Jul. 31st, 2008 08:29 am
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Edmonton's filled with "WTF why do I live here?" news today.

14 year old girl sneaks into a downtown restaurant through the back door and gives birth in the toilet:
?????? I got nothing. Absolutely nothing I can say will be stranger than that story standing all by itself.

19 year old man stabbed to death and decapitated on a Greyhound bus:
Statement from a witness: "When we saw the head, we knew he was dead," really? Because I would have thought he still had a chance if we got him to the right hospital.

Horrible way to go for sure, but I think it's worse to be one of the non-dead victims. Everyone calls them witnesses, but I'm thinking victim is more appropriate. It's like something out of a horror movie, only without the reassuring knowledge that it's all just ketchup and two weeks from now that actor will be on Entertainment Tonight because he's dating Lindsay Lohan. I figure you see something like that it stays with you forever. At least if you're a soldier in a war or living in a war zone you kinda expect to see something like that and can brace yourself for it. But out of the blue in the middle of a bus on the prairies - *shiver*.

And of course it comes up as the morning topic of conversation here at work. It was a mere 5 minutes before some loon started blaming violence in movies as inspiration for psychos. On the bright side, not only did no one agree with her but no one even acknowledged that she had said anything. I can't help but feel that there have been much more gruesome entertainments in the past than what we have today (public hangings anyone?) and that maybe, just maybe there isn't move violence in the world, just more reporters to tell us all about every incident no matter where in the world it occurred. Unless of course it's a genocide in Africa somewhere that we might be able to encourage our government to put a stop to, that doesn't make good headlines apparently.


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