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Procrastinating again.

I have a course that is slowly running down in time while I do nothing on it. It's that same stupid correspondence audit course I didn't do when I first moved here.

My sister is visiting in a few weeks and the place is a disaster. The main floor actually looks pretty decent, but upstairs is a heap. I've been deciding what things I should keep and what things should go, but right now nothing is actually gone. I keep saving things for this hypothetical yard sale that will never happen at this rate. I've got Jason's desk up in an ad on craigslist. I got an offer of $75 for it, but I was hoping for more and said no. Now I realize I just should have said yes and gotten rid of it. I've got a printer that I already sold on Craigslist, assuming I can deliver it and get paid tomorrow after work. There's an entire, overstuffed giant tupperware storage bin filled with clothes that I would like to try to yard sale, and if it doesn't go, then off to the Salvation Army with it. I've also got a giant tupperware filled with garb that I'd like to try to unload on ebay, but just haven't gotten around to yet. Once all that junk moves out I need to set up Lauren's new bed (which I have already purchased) and get everything tidied up.

Other things I've purchased for home-improvement are as follows:
* Fabric to make new curtains for my bedroom
* Curtain rod and associated fixtures to hang the new curtains
* New patio furniture which needs treatment with linseed oil

So what have I accomplished this week? During the week I purchased all of the above mentioned stuff from Ikea. Thursday I picked up the linseed oil. Friday, refusing to let the rain stand in my way I finished half of the furniture in my kitchen. House really stinks now with the oil and turpentine, but the two chairs and table I finished look great. Still have the two larger chairs, a foot stool and a lounger to finish, though I might hold off on unpacking and assembling the lounger until I see how much stuff I can dispose of.

This weekend I went back and tagged old entries back to January of 2005. I was looking for entries on beads so I could try to put my work into some kind of order for the new web page. As it turns out, I was very diligent with photographing and posting when I started, and it dwindled to nothing after the first year. To be fair with myself, the production of beads also slowed dramatically after that first year. I still want to do it, but my desire to work on beads is just not great enough to motivate myself to clean the room out in order to be able to do it. Anyway, the new website is here if you want to take a look at it.

The drunk sewing last week actually worked remarkably well. The chairs look great.

Anyway, I think I may go tackle some of the rooms upstairs. Or maybe some laundry, I need clean clothes in the worst way.


May. 23rd, 2006 01:05 pm
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Inspired by a former f-lister, I decided that I too should purge my list and tighten up my reading a bit. I have dropped a number of people from my friendslist, mostly people that I didn't know in real life, didn't recognize, or couldn't remember why I'd friended in the first place. I might purge more later, we'll see. If you have issues with not making the cut, drop me a line and we can discuss it.

Interesting how, unlike myspace, the object of the game here seems to be to keep your list manageable and actually get to know people instead of just trying to prove your coolness by the sheer number of people you have friended. Or maybe that's just the approach of people I know personally.
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I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

And yes, having typed that subject line, I DO have the children's game show theme "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" playing over and over in my head. Stupid ear-worm. I loved that show, and I so wanted to compete on it as a kid.
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Well, this morning I am not friends with one of my dogs. Surprisingly, not the dog you'd think.

Anna got prescribed antibiotics because we assume all the howling must have meant something was wrong. Not seriously wrong, but worth fixing anyway. The antibiotics must not be given on an empty stomach. So this morning, I portion out Anna's food for the day, and give her half in the morning. Both dogs get REALLY excited, because beagles really are like Snoopy, with the whole dancing on back legs thing at suppertime. And morning suppertime - wow, bonus, super-extra excitedness!!!! I grab a chew stick for Lizzy because there's no good reason to mess up both dogs' schedules, but I feel like I should give her *something*. Anna gets her dish and starts inhaling. I give Lizzy the chew stick, she takes it, turns her head and throws it over her shoulder and resumes staring "where's my dish?". I give her the chew stick again, we repeat the disgusted throw. And again. Now Anna has finished her breakfast (yes, FAST is the operative part of that word), so she runs over and grabs Lizzy's rejected stick. Lizzy is still staring accusingly.

I take the stick away by offering Anna her peanutbutter-covered pill. Lizzy gets a nibble of peanutbutter too. Lizzy finally picks up the stick and wanders off to chew it. Anna follows me loyally up to the computer room. Lizzy is downstairs somewhere not speaking to me.

In other friends news... looking at my info page and noticed I've been friended by new people. Hi Jeff! So, um, who are you other people that I have not mutually friended? I get the feeling I should maybe know one or two of you. The others have me stumped. So, um, if you're reading this, who are you and how do I know you or how do you know me? Comments will be screened, so say whatever comes to mind.

You're it!

Dec. 12th, 2005 06:31 pm
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I spent most of today browsing through old entries and tagging them. Now I just need to figure out how to change my LJ settings so I can actually find things by their tag, and see all the tags I can choose to look at.

And, some funny linkspam:

Um, hi.

Nov. 1st, 2005 10:02 pm
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Every once in a while I wander onto my info page and notice a new name or two in the "friend of" list. Usually I can figure where I've met people (though I still can't fathom why they'd be interested in my blatherings), but there's a name that appeared today that just has me thinking WTFBBQPOLARBEAR?!?!?!

[ profile] bridgeoutahead, you're a friend of [ profile] much_ado if my guess is right. I just wonder if we've ever actually met in person. Anyway, any friend of Much_ado's is a welcome friend of mine. I like to think she handles all the pesky pre-screening when it comes to meeting interesting people :) Welcome to my journal and here's hoping I don't bore you to tears.

However, beats the heck out of me who [ profile] monkeymois is. As far as I can tell we have no mutual friends or communities, live half a world away from each other, and what interests we share, aren't listed in my "interests" blurb. I'm stumped and my meagre detective skills have failed me. So, um, not to be rude or nothin', I'm just curious, who are you?

And while we're on the subject of friending, [ profile] much_ado pretty much summed it all up perfectly here. I don't see any reason to repeat anything she's said and probably not say it as well. If you're just some random person who has friended me because you saw me post on a community or something, but you've never actually commented here or responded to me in any way, it's highly unlikely I'll ever visit your journal or friend you back. It's nothing personal, you just have to pique my interest before I'm going to devote any time to you. I don't believe in the infantile LJ habit people have of reciprocal friending just 'cause. My goal here is to keep in touch with distant friends and family, not to accumulate the largest, hardest to navigate friends page or to have the biggest list of people reading my blog. It's not Pokemon, I don't have to "collect 'em all". Seriously, I'm not all that interesting folks. Especially not lately with the whole joblessness-housewife thing I've got going.

Speaking of the house-wifeing... today was moderately productive. I still have no thankyou notes done, but I put on one hell of a great dinner and made enough to freeze some of it for later. Also made two loaves of banana bread (again, one for now, one for freezing, though having never frozen banana bread before this is a bit of an experiment to see how it will last in there). Off to clean the kitchen and then call it a night I think.

Hello Barb

Aug. 26th, 2005 04:42 pm
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Found my mother in law online today - hello [Unknown site tag]haworth_attard

And for my MIL - If you want to know how to add people to your friends page, simply click "Info" somewhere on the journal of the person you want to add (it's in different places depending on the layout, on mine it's over there ---> in the top right corner) it can also be "User Info" or something similar. On that page there will be icons right in the middle. The first icon is a little head with an orange + sign. This is add friend. Click this and it will take you to another screen where you can follow the instructions (which are basically to click "ok" if I recall). Tah dah!
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h1> font color="FF0000">"&"hearts; /font> /center> /h1>
Put open brackets in above code and remove "" from around &


Jul. 19th, 2004 11:04 pm
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In other news I've been experimenting lots and learning all sorts of new things on this livejournal thingy. Today I made my first animated GIF inspired by a phrase in one of cleolinda's 15 minute movie summaries. Hidalgo specifically. She has a livejournal on here and a community where she hosts all the 15 minute movies she's written. Terribly funny, look in my memberships and friends sections in my info to find the links. HIGHLY recommended.

Anyway, here's the GIF:
Hidalgo bullets


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