuff now my bum and legs hurt too. Practice tonight is going to kill me. Speaking of practice, I found out that the Calgary travel team practices 4 days a week!!!!! No wonder Gaia (who will be on X-Weighted on Wednesday) was able to shed the pounds so well. Though I wonder how one can do that and still have a life of any sort? I mean, I love derby and all, but I'm also fond of my husband and dogs, and having clean laundry on occasion is nice too.

My new piercing from last week is looking well at last. It was fine on day one, a little sensitive of course, but it looked healthy. I think I caught a bit of infection half-way through last week though as my ear was very red and hot to the touch. Not gross-infected, but maybe just getting the beginning of trouble. I treated it fairly aggressively with saline, alcohol and polysporin and it seems to have healed up nicely now. It will still be about 3 months before I can change the jewelery and about 6-12 months before it heals completely (apparently cartilage is very slow to heal). I can't quite sleep on that side yet, but it isn't distractingly painful any more at least.

Also, bought tickets to Tina Turner's farewell (again) concert in Toronto for November 13th. So I won't be home for Christmas, but if you want to see me that week in November, the line starts here.
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The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie

If you don't get that joke, go play portal.

Anyway, lots of birthdays this month and instead of buying presents for people I'm baking. Not adding to their life-clutter, but certainly adding to their waist-line clutter ;)

For my bosses (all 3 of them had their birthdays this week) I made my signature chocolate cake with chocolate, Khalua whipped cream filling and chocolate frosting.

Scott on the other hand asked for a "white cake". I freaking hate white cakes, so I tarted it up with whipped cream and strawberry layers between the cakes and decorated the whole thing with fresh strawberries.

Tah dah, let there be cake!

I'm getting good at this baking thing if I do say so myself :)

I'm off to get dressed and head to the tattoo show to man the roller derby booth while the other girls are playing. I'm not playing because I haven't been to practice in weeks and figure I'll just hurt myself anyway. Here's hoping our recruiting effort pays off.
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Didn't get a whole lot accomplished this weekend.

Achieved my Nether-ray mount on WoW (not much of a real-world achievement, but made me happy, so there ya go). Died a zillion times in our guild's first Shadow Labs run. Gave up after the 10th or so death on the second boss and decided next week we should try some place a little easier. Did some quests with my husband and he's only two weeks away or so from his dragon mount, which has him all excited. Actually didn't waste too much time in the virtual world.

Saturday I made my breakfast omelete cup things to bring to work this week. Putzed up the recipe and wound up making twice as many as I had intended to make (note to self, when making a half-batch, use 3 eggs, not 6). On the bright side, actually caught Jason (the egg-hater) eating one on Sunday.

Spent most of Saturday watching the "So You Think You Can Dance" marathon of reruns on Much Music (Jason and I both totally love this show) and then watched the finale of "Colin and Justin on the Estate" on HGTV, which was a real eye-opening inspirational show coloured with a bit of crushing reality. It's really interesting watching reality television that actually reflects some reality instead of a bunch of bored, bug-bitten, mud-coated beautiful people lounging around a beach in China for 6 weeks stabbing each other in the back for $1 mil. On the Estate is basically two designers going and spending 8 months working with a ghetto and trying to make it tolerable for the residents. They make some pretty great strides and accomplish some really wonderful things, but they also suffer a whole bunch of set-backs in the process. It was a fascinating show and I would LOVE to see a follow-up a year or two later. It feels like they're fighting a losing battle, but it could be a tremendous turn-around as well.

Ended the evening off playing WoW until 4am. And now we know when the daily quests reset.

Sunday morning woke up with the odd sensation of knowing that the day's WoW quests were already done and as a result didn't even turn the game on all day. Also crawled out of bed shockingly late (unsurprising with the late-night WoWing the night before). Spent the morning (what little was left of it) eating breakfast and watching S1 episode 11 of Rome. How much do I LOVE that series?

Finally got off the couch and showered Sunday at noon. Jason made plans to hang out with a friend so I hung around the house cleaning while we waited for him to come pick Jason up. I then headed out to arrive fashionably late at 2pm for our derby fundraising BBQ. We made a scant $136 on a day's work apparently, which has some girls miffed. Some of them feel it is too much work for that kind of money, and that they could have spent the day doing something much more productive (like sleeping - not making that up, someone actually said it) and that we are making too little money for the effort we're putting in. Seems to me we're making just about what we should. All we do is show up and the store wheels out a table, BBQ, cooler and all the food. It's risk-free, we pay for nothing up-front, and we take 50% of the money we collect. Some of them are upset that we only get 50%. I'm thinking that with no set-up, no clean-up and no risk, that's about right. And I'm willing to say "hey, between the two days we did it, that's $250 or so we didn't have before, and pays for a week's worth of practice space".

Anyone out there have any good ideas for fundraisers? We need to have about $4,000 by November for pre-bout expenses (Hall rental, liquor license, booze, posters etc) so we can hold our game in November against Calgary.

Ended the evening off making apple tarts for the office out of the free apples donated by one of my co-workers, Steve. Interesting making something out of apples other than the ones off Hjalti's tree. These ones were much harder and OMG SOUR!!!! The final product is a sweet-n-sour thing that is rather interesting, though I think I prefer Hjalti's sweet, eatin' apples for my baking. My poor, bent apple corer feels the same way.

Next weekend sister arrives, brunch at Bioware and 4-day weekend! Woo!

In other news, the bruise is much darker and more impressive today than it was when I photographed it, but hurts less.
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Thursday night I took a stupid fall and kicked myself in the ass. Here's what a skate wheel does to your buttocks when the whole weight of your body comes down on it over pavement:

Images behind the cut as not all of you want to see my derby injuries in all their purple glory. )
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How is it that I do Roller Derby, a sport where you use your legs to skate, and yet after yesterday's practice I'm only sore from the hips up? My abs are screaming, my shoulders are aching, my rib cage is complaining a bit and my arms are just limp. I obviously need to do more core work in my down-time.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 10:47 am
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Our league is planning on going to the Calgary Tattoo show to see the premiere bout by Sandstone (Calgary's Roller Girl league). And while I have no interest at all in the tattoo show, I am excited to see the other league (some of which we made friends with during our spring boot camp) play. I also volunteered my van to drive everyone down.

Some weeks ago Kalira leaves a long-winded and meandering message on my answering machine. Something about birthdays and BBQs and I'm in the other room while Jason is listening. I forget about it almost immediately after hearing it.

Last weekend Kalira asks if I'm going to make it to her BBQ on the 1st. I say of course, I'll bring green salad (since that's about the only thing I can eat right now and I have to make sure there's something there that isn't full of starch and mayo). She comments at the time that several people have indicated they are unable to attend.

Today I look up the dates of the tattoo festival to see if it conflicts with Harvest Feast, as I'd like to book myself a place on the feast list if I can make it. And uh oh, the Saturday of the Tattoo Fest, the day that I'm driving everyone down, is the same day as Kalira's party.

So what would you do friends? Do I disapoint my league and bail out on going to see some rollergirls that aren't us play, making them all find alternate transportation? Not to mention the fact that I was looking forward to that? Or do I tell AJ I have a prior commitment, bail out on her BBQ (at which Wernar is going to be making some mouth-watering steaks) and disapoint a close friend on her birthday?

There's no winning here. Sigh. Stupid Eve.
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Big old life-update. This got rather winded so behind the cut it goes.
Read more... )
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We've been assigned teams... now we have the task of picking a name. It's a lot harder than you'd think. We all got firmly behind one name, only to find out it's already in use. It's not agreeing that is our problem, it's coming up with an idea in the first place.

So here's the theme we want to run with: Rock 'n' Roll girls.

One of the girls has a gold lame cape, the rest of us want to do up old jean jackets with the sleeves ripped out and be rock 'n' rollers from various eras. Some will go psychedelic 60's, some will go 80s hair bands, I'm going to go with a 50s theme of course. The team colours are up for renegotiation if a name really doesn't suit the colours we've chosen.

Just so you know our taste, here are the names that were well-liked, but have not made the cut (due to already being in use by other roller derby teams)
Rock 'n' Rollers

Anyone have any good ideas that aren't already taken?
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Today is my 3-month anniversary with E-Ville Roller Derby - wow, I didn't realize how long it had been. I was telling newbies last week that I'd been here a month, month and a half maybe. We had our boot camp last weekend, which was ass-kickingly good. I sucked out and sat on the sidelines in quite a few drills though. I need to work on my endurance.

I'm still learning new stuff and improving, which is good. But I'm not really improving as quickly as I'd like. We instituted a new "no suck" rule. I now have to do 20 push-ups when I say anything negative about myself. In addition to the 20 push-ups we have to do if we say "sorry". We split into teams last night. I LOVE the team I am on. And if I'd been able to pick any girls in the league, the ones I am with are the ones I would have chosen first. In order to make the teams the trainer paired the girls up by skill/style. I was the odd-one-out and went unpaired, but I also ended up on the team that was short one girl, so I'm not quite sure how to interpret that. I also found out I was not among the 12 chosen for the travel team for the July 23rd game against Vancouver, which wasn't a great surprise. There are still 2 spots up for grabs, but I'm not sure I'll get there skill-wise in time to be included. I get the feeling that this is where I should have been after 1 month, not 3. There's a good reason why I'm not improving at the best rate. I have skipped a few practices here and there. I've not done any extra work on my own. If I really want to improve I'll have to start committing more time to it.

On the bright side, being fired from Dell means I have all kinds of time to put towards whatever I like. So far I haven't accomplished a whole lot. I've re-arranged some of the furniture in my living room. I've washed some things that rarely get washed (the guest/camping pillows, couch blankets etc) And have pre-washed some fabric with the intent of finally making my Norse coat. I'd like to re-hang the shelf in my sewing room that fell down on me a month ago (no more drywall screws, need to actually locate the studs and use them). Once that's done I'd like to get some sewing done and maybe get back to the torch. I did get around to making myself a "birthday hat" for June coronet, which was cool. That's something I've been meaning to make for a few years now.

As far as job hunting... I'm still waiting to hear back on some things I applied for when I was still with Dell. I'm keeping my eyes on the city site to see if any city jobs come up. I need to apply for a job with the Children's hospital foundation here. I've got a head-hunter who has proven to be a complete waste of time thus far.

This month's to-do list:
- get the house shiney-clean
- finish the hand-finished linen dress I've been working on for months
- start work on a norse coat for me or Jason, or maybe some new beads
- send out one job application per day at least
- spend the first hour of every day working on my fitness (skating, running or strength)
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I skipped practice last night. Felt tired and lazy. Told myself I was skipping practice to go home and walk the doggies, which I did not. Also claimed I would make jerk chicken for dinner, instead made spinach dip with nachos - v. bad. However, did spend some time handing out resumes online. Have now given resumes to Kelly Services, Harcourt and Executrade, three different head-hunters. We'll see if that leads to anything. All in all, while a bad night for diet and working out, potentially a good night for future job prospects. It probably balances out. Also spent some time last night cleaning the kitchen, which was in desperate need of doing, so I guess that nets out to a good, productive evening.

Tonight is the Just for Laughs' Ethnic Heroes of Comedy tour. Leaving work early to ensure I get there on time - yay! Tomorrow night must polish up the cover letter for the Bioware accounting position. And the weekend will likely be mostly cleaning. There's an event in Calgary, but as archery is not on-site (and is at an ungodly early time, as usual for Calgary) and the event is in a hall which I imagine does not allow doggies, I'll just skip it in favour of a quiet weekend with my family. Might also head to the park one day if the weather holds and practice my skating on a tennis court.
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Am getting stronger on my skates. Last night discovered that the wheels had wiggled loose and that was why my skating was going all to crap. Having fixed that I am back to improving. Actually got up to doing some fairly nice crossover turns in one direction last night. Still crap with the other direction as I never did learn that one, even on rollerblades back in the day. I can turn left real good. Don't ask me to turn right, just don't. Still much work to be done, but it feels good to be improving.

More crud going down with the SCA thing, but I haven't heard about exchequer problems recently and I think I am working closer to an understanding with Manyra. I think it's just important that I not lose sight of the end result here. The end result is that I no longer have a job I hated. The way it came about may not have been ideal, but I can't affect that. The only thing I can affect is how I go forward from here and the only thing I can manage is my feelings about my new non-officer role. I just need to stay positive and not let it bother me. Also working at not holding it against Manyra. She may not have handled it well, but the directions did come from elsewhere, so it's not entirely her fault. Added her back to my friends-list (hi babe!) and we'll talk about it at May Crown. Until then I'll just let it lie.

Was late to work this morning as I tried to figure out how to navigate Western's website to order a transcript. Need the transcript to send in to the CMA people to see if I am qualified to follow up on a slightly different accounting designation. We'll see how that goes...

Still haven't given my resume to a head hunter yet, but have applied to two city jobs and have a line on a good job at Bioware. Keeping my fingers crossed for getting out of Dell Hell soonish.
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Had our first set of jams in front of spectators last night. It was on a too-small track and on a floor that was MUCH more slick than we're used to. Still, it was a whole lot of fun.

Behind the cut are some of the best shots that Jason took )

Now, off to make myself some breakfast. I have a massive head ache and I have to help someone with their taxes today.
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People have been asking what cool stuff I've found on e-bay. I also have to decide what to wear to the Roller Derby fund-raiser tonight. I'll be serving drinks on skates, and possibly doing a bit of bouting too. The only guidance I've got is "dress to impress". So I thought I'd take some pics and let you guys have a say :)

Lookin' hot behind the cut )

And during the whole photo shoot, we had sad, bored, loyal beagles:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well, what outfit does everyone think I should wear to a rock-concert/fund-raiser where I'm a bar-tender and bouting rollergirl?


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