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I've become a bit knit-obsessed. Lots of finished projects. I have of course posted about my hat and the hat I made for Georgia. The rollerbooties still aren't finished as I'm still a bit daunted by crochet. Georgia's doll is still needing a dress. And I've got one half of a pair of mittens for both Christmas ornaments and Georgia still waiting to be finished.

With all that unfinished stuff you'd think I'd made no progress, and yet the list of completed stuff keeps growing. While my family was here I made my first pair of mittens. Alpaca yarn that was really soft as a ball in the store, but which I'm thinking might be a bit itchier than I'd like once knit. I'm going to try blocking and I'm toying with lanolinizing them to get a bit of waterproofing (that will probably be nice for my skin too). I made them as simple as possible because I was trying to make passable substitutes for naalbinding. Something that would be appropriate for my SCA-persona, but which I find tedious to do.

knit Christmas ornaments behind the cut )

And just for the heck of it, here's a shot of the glass fusing that I've completed to date.

The bottom two and the one on the right are mine, the top two were Lauren's. I'm only really pleased with the green one as the first two were basically playing with the materials as I got a feel for it so I had picked the glass I liked the least of the glass assortment that came with the kiln. Still need to sand off the rough edges on all of them and then figure out what I would like to do with them.
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Inspired by the arrival of my copy of Anticraft this morning, I ran out today and picked up yarn and needles. I am learning new skills this evening. The first project I am attempting requires me to learn knitting in the round, double knit, and double knit decreases. And let's be honest here... as the last time I did any knitting it was to make blankets for barbies (tiny swatches) when I was 10, I'm really learning how to knit too.

I've got 1 row of the pattern down, with about 45 left to go. This should be interesting...
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Mum visiting allowed me a little time to wrap up some projects this week.

First I made some cloth wipes because I realized after a week and a half of being home from the hospital and going through 2 full packages of disposable wipes that continuing to purchase and use those was stupid beyond words. 8" square flannelette in white, edged with a serger, works great. Also tossed together a few more receiving blankets. Still have more fabric that I could turn into blankets and a few more wipes that I haven't serged yet. Might get to that later, like over the weekend when Jason is home and can watch Georgia.

The giftie mobiles are all done. Pics of mobiles behind the cut )

I'd still like to make a mobile for Georgia, but that project is obviously on hold for now. Also realized this week that I've got a garb problem... I don't presently own anything that I can breast feed in. If I'm going to Odette's elevation I'm going to have to throw something together this week. Rats.
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Haven't accomplished too much in the last few days. Just sitting on the couch working on baby gifts. I'm getting very close to completion on at least a few of them. I'm sure you all remember the longship from way back in June. I finally got all the soft pieces ready for the viking mobile for one of my brothers. Just have to cut down some dowel, drill some holes in it and string them all up and it's fininshed. That sure took longer than I figured it would.

Once this is finished I just have to get him to send me his address. I've been asking for a few days now with no response - sigh.

This week I've also been working on keeping the kitchen clean and that has been a bright spot in the house. Not waking up to a pile of dirty dishes really is a nice, cheap gift you can give yourself every morning.

Yesterday I bought another plant. This time I bought an indoor one that doesn't need to be replanted. I picked up a spider plant for the baby's room to help with air exchange and keep her healthy :) It didn't look too hot in the store, but when I got home and trimmed off the dead foliage it cleaned up real good. In a few months I'll split it so we can have spider plants all over the house. I'm not sure why, but I really, really like spider plants. Good thing since they are one of the best air cleaners you can buy, and cheap too since you never have to change a filter.

This weekend's goal is to get the entire main floor cleaned. The kitchen is mostly there (just a bit of clutter because I'm installing more shelves in the laundry room, so I've had to move some stuff out of the way in there). In the dining room I just have to put away the laundry. I tell ya, the big table is the BEST THING IN THE WORLD for folding laundry. The entire dining room should take maybe 10 minutes to restore to gleaming perfection. The living room is another story. It's a complete disaster with clutter everywhere. We'll probably have to spend the bulk of the weekend on this room. I do think it is a goal we can achieve though. I'd like to make a dent in my sewing room (hang the blind and some shelves) but if that doesn't get finished I'll just continue to close the door and not beat myself up over it.

Next weekend is the upstairs and some last-minute cleaning and we'll be all ready for my sister's visit and the baby. A lot of my friends have had or are having their babies early. On one hand I'm a wee bit jealous. On the other hand they're all getting c-sections or inductions, so I'm constantly reminding myself that patience will be rewarded when it comes to my recovery time.
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Cant sleep so I'm going to post pics of what I was up to this past week craft-wise.

Spent some of my weekend putting together a viking longship out of felt. The dragon head looks awesome if I do say so myself, I'm happy that I made each shield different, and I really love the way the sail hangs and that I can mold it to some extent even though it isn't wired. Just the layers of felt and stitching make it solid enough to shape. I'm really impressed with how this turned out. Just goes to show you really can make anything from felt. The longship is actually just a component piece in the final project. Care to guess what it will become dear readers?

Also, I found a use for the patterned felt... chopstick holders for my purse! I hate using the disposable chopsticks, but you can't really just carry them around loose. Also, I figured two pairs would be better than one, as Jason has no where to carry chopsticks but would probably also appreciate a nice set to use when we get take-out sushi or Chinese. This was the prototype, it's just missing a ribbon to tie it closed and it will be done. Kitties aren't really my thing though, so I'll be making one for me out of doggie felt. They take no time at all to whip up and this one isn't spoken for. Anyone want it? (chopsticks not included)

Spent most of today working on the house. Finally got all the deadbolt receivers in and adjusted the handle's receiver on the garage entrance so it actually stays shut without being slammed. Just have to toss some paint on over the wood filler so it looks a little more professional (using chisels instead of a router to make the holes means I can't do curved corners so I have to go back and fill them later) and that task is finally done.

Spent the rest of the day assembling a small prototype frabjous out of a cereal box. It took a long, long time to assemble. Cutting out all the pieces was really the fastest part. Trying various construction methods, giving up and pulling it all apart took far longer. It's finally done now and I'm ready to tackle a larger one made in craft foam to hang in the baby's room. Will probably get a start on that Thursday.

And all of a sudden I feel tired enough to sleep, so that's it for me.


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