Aug. 11th, 2008 02:01 pm
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Google Maps lets you fiddle with the route when you click "find directions". When I first search Edmonton to Austin it says: 3,737km 1 day 11 hours (going down to the border through Calgary). When I fiddle (going across on a diagonal to Regina) I can get the mileage down to 3,492km, but the time jumps to 1 day 14 hours. How is it that I can reduce my trip by 245 km but manage to increase the time it will take by 3 hours ?!?!?

The average driving speed on the first trip is 106 km/h with the second route it drops to 92 km/h. Are those roads really that slow??? Is there any way to find out what the posted speed limit along a route is other than by trusting Google maps' estimates?

So here's some interesting analysis of speeding... Edmonton to Calgary is 298km. The speed limit is 110 km/h for most of the trip. That makes the trip 2hrs 42 min. Increase your speed to 124, the same increase as the difference between the trips above, and you get to Calgary in 2 hours 24 minutes. A savings of only 18 minutes. If you speed on a short trip in the city your time saved generally goes down to less than it takes to get a coffee in Tim Horton's, if you save any time at all, which lights generally prevent you from doing. But you speed by 14 km/h over a distance like Edmonton to Austin (taking that second route but at the speed of the first) and you can save 5 hours on the shorter trip!!! That's like an extra half-day on the road! From that, one could conclude that speeding on a short trip isn't worth it, but the longer the trip, the better the pay-off you can get by speeding, thus making it worth the risk. Of course if you look at 5 hours in the grand scheme of your life it all becomes pointless again. I will probably always speed, no matter how many tickets I get, it's just interesting to look at the behaviour that drives it and how I try to rationalize a decision that is entirely based on emotion.

Also, being a permanent employee when you're not actually is teh sux. I just got my first permanent paycheque and have discovered that I am paying 54.49 towards a long term disability plan that I am never going to use, and in exchange I get an extra week of vacation a year, which works out to 19% of a day each pay period or 1.3 hours. I'd rather have the $55 than 1.3 hours more of vacation time since the vacation works out to worth less. Also, they are taking $118.51 towards a pension that I will never need or use. I can get the money back when I leave, but that's a pain in the bum. All told, I am taking home less after my raise than I did before - boo.

Other things that are a pain in the bum... little shits who steal stuff from your car when your husband leaves it unlocked. I asked Jason to bring in the last of the camping stuff from the car on Thursday night so on Friday I could vacuum and clean the car for picking up my parents from the airport. He brought the stuff in but forgot to lock it. He didn't even bring the stuff in until like midnight, so God knows what time those kids were out stealing stuff. They took a bunch of CDs without cases (worthless to anyone but me as pawn shops and used CD stores won't take them), my ipod adapter (but not the ipod, which lives in my purse, thank god) and my collection of lip balms - ????? Seriously, who steals someone else's lip balm - yuck!!!

I now have to purchase a new ipod car adapter and replace a bunch of relatively rare CDs which are probably at the bottom of a dumpster right now - sigh. When crap like this happens it reminds me why I am so glad to be leaving this place. I'm sure most of Edmonton isn't crappy like this, but not having a private garage and living in a sketchy neighbourhood because it's all we can afford is CRAPPY!!!
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It's official, Jason's accepted the position in Austin. Now we just wait for the immigration stuff to go through and off we go. And no, at this point I don't have a date because I have no idea how long this immigration stuff takes.

Our plan at this point is that Jason will go down and I'll go with him for a week to try to find a house. Then I'll come home and make a bit more money and I'll move down with all our stuff when the deal closes (2 months tops). That all depends when the move happens though. If we go in December or later I'm going with him. No way am I staying here during winter all by myself :p I'm going to take a month or two when I get there just to get settled and do any work on the house that needs doing and hopefully the work permit will go through in that time. Then I'll have to start looking for a new career.

Really, other than the weather, Edmonton's been great. I'm especially going to miss E-ville Roller Derby. I went to practice tonight and it was good. I still suck of course, but I hope to improve with a bit more regular practice this month.

Moving is scary. Having to find a house and commit to a purchase that big is ENORMOUSLY scary. But it's a good scary, like getting married. It's scary because you know everything is going to be different and you don't really 100% know how it's going to be different, but at the same time you really want it and you know you're ready for that adventure.
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Applied for more permanent positions here this week and actually got interviews for two of them. I had two interviews for Accountant positions here, which would mean both permanence and a nice big raise. I really hope I get one of them, but my chances are slim as usual. Still, even having interviews is a nice confidence boost.

Work is boring as always and we're losing yet more of our duties. My boss is getting tired of spending every day looking at the clock. It's both tiresome and worrying as you start wondering if one day you'll just come in to no work at all and nothing but a pink slip. The others here at least have permanent status, so the union will at least try to make them find other work elsewhere in the corporation. I could just be let go as they can terminate my contract any time they like for no reason at all. It's interesting how stress can just as easily be caused by either being over-worked or under-worked.

The weather here is teh suck! We've got so much snow outside that I can't open my front gate due to the drifts. I refuse to go out and do any census work as long as it is below 0 and the long term forecast doesn't seem to indicate that it will ever creep above that in the next week, so I guess I've made as much as I'm going to make on that little extra-curricular. If I get the accounting job I would of course quit the census work immediately.

The fresh rolls made it to lunch in perfect condition wrapped in saran as per Utsi's suggestion. Now I just need the nice hot weather to make them taste as refreshing as they should and life will be perfect.

In other news my girls seem to have finally grown up. We no longer lock them in either their cage or the kitchen when we are out at work. They are now allowed to range freely on the main floor of the house as they have proven that they no longer seem to have the drive to destroy anything they can get their teeth on. It's a nice, refreshing change in routine for all involved.
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I’m feeling a little off. I’m lazy and accomplishing nothing. I can’t find the motivation to do anything, even the things I normally enjoy. I feel like I don’t have a lot of energy or get-up-and-go. I’m not sleeping well and I’m antsy. I’m just not comfortable in my own skin.

Me complaining about all the little things that don’t really matter )
With all the annoyances and my antsyness it’s easy to lose sight of the things that I am thankful for. I have a husband and puppies I love and who treat me well and love me back. I have parents I like and admire who also love me, great in-laws and a sister I miss constantly. I have a job that pays well and a boss who is really nice. I have a roof over my head and rooms large enough to fulfill our needs if I could just keep them tidy. We eat well and are generally pretty healthy, no major complaints anyway. We could always stand to be a little more fit, but we’re not sick at all. I have a lot of friends out here whose company I really, truly enjoy, and a lot of friends back home who would welcome me on my return.

Basic needs (food & shelter), health and relationships – that’s what a good life is all about right? So when all of that is going right, why am I getting my knickers in a knot over the little junk that’s not perfect. And why am I letting my responses to the things that don’t matter jeopardize the things that do?

Which brings me to the end of this whole wandering rant… you guys are my friends, and no matter how much I don’t call, or drift away and stop reading LJ or otherwise vanish from your lives, please know that I love you all and I really appreciate you being there for me. Thanks guys.
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Big old life-update. This got rather winded so behind the cut it goes.
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Watched a HORRIBLE movie last night. Alexander was showing on TV. I have never watched a bigger budget movie that was so boring, with acting so bad, and which looked like it had the budget of a particularly well funded high school production.

Alexander sucks! )

In summary: even if it's on TV, avoid Alexander. It's not even terribly good as a movie to watch and loudly mock. Though with a large enough creative group I may be proven wrong.

In other news, my parents' visit was pleasant and went by way too quickly.

Edmonton: Tourist Dream Destination! )I had my mid-afternoon interview at Bioware for a contract job testing games.

interview at Bioware )If I get an offer I'll post more details and have a better basis upon which to make a decision.
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Last weekend I sucked out and stayed home instead of braving a snowstorm to go out to a club. This weekend I decided I'd make a commitment to going out and planned an outing Saturday night with friends and a bunch of people from work. It's good to get out of the house and do something different. That and I needed to find somewhere to wear the hot new outfit I picked up on sale last week that, despite the sale, was still ridiculously expensive and soooo not work-appropriate.

Arrived at New City about 11pm or so. None of our friends were there except Aiden and Isabella, who are there EVERY Saturday. Zora showed up part way into the evening with all her friends. Half an hour into the evening Gwyn showed up, looking mighty hot in a black velvet corset. And the work people traipsed in around midnight or later. Or rather those that showed up (only 2). Sarah was looking fine (and completely plastered drunk) with a bevy of girls all sporting modern interpretations of war-time fashions. Matthew I saw for all of 30 seconds before he disappeared onto the dance floor, never to be seen or heard from again.

Anyway, the whole reason to go to a club is to dance right? The music that night was fabulous, just like it was the only other time I went. Jason and I danced up a storm (for me, with my endurance being all crap, that basically meant about 5 or 6 songs I think). Obviously I need to get back into shape - sigh. Maybe a weekly trip to New City should be part of the plan.

While Jason and I were out on the dance floor, the strangest thing happened. This girl walked up and handed me a piece of folded up paper. I opened the paper to find the following note:

"I'm new to Edmonton. Your a hottie. Call me *Name and number*"
(spelling error hers not mine)

She had disappeared into the crowd so I didn't have time to say "I'm flattered but taken". I did dance a little closer to Jason so she'd maybe get the hint. Also tried to call her the next day just to be nice and let her know it's not her, it's just me being not gay and married, but the phone number didn't work. I guess that's a lesson to all you singles out there. Write your phone number on bits of paper BEFORE you get drunk ;)

Anyway, had so much fun I think we might have to do it again next weekend.
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Cold again today - go figure. I've decided to put a thermometer in my spare room and track the temperature there for a few days and use the landlord-tennant act as ammo to get that damned window replaced. I rented a 3-bedroom unit and frankly, yes, I do think I'm entitled to be able to use the whole thing. And no, I don't enjoy trying to heat the whole neighbourhood.

This Wednesday I have to work on my day off as Michael Dell is coming to visit our site. I get paid time and a half, which is okay, but it's an outdoor meeting in November in Edmonton. It's -20 or so right now, I very much doubt there will be a miraculous Indian summer by Wednesday. They're saying it will be in a "heated" tent. I figure they are dumber than a sack of wet mice.
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So, here we are, it's not quite 6pm and pitch black outside. I feel like it's REALLY late, but of course it's not. It's been an unusually slow day here, so I've gotten a lot of opportunities to speak to my co-workers, which is kinda cool. That said, I am bored out of my skull and my wrist is just killing me.

I went out earlier this week and spent all kinds of money I didn't really need to spend. Have to stop going to the cool goth store and hitting the sale racks. For some reason $110 tops start looking reasonable when they were originally $140 *headesk*. Anyway, now that I have this really excellent wardrobe I'm looking for an excuse to wear it out somewhere. Thinking I need to make a trip to the local goth bar, New City. Tonight would be especially good as it is German Industrial night. But I'm really tired from this week, Coronet tourney is tomorrow, and I still have a boatload of things I need to get done for said tourney.

The to-do list:
- Put some tabs on my banner for hanging
- Complete the hand-sewn linen dress I've been working on all week (and which is probably why my wrists hurt)
- Warp and weave a piece of largesse
- Finish the SCA report for the 3rd quarter (none of which I have recorded yet)

In other news, the weather here sucks so bad that instead of posting the usual "calls in queue" stuff on the information monitors, they are posting road reports and the temperature (which is about -20 and then wind chill on top of that so it feels like -30 - whoopee).

So, do I brave the roads and windchill so I can experience a wild night at the club with thumping German techno? Or do I head home and work on some of my projects in hopes of getting at least a few done?
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Why yes, that must be what he considers his car... a large, blue extension of his penis.

Today I had to give Jason the car for a doctor's apointment after work, just in case I got stuck on a call and couldn't get the car home in time for him. So he dropped me off at work and I had to find my own way home. I could have taken the bus, and I probably should have taken the bus. Honestly, I'm AMAZED I got home alive.

The shift is nearing an end, so I turn to Raylene and ask if she's catching the bus and if she wouldn't mind me taggging along. She responds that her boyfriend is giving her a ride. Now I haven't liked this guy from day one. No real concrete reason, just that instinctive "you suck" kind of thing. Today I nailed down exactly why. He's a reckless, thoughtless, impulsive, young ass. Anyway, I asked if I could tag along and get dropped off near my house because I know she lives past me. Well, as it turns out, they're going to his place, not hers, and it is the opposite direction. However, he agrees to go a few minutes out of his way and drive me home, which is real nice, and I should be appreciative, but I'm just not.

We get to the car, and it's a tiny, new, cobalt blue Cobalt. Now I haven't looked up the specs, but it is basically the updated branding of the Cavalier, so I assume the performance/safety specs are going to be about the same. I'd put that at about a 2-star, or only moderately better than, say, being hit on a motorbike. Relatively responsive, but not something you really want to put yourself into a dangerous situation in.

Anyway, jackass-boy drives out of the parking lot at 30+km/h, even around corners. I'm feeling the pull and it's only barely sticking the road. He drives with one hand on the shifter of an automatic (makes ya look cool eh buddy?) cuts off everything he can, especially if it's a transport, because those suckers can stop on a dime right? Drives less than a foot off the bumper of a van for half of the trip, and when the van (thank the gods) pulls nicely into the left turn lane and is gone, he then completes the trip at 94km/h in a 50 or 60 zone (I cant recall because usually the traffic is so thick you're hard pressed to get above 60 anyway). Piece de resistance, in the last 3 blocks he manages to cut off 2 people (including the ever-responsive cube van) switch lanes 6 or 7 times without a turn signal, and goes from 40km/h to dead stop in 30 feet, while pulling to the side of the road to drop me off.

As I just discussed with Jason, I'm not really against driving quickly, it's driving recklessly. I don't care how finely tuned your responses are, or how well tuned your vehicle, if you've got less than a foot between you and the guy in front of you, if he slams on the brakes, you're up his ass. And if he's a van and you're a Cobalt, who do you think is going to be on the losing end of that argument? And fitting into the next lane when it's a tight spot is one thing, doing it as everyone is coming to a stop is another. Especially when you pull that kind of move in front of a cube van. Sure, you can stop with only 10 feet, but now that you're in the cushion he planned for his stop, how do you think that is going to work out for him? And a sub-compact trailing only inches after a van, do you honestly think the van even knows you're there? Ditto for unexpectedly zipping around an SUV.

You can drive too fast and take corners quickly if your car is capable and you feel a genuine need, but don't make it other people's responibility to clean up after your daredevil maneuvers. Especially not in Alberta, land of the driving dead. Really, you pull shit like that and you are counting on their reflexes being spot-on, and I can almost guarantee that they are not.

And speaking of other people... Fenrick said to me the other day: "Sure, I drive like an ass when I'm alone. As soon as someone else gets in my car I'm a model driver. If I get myself killed, that's my problem, but when their life is in my hands I have a duty to protect it." I'd like to extend this notion to the drivers and passengers of the other vehicles on the road as well, but even going on the assumption that you have only a duty to safeguard the passengers in your own vehicle, I certainly didn't sign up to spend my last minutes on this earth in the back of his shitty-ass car while he tried to impress me with his enormous blue penis waving.

It's a given, I will NEVER be asking for a ride from him again. In fact, I'll be bringing a change of clothes to work. In future, I would rather RUN the 5 miles home than risk that 7 minute death-defying journey again. Though if it's winter, I won't be running near any actual roads, on the off chance that he heads North again.

In other news, idiot neighbours were irresponsible (surprise) and neglected to spay/neuter their animals. So, wonder of wonders, they now have unexpected puppies. Said puppies are presently whining up a storm, and I can hear them through my open window. Rather than say, comforting them, or trying to see what is wrong, ignoring them until it passes, or even a calm but stern "no" she screams "shut up" at them - wonderful, absolutely wonderful - sigh.

Why are people so dumb?
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That about sums it up. I thought the last neighbours were bad, I didn't think it could get any worse. Oh how wrong I was. So I'm sitting in my poop-scented living room tonight absolutely miserable. It's not my poop, nor is it either of my dogs' poop. It's the evil neighbour dogs'. It wasn't enough that their dog has to try to pee through the fence on my dog, nope, the owners have to shit on my parade too. Their yard is the source of the stink, and in this weather, I HAVE to have the windows open. Even then it is only just bearable temperature-wise. But the stink is making me want to just cook instead.

So tonight I finally decided I'd had enough and marched over to complain. "I don't mean to be a pain, but would you mind cleaning your yard?" I ask. "We did it today" she responds. Now, having spent the better part of the morning standing in my yard talking to Fenrick and a large part of my afternoon weeding and laying sod (yes, I know, something the landlords should do, but for $10 I'm putting in my own grass and getting it over with), I KNOW that is a big fat lie. Not to mention the fact that I can't spot a square inch of yard that isn't covered in poop. I point to the garbage bags stacked by their door "well, could you actually take it to the dumpster, it kind of stinks and I can smell it inside my house" (I'm trying to be sympathetic to the obvious extra effort that walking your dog poop bags 20 yards to the dumpster must be but I have to explain how this is making my life suck). "Half of that is grass from the landlords not cleaning it up" (right, because as a minimum-wage-making yard work guy the first thing on my "what would make my job great today" is the idea of running a lawn mower over what must amount to 50 pounds worth of dog poop, because you know that's going to smell at least as good as fresh cut grass right?). I respond again "yes, but it stinks, and like I said, I can smell it in my house and it is really unpleasant". Now I KNOW those bags have been there for days. I seem to recall smelling this same unpleasant scent on Canada Day, before I got drunk enough to drown it out. Dog poop that has been in plastic bags, marinating in the 30 degree weather in direct sunlight takes on a certain, unique spunk. Not to mention there's something anyone can spot about a bag that's been sitting there at least through one rainstorm, and I think the last one was several weeks ago.

And you know, I wouldn't mind it so much if she'd said something like "oh, geez, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you could smell it" or "I'll see if I can get to it tomorrow". But to lie and then be completely dismissive is just rude beyond words.

I don't make a habit of checking on my neighbour's yard, but if this crap isn't gone by tomorrow at noon I'm calling the landlord. I've had enough of being forced to join my neighbours as they aspire to be white trash. No more shall I look up to Hillbillies as an improvement on my situation - sigh. I really hope this eventually gets them evicted. Though if the trend thusfar is any indication, the next lot might be even worse.

Renting in and of itself isn't so bad. It's the other people that rent that make it suck. I mean yes, I know that technically it isn't my property or my stuff. But isn't there a certain pride, and its counterpart mortifying embarrassment, that make you want to keep your home looking like people might actually want to live there, or at the very least, visit without being afraid to touch the faucets or furniture? Really is it just me?


Jun. 27th, 2006 10:55 am
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Back in E-town, and boy is it hot. No AC here of course, so the 30+ degrees we're experiencing is a little much. The only real problem with this temperature is trying to get work done around the house. I'd be perfectly happy if I could just sit around and do nothing. Having just come back from a trip, there is a whole lot of work to be done. The place is a complete disaster. Jason brought all the stuff in from outside, but just dumped it at the top of the basement stairs in our dining room. I can only barely get up the stairs right now. Unfortunately, the bulk of the junk is stuff I had left at my parents' place when I moved, which means there isn't really a designated place to store it here. Not sure what to do with this pile. It all fit in the car, but I have no idea how to fit it in the house - sigh.

In other news, as far as I can figure, I've picked up almost everything I left at my parents' place in the chaos of the first move. The only thing I realized half-way through the trip home that is still there is a harp I made in high school. Ah well, I'm sure I'll pick it up eventually. This means that in the future we can fly home and skip wasting a week of our vacation time on a looooong, boring drive. Hopefully, that is nearly the last drive I will have to make across the country (excepting the eventual drive when I move back to Ontario in a few years).

Anyway, time to get off the internet and get some stuff put away so I can actually move through my house.
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Got myself triple booked for last night. Gave up on one thing (movie showing at Happy Harbour comics) and split myself between the other two things. Would have been better if they didn't conflict, but splitting myself proved to be remarkably un-stressful and I had fun at both events.

We started the evening at Anne and John's (Jesse and Shawn) where they had a "celebration of Henry's ascension to the throne" party. In actuality it was just what they figured was the last chance for a party before she gave birth and that was the historic event of note that day. Her friends were fun and interesting. The food was great. And I was sorry I had to leave after being there only an hour and a smidge.

We then moved on to Wernar's birthday party. As that one started at 5 and we didn't get there until just after 10 we did get laid into a bit by Fenrick (as expected), but the party was still in full swing (as I figured it would be, hence why I didn't do the other party last even though it started later). Wernar had some GREAT barbeque and had rented a hot tub, so it was much fun. And of course, the company of my viking brothers was wonderful as always. Never in my life did I figure I'd enjoy the company of the local rowdy fighting household to the A&S folks, but there you have it. I guess things really are different out West :)

Anyway, loved the soak in the tub so much I offered to pick up Kalira (Wernar's girlfriend) from work and drive her up there tonight so I could have another go at it before he has to return it. Really looking forward to tonight :)
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It was a slow weekend. Jason's birthday itself was especially slow. There was lots of sleeping. We watched an episode of Veronica Mars and downloaded all the other episodes we've missed, so we can get caught up this week. We went out to dinner at East Side Mario's and I think I had the best seafood linguine I've ever had! The scallops were like butta baby! We then went to see the late show of Crash.

Crash was, interesting. I totally enjoyed every minute of it. It had interesting characters, lots of drama, interesting situations. But in the end, I don't think I completely "got it". The characters you thought were "good" wind up doing some very bad things, the bad characters get redeemed, and in the end, it seems everyone's a little bit racist. Was the message how harmful racial profiling can be or how inescapable it is?

I baked Jason a cake, but I used a stupid mix. At least I made the frosting and didn't buy evil, chemically-tasting store frosting. Unfortunately, the cake itself is pretty crap. Mix cakes are really light and spongy, and only have a hint of chocolate. It's definitely more sponge/sawdust than anything truly delicious. So that's it, no more cake mix in this house. Still, better than last year when I was still in the height of "busy season" and didn't make him a cake at all.

Anyway, today we took the doggies on a walk in a new neighbourhood. Found a place with garages out front like we're used to from home, and thought - ooooh, an older neighbourhood we might even consider! But some houses didn't have front garages, and as it turned out, despite having really not-deep lots, where we could easily see the houses they backed on to, there was still a fricking lane stuffed in back there. I really, really, really hate lanes. And it doesn't look like I'm easily going to find a neighbourhood without one here - sigh.

And tonight was just leftovers and Warcraft. A reasonably good weekend, if not terribly productive. Tomorrow, back to work. And I'm going to start taking my writing time more seriously and push to get this stupid application done and handed in. The faster I get this done, the faster I either start working at Bioware or give up and move on to something else.
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The last few weeks, Jason and I have been noticing the beagles REALLY STINK. I've been bathing them a lot more often than normal, but it was annoying having stinky doggies. The good news is: today I found out why the beagles stink; the bad news is: today I found out why the beagles stink.

The dogs started barking like mad and insisting on being let out. One of the neighbour's ill-behaved dogs is out, so I stand in the doorway waiting for things to go bad (aka to turn into a big howling session). The dogs sniff noses, Anna looks a big agitated, but so far so good. Then the neighbour dog turns around and attempts to pee on my dogs through the fence!!!! Aaargh! So, everyone has had a bath, and I even took the opportunity to clean the tub. Might as well make the best of it and have a clean bathroom too eh?

So now what? How do I stop Mr. Dominant next door from making me give my dogs a daily bath? I'm thinking I'll hit Canadian Tire and buy a cheap tarp and staple gun it to the fence. It won't be attractive, but thanks to the previous neighbours and their habit of not cleaning up after their pets, it's not like I'm in the habit of sitting out there anyway. Anyone else have any brighter suggestions?
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The weekend was full of highs and lows.
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They've had the same crappy-ass country CD on loop for the last 3 hours!!!! And it's loud enough that I can hear it through the wall. HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!! Maybe at midnight tonight I'll throw in the Marilyn Manson for a half hour or so, upstairs, in the bedroom. Grrrrr.


Feb. 18th, 2006 06:12 pm
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SPO stands for Stupid Pet Owners. Why do we let just anyone have a dog? Why?!?!

I joined this thing called "freecyclers". The idea is if you have things that you don't want but which still might be useful (clothes you've grown out of, appliances you've upgraded out of, gift certificates you'll never use) you post them to the list and people ask if they can have them. You then pick a recipient and arrange for pick-up. You can also post "wanted" if you're looking for things. You'd be amazed what people ask for that they think they will get for free. So far my favourite has been "a working car" o_0

Anyway, today a request comes through and I just want to throttle the person on the other end. It reads:

"We are looking for a male dog who is ready to stud immediately. The female is a Shitzu-schauzer cross. We live in Devon but arrangements can be made regarding transporting."

You have some mutty cross that you want to mate with god knows what else, and you've thought about it exactly far enough ahead to... oh right, you didn't think ahead. Your dog came into heat and this morning you woke up and said to yourself "puppies would be fun". The humane society is overflowing with dogs, and perfectly good animals get put to sleep all the time because of a lack of good homes. And then you get dipshits like this thinking "puppies would be fun". I'm guessing the family pet is really great and they want a new one for when this one dies and the other 3-6 puppies will be by-products of this experiment. I would bet they haven't found homes for a single one and won't even attempt to do so until after the miraculous event. I hope the stud dog bites them. Heck, I hope their own dog bites them.

And they can't even fucking spell. What is a schauzer? I hate you whoever you are.
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So, where have I been the last few days? Mostly at the hospital. A friend of mine fell through a plate glass window in a contruction site accident and nearly severed his right hand. We've all been taking turns at the hospital keeping him company. Then I drove him home and stayed up all night cooking so the poor boy would have something to eat when he came to. Yesterday I delivered the food and spent an enjoyable afternoon just chatting with him and playing video games. It occured to me that I don't think we'd ever been alone before, and thus I didn't know a whole lot of his outside of SCA life, as everyone else in our circle of friends has known him for YEARS, so that background stuff just doesn't come up.

He's probably sick of me by now, and the husband is all out of clothes, so the plan for today is laundry and Avacal exchequer stuff. I've been falling behind on LJ pretty consistently since late January when I did the contest thing. With the hospital trips this week, I think I'm going to have to admit defeat. If anyone has said anything in the last few weeks that I should know, e-mail me. Otherwise I'm just going to pick up from today.

It's funny, you catch yourself being all whiney and sorry for yourself (moths, the weather, my weight, the lack of gainful employment) and then something big like this happens, and none of it really matters eh?

Off to launder.
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So this year I think I got the worst Christmas Present ever. You see, in Ontario, we have these little moths. I have never seen these little moths in Alberta, until this month. I believe that some moths may have arrived with my Christmas presents (since it was around them that I noticed the first one or two). I killed the ones I saw in January, but apparently they had a chance to "get busy" in my kitchen before their untimely demise. My mum refuses to accept blame. She says they came out of the pistachios that were sitting uneaten and untouched in my cupboard since some time this summer. I don't think I'm buying her story.

This brings us to Friday night, when Jason and I finally figured out how bad the infestation was. We spent our entire Friday night throwing out food and cleaning the kitchen. We even went so far as to move the fridge so we could clean behind it and make sure we got every last one of the little creepy, crawly "worms" that spawn into these godforsaken moths. No, the moths weren't in EVERYTHING. But after you see them in anything in a cupboard, you start to wonder... and there's no way I was going to risk eating any of these disgusting things. We now have no cereal, crackers, nuts, dried fruit or really much of anything in our cupboards. My candy stash, thankfully, is all stored in sealed tupperware and was safe from the invasion. Still, it was a long and YUCKY night that I will be happy if I never have to repeat. Anyway, to all my Ontario friends and family, next year, please don't send moths.

Saturday was MUCH better. Spent the day up at the armoury, but didn't manage to accomplish much as they sold Hjalti the wrong gas for his welder, so no welding could be done. Still, nice socializing and did get some work done on my helm.

Saturday night we hit the Lacrosse game. Edmonton vs Toronto. I was one of maybe 3 people in our section cheering the visitors. It was a fairly tight game until the end, when Edmonton made a pretty fatal error and lost spectacularly (really, who pulls their goalie in favour of more offense when the other team has possession?!?!?) This means that the Edmonton Rush STILL hasn't won a single game. Although I am more loyal to Toronto on the whole, and I did fully expect them to win, I admit to feeling bad for the home team this weekend.

One of the more interesting parts of the game right now is that this is the first season, and you can tell everyone is trying to get a groove and still stumbling a bit. For example, the DJ was experimenting with goal music. Gone was the great music from the first game, which I believe is the same music they play when hockey goals are scored. It was very "stadium". They tried a song with the lyrics "oh, what a feeling, what a rush" (no, I can't find the artist or the real song name, you try googling that phrase and see if you can do any better). Anyway, this song was featured in a lotto ad a few years back. Okay, yes, it has the team's name in the lyrics, but as soon as something has been in an ad campaign, it ceases to be cool. With the possible exception of any song used to promote Jamaica, the Bahamas, etc (I'm thinking Bedoiun Soundclash of course). Tropical islands and bikinis = cool; rednecks and old people winning financial freedom (until they blow it all within 2 years) |= cool. Anyway, about half-way through the game the DJ realized his fatal error and abandoned the new goal music in favour of Marilyn Manson's Beautiful people. The crowd loved it.

The other experimentation came from the cheerleaders/dance squad. I'm used to the Edmonton Raptors' Dance Pack. Yeah, I'm spoiled. Those girls are polished, perfect, and cool. These girls sooooo need a new choreographer. Their moves are an odd split of classical-type dance (high kicks, spins, side-slides), cheerleader arm movements and bar dancing attempts at sexiness. It's not a perfect marriage though. You can definitely see the styles quietly warring in every routine. But I can't blame it all on the choreographer. They also did a number last night that was very country line-dancing. Total break from their usual "style", and maybe would have worked if the girls actually had some concept of working together and being, you know, in a line. Instead there was this horrible snakey-line-thing and they weren't completely together. The moves that were supposed to travel down the line in a "wave" were the worst. Instead of a nice wave like you get with say, the Rockettes, instead it was one girl kicks, then the next three, then two, then one, then a pause, then 4 more. It was ugly.

In other news, my new neighbour is NOISY! We're having to run our humidifier every night just to block out the noise from his side of the wall. He plays the radio CONSTANTLY. And just a minute ago, I think he was moving elephants. All the crystal in my cabinet was jingling from the vibrations. Even when my husband and I run after the beagles we can't get that cabinet to shake. Sure, the pot smokers were irritating, and we weren't terribly fond of the occasional screaming match they'd have with each other, but I guess this proves you can do worse.


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