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Aug. 24th, 2010 09:26 pm
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Had our 1 year appointment yesterday and the little mouse still isn't really growing. We're up to a mere 27 1/2 inches and 16 lbs 2 oz. This puts her under the 3rd percentile in both areas. The doctor says she is concerned because her face doesn't look like it has a lot of baby fat left. She wants me to introduce cow's milk and asked me to add fats to the food we serve her. Where it makes sense, I have been doing the fat addition (butter on bread mostly) to no effect since the last appointment where she gave the same advice. I'm not sure about the cow's milk. I don't really get how that could be better than the breast milk she's already getting. This is one of the (many) doctors that wanted me to supplement with formula back in the first few months when she was growing well, so I'm hesitant to blindly follow her advice. One of my friends has recommended changing physicians, but I'm not sure that will solve things either. I got this woman on my side when I had Georgia growing well at the beginning on breast milk alone, but it's easy to be supportive when everything is going well. I'm not sure my friend's pediatrician, who is completely supportive of her, with her monstrously large child, would be as supportive of me and the mouse.

Georgia eats plenty to my mind, but I'm aware that I'm not an expert. I offer her 3 meals a day plus a snack or two and she eats until she's had enough and starts feeding dogs. Most meals are 1 or 2 pieces of fruit. Sometimes she eats a bit of meat or an egg. There's lots of cheese going. Usually there's some grains too (bread, rice or cereal, sometimes pasta). It doesn't look to me like she's wasting away. She plays fairly energetically, she isn't tired, she's happy most of the time, but even I will admit that it doesn't look like she's getting any bigger.

The doctor wants me to come back in a month for a weigh-in but I don't get exactly what this will get us. I'm pretty sure the result in a mere month will just be more of the same. No matter what the result I'm not going to go along with any supplement that doesn't feel "right" to me (none of the liquid diets are acceptable to my mind)

And there's the very real fact that I am only 25th percentile for height and Jason is under 5%, so it's not like we're expecting to get a giant here. How much of her growth is diet and how much is simply a matter of genes? Should I be worried? Will cow's milk really solve all my problems?
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The little mouse saw her first movie today, How to Train your Dragon. It was not the 3-D version (which is good because I think that would make me nauseous) and was at the cheap theater. Baby still reached out to try and touch the Northern lights during one flight sequence - awwww, babies see movies in 3-D without the fancy technology. She seemed to enjoy most of the movie, but from the climactic fight sequence onward I was not allowed to be in the theater. Instead I was out spinning her in the lobby to excited giggles. Ah well, I got the idea and I'm sure it will be just fine on video. Not sure when we'll make another attempt at a movie in theater. Maybe when Toy Story 3 hits the cheap theaters.

I thought it was very fitting that her first movie be about Vikings anyway :) Even if they were ridiculous, fictionalized vikings. And was it just me or was the village INCREDIBLY similar to the norse-influenced villages in WoW? My husband pointed out that it was probably because they were both based on actual Norse villages, but I'm pretty sure that they were entirely fiction.
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Tomorrow is the last day of my sister's visit. It's been a bitter-sweet week for us here. Have done fun things with my sister, but Jason and I are also going through some sucky personal stuff right now that is dampening the mood. (in case anyone is wondering it's stuff happening *to us* not bad juju between us, and no, I'm not up to talking about it yet and might not ever be)

I feel a bit guilty about not posting at all here about G's birthday. We hung around the house most of the day. Took her to a splash pad when she woke up from her afternoon nap (and had it all to ourselves because it was dinner-time, which was awesome).

Had take-out Chinese for dinner, which she seemed to enjoy. Presents and Cake happened after dark and baby went to bed very late after staying up playing with new toys for hours.

Other things we have done during sister-visit this week...
Monday - stand up paddling at the Quarries - yay for free fun in Austin
Gotta love the yellow bubble-butt flotation device I wound up with, but again, it was free so no complaints.
Wednesday - Lauren came with me to derby practice
Thursday - long bike ride on trails in the next subdivision
Today - tax-free shopping weekend (it's a state back-to-school thing) at the outlet mall so no tax on shoes, clothes or school bags (I got a lunch bag for baby snacks). Was surprisingly well-behaved and did not over-spend.

Not sure what we will get up to tomorrow, her last day here. I do know that I will miss her when she leaves as always. Options for the day include bat fest, taking Georgia to her first movie (which might end in someone hanging out with G in the lobby while the other two watch the movie), returning to the splash pad or coming up with something entirely different.

Better get to sleep if I plan to be awake for any of tomorrow.
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Sunny came over this morning, earlier than I was really expecting her so I didn't even get the kitchen cleaning done that I had planned. We spent the day out enjoying ourselves as she may be gone by the time I get back from Pennsic. And anyway I needed new pacifiers for G because I left a bunch in Canada. We also had a nice lunch, roamed the outlet mall and hung out chatting for a bit.

When Georgia finally went to sleep tonight I got both of our apron dresses assembled and hers hemmed. Still have to do hemming (top and bottom) on mine and straps for both.

Dinner tonight was interesting... I think Georgia discovered that terrible experience where dinner tastes so good that you bite your tongue/lips/cheek. Had to stop dinner about 2 minutes into it and carry her around, sobbing, for about 10-15 minutes until she calmed down. The whole time I was walking around I kept feeling a beagle tail brushing against my legs. Lizzy was following around right under my feet wagging at the baby and trying to make everything all right. Anna on the other hand hung around the dining table howling that if we weren't going to eat that we really should be letting her have it. Had to coax Georgia back into the high chair by first feeding her tiny bits on my lap. Then when she got into the high chair there was a whimper of protest and some cautious eating before she tucked into it again and eventually got so happy that she was applauding dinner. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands seems to be Georgia's new motto.

Jason was kept unexpectedly late at work tonight, so I was on my own with a mildly grouchy baby all evening. Which explains my complete lack of progress on anything today.

Tomorrow's plan will be:
- Finish the apron dresses
- Cut out dresses for Georgia
- Launder all our stuff that's been in storage
- Set up the camp bed to test it out
- Apply first coat of finish to cart and camp bed

That leaves the following for Thursday:
- Make a hood for Jason (he's decided he wants this more than a new shirt)
- Make Georgia's last 2 dresses
- Make the shirt for Jason
- Make coifs and a cart-cover for Georgia
- Apply second coat of finish to cart and camp bed
- Finish hand work on my dresses

- Housecleaning
- Pack
- Wrap up any machine sewing before the trip (this is a low priority thing as I'm pretty much thinking if it didn't get done by then, it ain't getting done)
- Do Georgia's last cloth diaper load and switch over to disposables
- Visit Chiropractor

- Pack the car and get on the road

It's still a huge to-do list. Thursday especially is looking like an overwhelming amount of work when I factor in to the mix that I have to be watching Georgia while I'm getting things done. Might try to pack more into Wednesday to get a bit ahead.
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I love my home. I can feel it when I start getting close to Austin. There's something about driving through the Texas countryside that just puts me at ease and melts all my stress away. Oddly I got that same feeling on the roads driving North of Guelph to my Laurel's house. I'm thinking it's because it was driving Ontario back roads like those that got me to my husband's place back in University when we were dating. London doesn't give me that feeling. I'm thinking it might be because high school was pretty shit on the whole and there are just too many places there that can bring me back to those things I'd rather not remember. Nothing hurts like it did back then, but it's still vaguely uncomfortable. And to be honest, I never really liked London that much. Still not as depressing as Windsor though. Man that place is a hole.

Anyway, the visit home was a whirlwind. Sunfest was very enjoyable as usual and I have some great shots of the family hanging out there on a blanket. A shame none of y'all made it out there as it was a grand afternoon. Georgia enjoyed the music and outdoors just as much as I thought she would. She was also pretty pleased with the AGO show about art and the theater. Baby appreciated the pretty ballerinas and their live performance. She also enjoyed being toted around in her sling for most of the show. Nothing makes that girl happier than time in the sling. The beach at Grand Bend was good for the half hour or so Georgia and I were awake there. The nap we enjoyed there for several hours was much-needed as well. I was sad to see when driving in to town that the restaurant Jason took me to right on the water had been torn down and was being replaced by condos. I have this socialist idea that the beachfront property should be public places like parks and restaurants overlooking the water, not housing for the elite. But as always, what the money wants the money gets.

The trip to Tangwystl's place was a total highlight for me. An afternoon chatting on her porch with the breeze blowing past. Watching her take the sheep out to pasture when the evening brought cool. Walking out to see the "longhouse". Letting Georgia pet a month old lamb. Listening to her squeals of delight as she encountered horses for the first time (and later having to scrub horse snot out of my hair because I apparently smelled delicious). I wish I could do that more often (the farm, not the snot).

While we were gone Georgia mastered cruising. She really liked my mother's relatively small and stuffed full of furniture family room as it gave her lots of surfaces to transition between. She also learned how to say "Dada", which Jason finds endlessly thrilling. She has also decided that all veggies are evil. She's not terribly impressed with bread. She will now only eat eggs, cheese and fruit. Mostly fruit. She has earned a new nickname... the little fruitbat.

Since getting home I've been pretty violently ill with some sort of cold or flu. Lots of body aches and snot and a headache that made me want to drive a spike into my head. Hopefully I'm starting to turn a corner as I don't feel as vile today as I did yesterday.

I've almost got us all unpacked and the laundry is coming along. Got 2 loads done on the day we came home and another two the day after but then came down with the ick and everything has stagnated since then. Now it's on to Pennsic prep. At this point I have just a little over a week to get everything done and it is quite the monumental to-do list.

Tasks divided by category and listed in decreasing importance

- 2 apron dresses for myself (both started)
- 1 apron dress for myself and 1 for Georgia out of cloth that I still have to dye
- 3 Eura dresses for myself in various stages of completion right now
- 2 more Eura dresses for Georgia, not yet started
- 1 or 2 shirts for Jason
- a couple of coifs/hoods for Georgia (she probably will just pull them off but I can try)
- Coat for Georgia
- Coat for myself
- Embroidery on Eura dresses (something to do in the car perhaps)

- apply finish to cart and install the last few pieces
- apply finish to the new bed (purchased from Ikea - yay)
- apply finish and some sort of paint job to Georgia's toy box (likely won't get done this year)

- launder all of Jason's costumes to freshen them up
- locate various lost camp items

- Finish the piece of weaving I'm working on now and pre-wash the trim I plan on using
- Dye fabric for apron dresses
- Do a dry-run on both the tent and the bed to ensure I have all the pieces and that everything is in good repair
- clean the entire house and have it prepped for a guest as my sister arrives the day we get back and I know I won't have the time or energy to deal with it then

We've decided to leave the neighbour girl in charge of the dogs while we're gone. We'll be paying her about half of what a kennel would have cost and she'll be most of the way to a new laptop when it's all done, so win-win. Also means I don't have to deal with packing their crap or driving them to a kennel and picking them up. Might be boring for them having to spend most of the vacation in their cage, but that's what happens when you chew and dig.
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It's bad when I get obsessed with something. I start it and I just have to finish it to see how it will work out. The cart is one such project. Got a little more progress on it this evening. Wheels have their first coat of polyurethane as does the bed. Once the wheels get their 3 coats I'll be applying the tires. I still have to add the following parts to the cart:

- handle
- hinged legs on fold-down bed
- device to secure the bed in the upright position

All of these bits require yet another trip to Lowe's for parts (thick dowel, hinges and some sort of locking nut bolts).

After that she's almost done. Just a matter of doing the final sanding and applying some sort of protective treatment. I've already decided on Satin finish Polyurethane for the plywood bits, but I haven't committed to anything with the solid wood parts yet. I'm undecided between more polyurethane and tung oil. My mother pointed out that G might chew this thing (the only parts I've finished so far are out of chewing range being outside the bars or under a mattress) so a food-safe finish might be a good idea. But it's going to Pennsic, so who knows what it's going to get dragged through, which makes durability king. Thoughts?

Anyway, it's coming out more like a rickshaw than a cart, but I'm happy with it. The whole thing packs flat using 6 pegs, 2 hitch pins and 2 mini-shims. Because it's two-wheeled it can turn on a dime. The mattress seems to fit in there just fine and it's strong enough that Jason was able to drag it with me inside. Not that it was the easiest thing in the world with my weight, but it was possible.

In other news the packing is not happening at all yet. I've got 2 nights left to pack and I haven't even done laundry. Maybe I'll try to get something done on that front tomorrow.

In Georgia news she has learned how to clap on command. When she's in the right mood I can ask her to clap and she does. And everyone is delighted and tells her what a good job she's done which makes her grin wildly and giggle with pleasure.

Off to have a quick sawdust-removing shower before bed. Dentist appointment in the AM, re-booked from the one I missed on Monday. Here's hoping I remember and make it on time.
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Georgia is really coming along developmentally these last few weeks. She can easily stand supported with just one hand for extended periods. She can take a few steps with her little Ikea walker cart thingy. She can sign "change" and "milk" and has decided her word for solid foods is "nom nom nom". She definitely recognizes more people now. Gets excited when she sees Beth from next door or Sunny and Alexandra. She's known my parents on the internet for months now and perks up when she hears the sound of an MSN video call being initiated. Makes me wonder how far along she'll be by the time we head off to Pennsic. Will she be walking I wonder?

The wool diaper covers are working out surprisingly well. I really enjoy knitting them so I'm thinking I need to make a bunch more and pick up more fitted diapers. I'm getting up to the point where I could go almost a week without doing diaper laundry (which would be gross beyond words, I'm just saying my stash is ridiculous now). So far I'm loving my Sweet Pea covers best (the prices have gone up since I bought them, so sorry to anyone else that might fall for these) with prefolds. I like my Bumgenius for going out. I still like my Dream-eze for overnights. And when we're bumming around the house I've been putting her in fitteds and wool. So far I've tried a local brand of fitted (you can't buy them online) and they seemed super-absorbent and really soft. I will be getting more of these for sure. I've tried kissaluvs and they seemed to get soaked quickly but I like that they are snaps. I've also been using Thirsties Fab Fitted, and they seem to work really well so I'm ordering more of those online.

Pennsic prep is coming along. Got another dress mostly sewn today. Just need to decide what color to do the contrasting embroidery in and I can finish the neckline, wrists and hem. No, I am not embroidering the hem, this is going to Pennsic after all, I just haven't gotten to hems on any dress yet. That brings me up to 1 finished dress (the one in my userpic) 3 almost-finished dresses and 1 cut out and waiting to be sewn. Trying to decide how many of these I need... I'm there for 9 days. Will I want to wear these new dresses the whole time or will I want to wear Roman on occasion? How many aprons will I need? Decisions decisions...

Georgia has 2 dresses completely done now. I'm thinking I'll make her 4 or 5 and we'll try to get by the whole week on that. If I have to hand-wash a few of her things to make it through the week that's what I'll do. I should try to get all of her sewing done this weekend. And yes, pictures of all the cute baby clothes will be coming along, but for now... sleep.
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I've hit the Ugh Point in my efforts to clean my sewing room. You know how when you're cleaning and organizing you put away the things you love first. Then the things you think are just okay but are easy to find a home for. And finally you get down to the point where all you have left are things that you look at and go "ugh". It's the stuff that you could maybe throw out, but if you hold on to it you might find a use for it. Or the things that are an awkward shape to store. Or the weird odds and ends that simply don't fit into your organization scheme anywhere so you can't really figure out where to put them that you might have a chance of finding them again if you wanted to.

The curtains are hung, the wall of fabric is all stacked and sorted neatly and I've stashed as much ugh as I could into boxes and baskets, and still I have junk on the floor and not a single surface is entirely cleared. Sunny is coming over tomorrow to help me fit a euro dress (not that much fitting, I'm just having trouble figuring out the math with the gore that runs from wrist to ankles) and she brings with her a very mobile but very young baby so I really have to have the place spotless. Up to now we've just closed the door to that room, but that won't do when the whole plan is to work in there. I'm thinking I might just call it a night and tackle it again in the morning.

In other news, the yard warming party went well on Sunday, though not entirely as I'd planned. I got the house mostly cleaned, with just a few dishes and the mopping of the kitchen floor left to do. Outdoors it was perfect. I hadn't refinished every piece of furniture yet but it was all perfectly serviceable and nicely arranged. It was an ideal set up except for one little thing I hadn't counted on... the muggy hot weather. People showed up, said "nice yard" and immediately fled to the air conditioned comfort of the kitchen. The kitchen where there are only 5 chairs. Not exactly ideal for a group of 15 people. At any rate, everyone got fed with plenty of everything left over. Everything wrapped up around 8 as planned. It's still not completely cleaned up (I've been too tired to face dishes and G was a bit cranky today so I was all for using that as an excuse).

Saturday was a local SCA thing. Jason elected not to come. Georgia and I attended. I mooched my way through the pot luck meal. I had intended to just run home to eat as we lived a mere 10 blocks away or so but someone insisted I borrow a plate and eat since there was more than enough to go around. I figure I had enough karma points as I've hosted a few things at my place and had a free eats table at an event here when I was pregnant. There was live music which G enjoyed. And other children which were at times a pleasure as Georgia found them interesting and at other times an irritation as they insisted they should be able to play with Georgia's things without letting her touch any of theirs and they were often not as careful as I'd have liked them to be around the baby. G bit me while I was feeding her as I tried to move while doing it so I've been a bit tender for the last few days. Seems to be clearing up after what has felt like forever, but which I realize is only 2 days. Used one of my fancy new slings to back carry her for a large portion of the event and she seemed very pleased with that arrangement.

The gentleman I'm speaking to is Stefan of Stefan's Florilegium. Really nice guy and one of my favorite people here. And one of the few people with whom I was not talking politics that day.

The event concept was an interesting one. It's something they call "land court" and the idea is that you petition the B&B for land for your persona based on your titles and the taxes you promise to pay by your intended use of the land. I was asked to head up the local fiber arts guild so promised I would use whatever land was due to me to raise sheep. I was given the 400 acres accorded to my status and an extra 100 for the promise of woven trim to be given as largesse. I was also gifted with 100 acres to hold in trust for Georgia. They had someone calligraphing names and the size of the plot on charters (like scrolls but photocopies on nicer than standard paper) which I thought was really cute. I had mine displayed on a bookshelf but I see that it has moved so I should probably ask Jason in the morning what he has done with it. You then get to write in on a giant map of the city and surrounding area where you would like your land to be. Very cute concept and a bit of fun persona play.

Other than the actual in-court stuff people spent a great deal of time discussing the mundane. Especially the health care thing. Very polarizing issue. The native Austinites all seem in favor of the plan. Anyone who has moved in from the more conservative parts of the state (ie everywhere else) seemed to actually believe the whole Obama death panel bullshit the republicans have been throwing around. One guy actually said something to the effect of "my wife and I are resigned to the fact that we'll die under this new plan because the funds will be allocated to certain races and on a priority level by age and there just won't be anything left for us if we need it" Funds allocated by RACE?!?!?! What kind of crack is this guy on? He followed up that gem with "this bill will kill the insurance companies. Maybe not immediately but in the next 10 years. And then it will all be handled by the government" My retort was "and you say that like it's a bad thing." He changed the subject very quickly when I stated that I'd done some research when I was pregnant that indicated our infant mortality and maternal mortality rates were the worst in the civilized world, even when you take the uninsured out of the equation, and that we also spend the most per capita. How can a system in which you spend the most but get the least be a good thing? He quickly changed the subject after that. Typical republican. When faced with actual data and facts that don't fit their world view they just pretend they didn't hear it. Much better to blindly believe the hyperbole and outright lies coming from their leaders and Fox Newscasters. *sigh*

People keep pointing out that their health care must be good because people come from other countries to get care here. Yes and no. There are 2 types of people who come here for care... people with the money to buy whatever they need and the people who enjoy the charity of coming from a third world nation with some kind of strange affliction that will get the attention they need to get people to donate to their transportation and treatment. Of course it's better care than what the person in the third world nation is getting, and that other person is coming for one of 2 things, either they are too impatient to wait for something non-critical in their country's socialized system or they need some cutting edge thing that is only being done here. That's not to say that all the cutting edge work is being done here either, just that the particular thing they need is. But the truth is that people do the exact same thing in Canada except for the queue jumpers. We also have third-worlders come and get charitable donations to have treatments performed in our system and people coming to enjoy cutting-edge procedures being performed only inside our borders. But we also get Americans crossing the border into Canada to get health care less expensively than they could in the States. If the system is so great why would someone with access to it choose to go elsewhere eh?

On one hand I feel very strongly about health care and don't mind letting people know where I stand. On the other hand I feel like the people on the other side aren't going to listen to me anyway, so other than stating that I disagree with them (just for the purpose of giving them an idea that maybe they are not as much of a majority as they'd like to believe) I don't see much point in having the discussion. They are never going to convince me that the for-profit model is the right way to do things and I never see myself getting through to them so it's rather a lot like banging my head against a brick wall, and at the end of the conversation I always have a head ache like I've been doing just that. There are so many things that I feel so strongly about that are coming in under that "too frustrating to discuss" category (abortion rights, gay rights, women's rights and the importance of labor laws that promote healthy families and support equal opportunity for women).

However, even when people share my views, and there were many there that did, it's still not the kind of talk that puts you in a medieval mindset.

to sum-up: socialized medicine = good, idiot rhetoric-spouting republicans = bad. Talk of nothing but modern politics at an event = bad.

G baby spent most of the event playing happily on my cloak on the floor and charming everyone that walked past. Everyone complimented her on being an excellent, well-behaved baby, which of course she was because we were out in public where she could flirt.

Finally, a bit of Georgia news. Jason insists that she did her first sign on Saturday. He thinks that she asked to be changed twice that day. He noted that she didn't struggle or squirm as much during the change as usual, which confirmed his opinion that she'd asked for it. She hasn't done it since though, so I'm not sure if it was intentional or that her hands just made the gesture by accident. However today she definitely accomplished something that she hadn't before. I had her standing holding on to the rail at the side of her crib while I ran her diapers down to the laundry. When I came back a minute later she was facing a different direction and holding on to a different rail. Later in the afternoon she repeated the feat while I was watching, side-stepping her way along the railing from one end of the crib to the other, screeching with delight the whole way. Step one of cruising is complete. She's still got a ways to go before she's walking, and she has yet to master pulling herself up to a sit much less a stand, but the days of a relatively easily contained child are coming to a close. She's also getting much closer to a crawl. The tummy still drags on the ground but she can really motor around the floor now, crossing the entire room to the exact spot she wants to get to in a minute or less.
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I treated myself to a really lovely new German baby wrap. It is absolutely divine and makes the back carry pretty easy. Georgia loves the back carry and giggles and screams if I use the carrier like a hammock swing. Good purchase, and will be our primary mode of transport for her at Pennsic I think. At this point I'm planning on not bringing a stroller because it's modern, takes up valuable space in the car and will be hard to maneuver in some Pennsic spaces. Is that a good idea or am I being stupid?

This weekend I haven't accomplished anything I really wanted to. Sewing room still isn't in sewing shape. Floors are still not cleaned. Outdoor furniture is still not refinished. We're having a party next weekend so the house needs to be immaculate and there's all the Pennsic prep still to be done. Instead I hung around and knitted. Also Georgia got to have her first "swim" this afternoon.

baby swim )

I've still got a few hours of weekend left to do some of the work that needs to get done, so time to get to it.
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I think I found the sale to end all sales. Yesterday I found a pink puffy jacket in size 4T (yup, she won't even be able to wear it for 3 more years) for a whopping $0.99. A $50 jacket for less than a buck. That was it, the culmination of my bargain hunting career. I will never be able to outdo that find.

Also managed to pick up more of my beloved Sweet Pea diaper covers, which means I can retire all the inferior ones in the stash - yay! And to all that asked "what's a soaker?", it's a bit like wool undies for baby. You coat them with lanolin to make them water-repellent and they work like a diaper cover over cloth diapers. In our case, I'm using them to protect us from blow-outs at Pennsic when we're using disposables. I won't have enough garb to be able to do a second change any day and I want to avoid laundry, so we're going with back-up protection. Also covers the ugly that is sposies. Still not entirely happy about the fact that we'll be using disposables at Pennsic but being unwilling to do laundry on vacation I can't really see a way around it. I'll bring a day's worth of cloth with us just in case the disposables go badly (cause rashes or something) but I'm really just hoping it will go well for the week. Anyway, I'm one cuff away from being finished making my soaker and it looks like I've made a soaker for a 5 year old. Fortunately wool shrinks, which was my plan all along. I figured better to make it too big and felt it down than try to make it the right size and be stuck with something too small. I'll post before and after pics of this experiment. Wish me luck.

Georgia is moving comfortably over to solids. I'd say she's going about half and half now. Every morning she has a first breakfast of milk before I'm ready to get up. Then when I have my breakfast she has a half a banana with a handful of cheerios. Then at lunch it's a bit of whatever I'm having, which if we're at home is omelet for me, 1 yolk scrambled egg with cheese for her. Dogs get a lot of that, which makes them happy hounds. Sometimes if we're out and I'm not eating something baby-appropriate (chai frappucinno is not really a baby food) then she's back to milk only. And at dinner she sometimes has a bit of what we're having or I'll steam her some veggies. And throughout the day there are still a bunch of milk feedings, culminating in a last one to lull her to sleep at bed time.

Photographed some finished projects today while Georgia napped.

The mobile I made for Georgia. And yes, I am aware that the butterfly in the middle is a bit over-the-top tacky, but it's meant to entertain a baby and she seems to like it. I guess from that one could draw the conclusion that babies have no taste.

The scarf I knitted for my sister for this Christmas (nice early start on the gifts this year):

Bamboo scarf with bamboo background:

Also uploaded a pic from a few days ago. Anna has decided that the best place to sit and survey her yard is from my lounger, especially when I leave the pillow on it.

The yard is coming along nicely. Nothing dead yet and the only thing that I have caught the dogs eating was today when Anna sampled some of the grass that is invading the flower bed between the bamboo - good dog helps me weed! Interestingly, while it looks to my eye like everything is thriving and growing before my eyes, the plant that has really taken off in a noticeable way when compared with the pics from immediately after it was finished is the pomegranate tree! I know, I'd have put bets on the bamboo too, but it just looks like it's greened up, not gotten larger. The pomegranate has put on inches though, and has at least two little fruits developing on it already!
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These are from a few days ago but I thought they came out very well.

Got a few things done today. Moved the lemons outside at last. Still need to clean up the corner of the kitchen where they lived all winter as it is quite gross. I think next year they'll stay outside and have to trust fate and burlap to save them from the elements.

Got my curtains up in my room and got the second shelf assembled. Good news: it fits! With room to spare, so I unloaded all the fabric off the other shelf and shifted it over slightly and in the process kind of stripped the screw hole for the anchor screw. Tomorrow I need to go to a home improvement place for some slightly larger screws. Unfortunately this means that I've got fabric all over the floor right now so the room looks worse than it did this morning and I can't finish until I get the silly screws. At least it is closer to done.

Bed time I think. Lots of work to get done around the house tomorrow.
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Had our 9-month pediatrician's check up today and little mouse is very little indeed. For weight and height she's dropped down to the 4th percentile. The pediatrician commented that we'd keep an eye on it, that I should be feeding her more foods with fats (drizzle olive oil on her veggies, feed her avocado, butter her bread etc) and that she'd be worried if she dropped into the 3rd percentile or lower. What difference does that single percentage make? Also I'm wondering if I should be worried at all. We aren't all going to be perfectly average, and my family and Jason's both run small, so it's not like this is an entirely unexpected result. Also, she's proportionate, and it's not like she's looking slim. I'd be more worried about a baby that was 75th percentile for height but 25th for weight for example, even though both of those are within the more "normal" range.

She's still getting most of her daily calories from breast milk, but this is making me doubt that decision. Am I stunting her growth by not offering her more food?

On the flip side, her head has gone from 10th percentile last time to 30th percentile. There's a little part of me that's wondering if all this measuring isn't just a little bit subjective. By which I mean that other than the weight, two people could measure the same baby bit and come up with different answers depending on how baby stretched her legs or bent her head down or how the string around the head went over certain bumps.

I'm torn between wanting her to flourish and offering her more food and wanting to continue my laid-back parenting. Feeding food is a bit of a pain in the butt compared to breast milk, so I just tend not to do it as much. There's also conflicting info that I've read that implies that up to a year most of the calories are supposed to come from milk and eating is just to get practice with the act of eating. Is that really true or am I starving her?

Aaargh, this parenting thing is difficult.
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Baby says... "hmmm, cleavage, I bet that would be greatly enhanced if I barfed down it".
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Lizzy is much braver around the baby when she has food, go figure.

Here is the baby with her loyal dining companion.

Here is the loyal companion sneaking in to get her share and hoping not to get bonked in the head like last time.
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Michael has shown up to start on the landscaping. I'd hoped to get the fence painted before he started so I wouldn't have to work around plants. Bought the stain and everything and then it rained off and on for the last week. Even on the days it didn't rain it never got the fence dry enough to paint. Something I'll have to do later I guess.

In related news, hounds make terrible guard dogs. There's three guys out in the yard, only one of which they've ever seen before (Michael) and they haven't so much as stirred from their beds to see where the voices are coming from. Never mind alerting me or objecting to the foreign presence.

This weekend I accomplished some things but certainly not everything I had wanted. My wish list of accomplishments included painting the fence and backing up files and reformatting my computer. The fence I have an excuse for. The computer on the other hand is totally my bad. I looked at it and have done some sorting to figure out what needs to be backed up but I haven't gotten around to it at all. Have I mentioned that all virus-writers should die, painfully, in a fire?

What I did manage this weekend was waffles for breakfast for Jason on Saturday (he's persistently sick so I wanted to give him something that wouldn't irritate his scratchy throat), Dinner Sunday night and leaving the kitchen spotless after it, and finally making a mobile for Georgia. What I actually ended up making for her wasn't really original or as complicated as all the ones I made for friends. She's got butterflies made from glued together felt and a bit of cereal box cardboard to stabilize them. I didn't do a single embroidery stitch or stuff them or anything. It's also not finished quite to my satisfaction yet. I was eager to get them up and didn't have exactly the right supplies. I'd like to hang them from a hoop but all I had was wire, so they're on a wobbly wire ring at the moment. I'll re-hang them all later this week after I get out to the craft section at Wal-Mart. On the bright side, Georgia is clearly impressed with this addition to her room. On first viewing she giggled happily and grabbed at them and she just can't take her eyes off them. Jason even had a hard time putting her to bed last night because if they caught her eye while she was drifting off she'd snap awake and just stare at them. I'm sure the novelty will wear off in time. I'll take and post pics once I've upgraded the hanging apparatus.

Off for some breakfast, knitting and whatever else the day brings.
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This virus is still kicking my ass and I'm finding it may not have had anything to do with Ash after all. People with nothing better to do than sit around writing viruses should all die in the most painful and creative ways the fates can conjure for them. Until this is cleared up posts will be short and I won't be reading anyone else much either. iPod us okay but not the best for long missives.

In other news had a game today and sucked royally. It was like my skates were filled with lead. But at least I managed to look good while having my ass handed to me. I had a cute outfit and so did Georgia. Pics on facebook and I'll post them here too when the lappy is fixed.

Off to comfort G while Jason continues to try things with the lappy.

First tooth

Apr. 3rd, 2010 10:21 am
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G's first tooth poked out overnight. I can see a little hole and a tiny bit of tooth inside it. Front bottom left tooth was the first to show. I can feel the right one but it's still under the gum at this point, only a matter of days I figure.

So far she's nibbled a nipple just once. I'm hoping that we can keep breast feeding because I don't want to get into the puree thing but she's not ready to eat real food completely yet. She plays with it and manages to consume a little, but not enough to sustain her.

My sister informs me that we have to go shopping for a toothbrush and special toothpaste for her today. I don't imagine brushing a baby's tooth will be either fun or easy but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Goodbye to the little toothless smile, welcome to the next step.
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Normally I don't object to the work that comes along with guests. A few extra loads of laundry, a bit of vacuuming, cleaning a bathroom I don't normally use, extra dishes, all no big deal. Removing all the viruses they bring in by checking their e-mail on my laptop on the other hand is huge!!!! I lost an entire day this week to that crap. Every single time I let guests use it I get a virus. I've never gotten one when I'm the only one using it. I didn't think "don't click links and don't open attachments" needed to be said, or that when it was that following those orders would be a problem, but apparently I was wrong. Password protecting my new laptop after that. From now on guests will have a read-only account on the old lappy. (Incidentally, if you're in the SCA and reading this, it wasn't Ben or Heather using my machine, it was Ashlie, and the time before that it was my father).

tales and pictures of Ashlie's week here including the concert behind the cut )

the mandatory Georgia update with pictures )

In other news the yarn shop had a great yarn sale this week and I am officially addicted. So much for the rule that my stash will be contained to one box. At the moment it's still just a single box, but it is overflowing badly. Must knit more. And need to give away the two balls of crappy yarn I bought years ago. If I'm never going to use it I might as well part with it.

Today I have a big day planned. Before Jason left this morning I got all the carpet on the stairs and main floor vacuumed, including moving all the furniture. I still have to clean the kitchen and all bathrooms, including mopping, vacuum the upstairs and make the second guest bed. Then get dinner on and have it all ready by the time my sister and parents walk in the door. Georgia is having a quick nap so I'd best get on with it.
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Mouse is a little over 7 months old today. Time is slipping away faster than I realize because I actually started writing "a day over" when it's been almost a week. She continues to develop nicely. Feedings are now both boobs but she generally goes a few more hours between them. The thing that seems to make us the most cranky now is being tired. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do for that other than hold her close until she finally stops crying and drops off to dreamland.

A month ago we started with daily cereal feedings. Then we started missing a few here and there. Now cereal is a rare occurrence. I'm too lazy of a mum really, and I doubt it is necessary. I also read some stuff online about baby lead weaning and that really appealed, so I'm just tossing her the occasional hand-sized piece of whatever we're eating and watching her closely. So far she's tried banana (not a hit), nectarines and peaches (which she has almost figured out how to eat. Mostly she just smushes it into her onesie), apple, lettuce (sucked briefly and then dropped to dogs) and grapes (I peeled and broke off tiny bits so she could actually swallow those but didn't get her hands on them at all. That was a big hit though as she kept opening her mouth for more). While Lisa and I went out for lunch she also had a piece of white toast (she didn't eat any that I could tell, just soaked it with drool and smushed it), a couple of raw bean sprouts (my mother let me have it for that as there could have been e. coli on them, yeah, whatever, there wasn't and she's fine) and a bit of the sticky rice I had for dessert (which was the only thing she actually swallowed at that meal). I also let her taste one drop of very milky tea off my finger and she seemed to like that too. The biggest hit so far was the guacamole off Jason's plate at a restaurant on the river walk on Monday. It's a shame we don't like it enough to warrant buying avocados. My parents will be up to visit in a few weeks and they always buy avocados so she can have some when they are here.

Jason's brother and his wife Lisa came to visit earlier this week. It was a short visit and we didn't get to do everything we wanted to due to complications with either weather (rained one day) or our ignorance regarding march break (we had no idea that this was march break and you simply can't get in to any attractions in San Antonio during the break). I guess we'll have to save the zoo and museums for the next trip and keep a closer eye on the school calendar.

What we did get to do was my roller derby game on Sunday. It was nice to have an audience of relatives beyond Jason, which has never happened before. I actually played relatively well, but you wouldn't know it from the pictures. I mostly stayed at the back of the pack and was able to keep the other team's jammer contained all by myself on several occasions. Other times I worked successfully with other girls to form walls or made some decent hits. I also fell a lot and wasn't really very good at skating to catch up (I'm still out of shape and relatively slow) and unfortunately the only times I got caught on film was in those moments. Any time I was actually playing well I was so in the thick of it that all you'd see was a stray sock poking out from behind someone else. Our team DOMINATED, so that was nice after the crushing defeat of last time. Would have been nice to get good shots of me, but better to have played well than to have pictures. Surprisingly, Lisa announced at the end that she'd like to play too. I hooked her up with info for the London league and it will be neat if she does end up playing.

Oh noes!

Mar. 1st, 2010 05:39 pm
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Bought not enough yarn. Not my fault exactly... I bought the sole ball of a pretty yarn, and even though it didn't look like enough I decided to try something lacy and see if I could stretch it into a scarf. The answer to that question is no, I cannot. I'm all out of yarn and it is a mere 2 feet long, so I don't know what to do with it now.


I'm going to try asking around on Ravelry then I'm outta ideas. If anyone happens to find a lone ball of Berroco Zodiac in "Libra" (rainbow and black) I'd be delighted to buy it off you so I can finish this project. It's discontinued, so my hopes are not high. Until I find more I might as well just hibernate it. I'll give it a year before I frog it and try to figure out what else I might do with it.


This was one of my Ravelympic projects, but as I cannot possibly finish it I untagged it and won't worry about it. If I'd had the yarn I might have been able to finish. As I do not and don't seem to have an easy way to obtain more I'm going to chalk it up to "equipment failure" and disqualify it.

So what did I manage to finish in Ravelympics? As discussed in the last post, I finished a sweater for Georgia and a set of booties and posted the pattern for the booties online. I started a maple leaf purse, but didn't manage to get it done as I got distracted by the booties and the scarf that I cannot finish. I decided not to tag that either as I only started on Saturday night and didn't honestly think I could finish it, I just wanted to start on something new and patriotic so I'd have something Canadian to work on during the hockey finals.

I watched most of the game, but when it went into overtime and it was almost dinner I wandered off to have a shower. They won while I was out of the room. I came back in time to see the medal ceremony. Interestingly, while the goal that tied it up was replayed here a zillion times, they only showed the winning goal once. That's shitty American coverage for ya.

My favorite sport to watch this year was definitely the speed skating relay. I'm not really that big a fan of speed skating, but the relay has just enough chaos that it looks a bit like derby and gets the blood pumping. Didn't hurt that we won it. I was also a big fan of the snowboard-cross. I missed the ski-cross, but will make an effort to watch it next time around. Figure skating kind of bored me, but we had it on most nights just to listen to the music in the background.

This morning Georgia and I went to the library to pick up a book I had on hold. I put her on my coat on the floor and she lay there making happy "pterodactyl baby" noises. I thought she was going to get us kicked out but people were remarkably tolerant of her happy screeches.


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