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Sunny came over this morning, earlier than I was really expecting her so I didn't even get the kitchen cleaning done that I had planned. We spent the day out enjoying ourselves as she may be gone by the time I get back from Pennsic. And anyway I needed new pacifiers for G because I left a bunch in Canada. We also had a nice lunch, roamed the outlet mall and hung out chatting for a bit.

When Georgia finally went to sleep tonight I got both of our apron dresses assembled and hers hemmed. Still have to do hemming (top and bottom) on mine and straps for both.

Dinner tonight was interesting... I think Georgia discovered that terrible experience where dinner tastes so good that you bite your tongue/lips/cheek. Had to stop dinner about 2 minutes into it and carry her around, sobbing, for about 10-15 minutes until she calmed down. The whole time I was walking around I kept feeling a beagle tail brushing against my legs. Lizzy was following around right under my feet wagging at the baby and trying to make everything all right. Anna on the other hand hung around the dining table howling that if we weren't going to eat that we really should be letting her have it. Had to coax Georgia back into the high chair by first feeding her tiny bits on my lap. Then when she got into the high chair there was a whimper of protest and some cautious eating before she tucked into it again and eventually got so happy that she was applauding dinner. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands seems to be Georgia's new motto.

Jason was kept unexpectedly late at work tonight, so I was on my own with a mildly grouchy baby all evening. Which explains my complete lack of progress on anything today.

Tomorrow's plan will be:
- Finish the apron dresses
- Cut out dresses for Georgia
- Launder all our stuff that's been in storage
- Set up the camp bed to test it out
- Apply first coat of finish to cart and camp bed

That leaves the following for Thursday:
- Make a hood for Jason (he's decided he wants this more than a new shirt)
- Make Georgia's last 2 dresses
- Make the shirt for Jason
- Make coifs and a cart-cover for Georgia
- Apply second coat of finish to cart and camp bed
- Finish hand work on my dresses

- Housecleaning
- Pack
- Wrap up any machine sewing before the trip (this is a low priority thing as I'm pretty much thinking if it didn't get done by then, it ain't getting done)
- Do Georgia's last cloth diaper load and switch over to disposables
- Visit Chiropractor

- Pack the car and get on the road

It's still a huge to-do list. Thursday especially is looking like an overwhelming amount of work when I factor in to the mix that I have to be watching Georgia while I'm getting things done. Might try to pack more into Wednesday to get a bit ahead.
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I love my home. I can feel it when I start getting close to Austin. There's something about driving through the Texas countryside that just puts me at ease and melts all my stress away. Oddly I got that same feeling on the roads driving North of Guelph to my Laurel's house. I'm thinking it's because it was driving Ontario back roads like those that got me to my husband's place back in University when we were dating. London doesn't give me that feeling. I'm thinking it might be because high school was pretty shit on the whole and there are just too many places there that can bring me back to those things I'd rather not remember. Nothing hurts like it did back then, but it's still vaguely uncomfortable. And to be honest, I never really liked London that much. Still not as depressing as Windsor though. Man that place is a hole.

Anyway, the visit home was a whirlwind. Sunfest was very enjoyable as usual and I have some great shots of the family hanging out there on a blanket. A shame none of y'all made it out there as it was a grand afternoon. Georgia enjoyed the music and outdoors just as much as I thought she would. She was also pretty pleased with the AGO show about art and the theater. Baby appreciated the pretty ballerinas and their live performance. She also enjoyed being toted around in her sling for most of the show. Nothing makes that girl happier than time in the sling. The beach at Grand Bend was good for the half hour or so Georgia and I were awake there. The nap we enjoyed there for several hours was much-needed as well. I was sad to see when driving in to town that the restaurant Jason took me to right on the water had been torn down and was being replaced by condos. I have this socialist idea that the beachfront property should be public places like parks and restaurants overlooking the water, not housing for the elite. But as always, what the money wants the money gets.

The trip to Tangwystl's place was a total highlight for me. An afternoon chatting on her porch with the breeze blowing past. Watching her take the sheep out to pasture when the evening brought cool. Walking out to see the "longhouse". Letting Georgia pet a month old lamb. Listening to her squeals of delight as she encountered horses for the first time (and later having to scrub horse snot out of my hair because I apparently smelled delicious). I wish I could do that more often (the farm, not the snot).

While we were gone Georgia mastered cruising. She really liked my mother's relatively small and stuffed full of furniture family room as it gave her lots of surfaces to transition between. She also learned how to say "Dada", which Jason finds endlessly thrilling. She has also decided that all veggies are evil. She's not terribly impressed with bread. She will now only eat eggs, cheese and fruit. Mostly fruit. She has earned a new nickname... the little fruitbat.

Since getting home I've been pretty violently ill with some sort of cold or flu. Lots of body aches and snot and a headache that made me want to drive a spike into my head. Hopefully I'm starting to turn a corner as I don't feel as vile today as I did yesterday.

I've almost got us all unpacked and the laundry is coming along. Got 2 loads done on the day we came home and another two the day after but then came down with the ick and everything has stagnated since then. Now it's on to Pennsic prep. At this point I have just a little over a week to get everything done and it is quite the monumental to-do list.

Tasks divided by category and listed in decreasing importance

- 2 apron dresses for myself (both started)
- 1 apron dress for myself and 1 for Georgia out of cloth that I still have to dye
- 3 Eura dresses for myself in various stages of completion right now
- 2 more Eura dresses for Georgia, not yet started
- 1 or 2 shirts for Jason
- a couple of coifs/hoods for Georgia (she probably will just pull them off but I can try)
- Coat for Georgia
- Coat for myself
- Embroidery on Eura dresses (something to do in the car perhaps)

- apply finish to cart and install the last few pieces
- apply finish to the new bed (purchased from Ikea - yay)
- apply finish and some sort of paint job to Georgia's toy box (likely won't get done this year)

- launder all of Jason's costumes to freshen them up
- locate various lost camp items

- Finish the piece of weaving I'm working on now and pre-wash the trim I plan on using
- Dye fabric for apron dresses
- Do a dry-run on both the tent and the bed to ensure I have all the pieces and that everything is in good repair
- clean the entire house and have it prepped for a guest as my sister arrives the day we get back and I know I won't have the time or energy to deal with it then

We've decided to leave the neighbour girl in charge of the dogs while we're gone. We'll be paying her about half of what a kennel would have cost and she'll be most of the way to a new laptop when it's all done, so win-win. Also means I don't have to deal with packing their crap or driving them to a kennel and picking them up. Might be boring for them having to spend most of the vacation in their cage, but that's what happens when you chew and dig.
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These are from a few days ago but I thought they came out very well.

Got a few things done today. Moved the lemons outside at last. Still need to clean up the corner of the kitchen where they lived all winter as it is quite gross. I think next year they'll stay outside and have to trust fate and burlap to save them from the elements.

Got my curtains up in my room and got the second shelf assembled. Good news: it fits! With room to spare, so I unloaded all the fabric off the other shelf and shifted it over slightly and in the process kind of stripped the screw hole for the anchor screw. Tomorrow I need to go to a home improvement place for some slightly larger screws. Unfortunately this means that I've got fabric all over the floor right now so the room looks worse than it did this morning and I can't finish until I get the silly screws. At least it is closer to done.

Bed time I think. Lots of work to get done around the house tomorrow.
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Lizzy is much braver around the baby when she has food, go figure.

Here is the baby with her loyal dining companion.

Here is the loyal companion sneaking in to get her share and hoping not to get bonked in the head like last time.
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Michael has shown up to start on the landscaping. I'd hoped to get the fence painted before he started so I wouldn't have to work around plants. Bought the stain and everything and then it rained off and on for the last week. Even on the days it didn't rain it never got the fence dry enough to paint. Something I'll have to do later I guess.

In related news, hounds make terrible guard dogs. There's three guys out in the yard, only one of which they've ever seen before (Michael) and they haven't so much as stirred from their beds to see where the voices are coming from. Never mind alerting me or objecting to the foreign presence.

This weekend I accomplished some things but certainly not everything I had wanted. My wish list of accomplishments included painting the fence and backing up files and reformatting my computer. The fence I have an excuse for. The computer on the other hand is totally my bad. I looked at it and have done some sorting to figure out what needs to be backed up but I haven't gotten around to it at all. Have I mentioned that all virus-writers should die, painfully, in a fire?

What I did manage this weekend was waffles for breakfast for Jason on Saturday (he's persistently sick so I wanted to give him something that wouldn't irritate his scratchy throat), Dinner Sunday night and leaving the kitchen spotless after it, and finally making a mobile for Georgia. What I actually ended up making for her wasn't really original or as complicated as all the ones I made for friends. She's got butterflies made from glued together felt and a bit of cereal box cardboard to stabilize them. I didn't do a single embroidery stitch or stuff them or anything. It's also not finished quite to my satisfaction yet. I was eager to get them up and didn't have exactly the right supplies. I'd like to hang them from a hoop but all I had was wire, so they're on a wobbly wire ring at the moment. I'll re-hang them all later this week after I get out to the craft section at Wal-Mart. On the bright side, Georgia is clearly impressed with this addition to her room. On first viewing she giggled happily and grabbed at them and she just can't take her eyes off them. Jason even had a hard time putting her to bed last night because if they caught her eye while she was drifting off she'd snap awake and just stare at them. I'm sure the novelty will wear off in time. I'll take and post pics once I've upgraded the hanging apparatus.

Off for some breakfast, knitting and whatever else the day brings.
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To celebrate we gave her the gift of her first taste of solids. Mixed up some organic oatmeal with breast milk and let her have a try. She grabbed the spoon and shoved it in eagerly, but then pushed most of the food out, as expected.

As it was a birthday of a sorts we did go to the effort of lighting a candle to set a festive mood. Georgia seemed to appreciate it.

Feeding time behind the cut )
Tomorrow she has her 6-month check up so we can see how much weight she's gained and how the pediatrician thinks she's doing. Also some immunizations, so we might have a miserable afternoon.

In other news, beagles are rotten. I got up to help Jason with the baby and within seconds I'd lost my dessert. They'd been so good lately about not stealing things off the low tables that I had forgotten how naughty they are. No chocolate chip merengue for me. And I'd been looking forward to that for hours. It was the last one too. Bummer. Ah well, I probably didn't need the calories anyway.
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I've done some poking around on Ravelry this week and it is a really amazing site. It's just incredible being able to look at a pattern and then see what other people have done with it. The amount of variation you can get from the yarns available not to mention the modifications people make to patterns makes for a truly incredible source of inspiration and knowledge. It's also wonderful to be able to preview all the patterns available in a book you're thinking of buying and finding free patterns so this hobby doesn't have to cost quite so much. And further to that, to see the results of the patterns other than just the images in the publication. It's absolutely fascinating to see that sometimes something just looks good because the photographer was skilled and no one else seems to be able to make a wearable garment from the pattern.

Today's finished object is a birthday gift for my mum:

I'm absolutely delighted with how it turned out. She's been very attracted to that color family lately. I hope this particular version wasn't too bright. It was hard to find a super-soft yarn in the exact color I wanted, and in the end super-soft won out over perfect color. It feels AMAZING knitted up and I am very pleased with it. It's a surprise for her so I hope she likes it. Need to mail it off this week so it gets there in time.

This coming week I hope to make a dent in my other knitting projects ahead of the Ravelympics. I'm not sure if I actually want to participate in the Olympic-themed knitting thing. I do have a bit of a moral objection to the Olympics, as I expressed when the last one was running. At least this one isn't happening in a state controlled by a ridiculously oppressive government, however it still represents a great expenditure of public funds that benefits few people. That and I find it boring as hell so I probably won't be watching it. Maybe I'll watch the opening and closing as that is more "arts" than sports. Anyway, the Ravelympics is just having a goal to cast on something as the flame is lit and finish before it goes out. The item itself does not have to have any sort of Olympic tie-in and you are not required to watch any of the Olympic coverage at all. It's really just choosing a project, setting a goal and then achieving it. You can work in "teams" so you can discuss your project with others online and maybe get support. The idea is to choose something that will be a challenge, but one that you can achieve. At this point I don't really have enough experience to know what will be sufficiently challenging to fill 17 days of my time. I don't want to try for something too easy and be done in half the time, but I also don't want to set a ridiculous goal and feel bad if I don't succeed. There's also the Georgia factor. On any given day she can suddenly decide that she NEEDS to be held and I'm simply not going to be allowed to do anything else all day.

I'd like to get at least 2 of the current projects finished before I tackle anything new; the hat for me and the felted tote. The socks are going to take forever and I don't need those needles for anything else, so I'm happy to let those drag on for a while. Next I'm thinking I'd like to attempt a sweater for Georgia. There's a felted purse with a maple leaf I could make as an Olympic tie-in for the above mentioned Ravelympics, but I wonder if I'd actually use it or if I'd just be making it out of patriotism and wouldn't do anything with it when it's done. I've also got my eyes on some felted alphabet blocks for Georgia that would be really sweet.

In other news, we spent today working around the house as Jason was home so we could take turns entertaining Georgia and do some two-man jobs as well. Moved the small desk out of the living room and up into guest room #2, or "the blue room". Right now it's just the room where furniture that is unwanted anywhere else has gone to live, but it's a big room, so it still doesn't feel crowded at all. It just doesn't feel decorated either. Moving the desk out was meant to make room for the swing, but right now the spot is awaiting vacuuming, so there's just this big space there making the living room feel oddly off-balance.

I also hung the prints I got for Georgia's room back before Christmas, so that was excellent. All the bookshelves are finally bolted to the wall and I find myself in the unusual position of having more storage space than stuff to store! I'm sure that won't last long. Also hung my necklace organizers in my closet today. I've really missed being able to see all my jewelery and it has definitely resulted in me wearing it less often. Now I just have to find it all. I have quite a bit hung up right now, but I KNOW I'm still missing some of my favorite pieces. I imagine they are packed somewhere for a trip and never got unpacked as I didn't have anywhere better to put them.

I also did a neat modification to a cheap Ikea clock that I am rather proud of:

The red second hand was really jarring when I held this clock up against the wall in Georgia's room, so I decided I'd try to snap the cover off. As it turns out it popped off quite easily. I took some lime green acrylic paint to it and I'm rather pleased with the result. A splash of paint on the second hand and a few dots on the face of the clock and suddenly a $3 Ikea clock looks like it was designed for her room!

Need to spend tomorrow doing some hard-core cleaning as we've invited the neighbours over for dinner. The main floor is a mess, so it will probably take all day. I'd be elated if we got it all done though. At the very least I'll have to get the last of the Christmas stuff sorted away and get the kitchen cleaned.

And now a little photodump of all my babies:

Georgia has decided that the fuzzy blanket is the best thing ever.

Sophie the Giraffe makes a pleasing squeak when you chew her. Not from the squeaker but from her gums working on the rubber.

Beagles still get photographic attention despite the new addition. At least when they're being super cute.
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I'm lying on the ground with Georgia enjoying tummy time, when Anna decides she needs to get in on the action. The little attention whore squeezed into the tiny space between Georgia and I and rolled over on her back. Georgia turned, fascinated and grabbed a handful of fur. Anna returned the favour by licking her on every piece of exposed skin she could reach. They both seemed pretty happy with the interaction so I grabbed the camera to capture the moment.

This isn't the first time Anna has curled up next to the baby, but it's the first time she's done it in a room where I had the camera easily at hand. This was also the first time Georgia grabbed the fur. She stuck her fingers in Anna's mouth and grabbed teeth and lips and everything she could get her little fingers on. Anna just wagged and licked the whole time. I'm lucky to have such a tolerant, trustworthy dog when it comes to kids.

Yesterday while we were working on sitting on the floor Georgia watched Anna's wagging tail with great fascination. It's fun seeing her paying more and more attention to her surroundings. Jason also reports that she seems to be developing a preference for certain music. Of all the classical music he played for her while I was at derby practice, she responded most to Mozart. When it comes to children's songs she likes Jason singing the alphabet song, but she prefers Itsy Bitsy Spider from me. She also seems to like it when I sing Britney Spears songs. Yes, I know lyrics to several Britney songs.
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The sound of a beagle eating a natural rubber baby pacifier. Bad beagle.

In other news the beagles have not yet consumed the bottle brushes. They took a few goes at them while they were still in the pots, but since I actually plopped them in the ground (and that is all I did, just re-used the holes from the ixora that they dug up, no new peat moss or shovels or adding back extra dirt, just worked with what I had) they haven't touched them. I hope that this is a good sign for my future plans of a bottle brush hedge and not just them luring me into spending a bunch of money on a dozen plants for them to eat.

It's officially "winter" here in Texas; there was frost this morning. Two nights ago I dragged the citrus trees inside. I think I'm going to swap the dumpster plant outside since it keeps shedding this sap that is making everything in the kitchen sticky. If it survives the winter, good for it. If not, well it got an extra year of life anyway. The citruses will then get that corner. Also need to repot the hibiscus tree and bring it inside. I could just clean up the current pot, but it is really small and the plant ended up with a lean due to the wind, so a larger pot is really in order to correct that so it's not tipping over every 5 minutes. I also bought myself a new orchid that needs to be potted (it came in a mesh bag with no pot and instructions for potting), so lots of plant work to be done this week.

This weekend the roller girls are meeting here to do a skate maintenance workshop. The weather is looking like it will improve by then, so hopefully we'll be out in the back yard, not inside putting my new carpets at risk. I do kinda want to tidy the place up before everyone gets here though, just so if people do slip inside I'm not completely embarrassed.

Knitting project #1 is coming along nicely. Still a bit left to do on it, but it is getting to be a recognizable object. Today I purchased wool and needles for projects 2 and 3. I'm liking this knitting thing, though it means I am getting little else done.

Also, today Georgia confirmed that she has indeed "found her hands". I held out the handle of her favourite toy and her little hand very slowly and purposefully reached out and grasped it. Not the usual "flail and find" grasping, so that's a good sign. Also she seems to be starting to hold her head straight when being lifted, so we should be able to put her in the bike trailer I picked up yesterday very soon. More fantastic Craigslist finds :) The next craigslist hunting project... a Bumbo. I refuse to pay $40 for a piece of shaped foam.
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I'm also not entirely sure I'm the one that finished the last Halloween chocolate bar I got out for myself. Georgia interrupted me there and when I returned there was tea going cold on the end table where I'd left it, a plate on the couch where I'd left it, a date pit on the floor where I most certainly did not leave it, and an empty milk duds box whose prior status was unknown.

*shrug* the amount of chocolate in a half-finished snack-sized box of milk duds isn't enough to cause harm. It is a bit annoying though.
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Went shopping yesterday. Bought cute baby clothes for Georgia from Wal-Mart and Old Navy. All on sale with the exception of one set of fuzzy socks. Fuzzy socks make her warm and happy and don't go on sale ever, so that's okay.

Also went to Ikea. They have their Christmas stuff in, yup, in October just like they always do. By the end of October it's always pretty picked over. Kinda ridiculous really. This year they are unfortunately limiting the colours of stuff available. Anything you want as long as it's white, silver or red. Kinda boring. But we need new stuff because we're moving up from mini-tree to a real tree this year and we're hosting Christmas this year, so I want to have a decent tree and all the old 1" ornaments would look underwhelming on a full-sized tree. I got some nice stuff in white and silver because our current "theme" was white/silver and purple, so it goes with all the old stuff. I decided to ask Jason what he wanted to do for the second colour and he insisted that he liked purple. Not sure what I'm going to do to get purple on the big tree. Will probably end up making stuff out of felt or something. Maybe painting some of the silver stuff? Anyway, it's all plastic and unbreakable, so that's good for doggies and daughters.

In the evening we got home from work late, but ran into someone walking a beagle cross when we picked up our mail. I invited her to drop in and visit our hounds (I'd actually invited her months ago at the HoA meeting, but it fell by the wayside in the whole childbirth thing). The beagles LOVE their new friend. We were treated to an hour of wild tearing around, howling, yipping and barking excitedly. Even Lizzy was feeling playful, and she usually avoids all other dogs and people at the park so it was nice to see her make friends. When Anna collapsed, exhausted Lizzy actually barked at her, like she was saying "we're not done bitch, get up and run so we can chase you more!", which Anna obligingly did. They've been exhausted lumps of furry, napping beagles all day, so that was very good for them.

Last night we got about 6 or 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep out of Georgia. Slightly wasted as I stayed up to watch the late airing of the Daily Show. The night before was only 5 hours, but both Saturday and Sunday night we got a full 8 hours! She's going for her first set of shots tomorrow, so that will probably shoot the sleep schedule all to hell again, but it was nice while it lasted.

Also, while in Ikea I picked up a little present for Georgia. I got her a Mus. I'm excited because this seems to be the first stuffed animal she's really responded to. She had it clutched somewhat clumsily between her little paws for the whole shopping trip. I suspect she likes it because it is an appropriate size for her to play with and manipulate and most stuffed animals are almost as big as she is. I think it's adorable that the little girl we've nicknamed "Mouse" has taken to this particular toy :)


Oct. 9th, 2009 02:21 pm
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A guy just came to my door claiming to be with the security company that installed the system in my house when it was built and asked if I wanted to talk to someone about activating it. I could hardly hear him over the hysterically barking beagle. I grinned and replied that wouldn't be necessary and that the fuzzy, four-legged system I had was functioning just fine.

In other news, I keep trying to convince myself that chocolate covered raisins are not considered a serving of fruit. I don't think I'm winning that argument as the box is almost empty now. Let's not even talk about yesterday's "candy corn is not a vegetable, especially not the chocolate-covered pieces" failed argument. I have a love-hate relationship with most major holidays, Halloween being no exception. I am immune to the card-buying aisle, having no interest in writing people or buying stamps or walking cards to a post box. But the candy aisle defeats me every time.
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Georgia turned 6 weeks old on Saturday. Didn't post about it because we were on the road. Had a very bad night Friday as Anna got into something when we stopped in at my Nana's house on the way out of Canada. Jason suspects she might have tried some mushrooms growing in Nana's yard. She threw up twice in the car and about 8 times in the motel that night. The sound of beagle retching kept Jason up all night. The baby also woke both of us a few times. She didn't sleep tremendously well her last night in London either so it was a hard trip home for us. The beagles also broke down the gate at Nana's place and escaped, but I caught them and managed to call them back before they got further than the driveway. Stupid beagles. Put all that together and it was not the best return trip we've ever had. After two long days of driving we pulled into our driveway at 4:15 in the morning Sunday - Uuuugh.

Tried to sleep in Sunday but Georgia was hungry and having nothing to do with that sleeping thing. She was also up most of last night. Poor Jason was back to work today and I'm supposed to be home making dinner. So far I've bathed Georgia and made up the single bed in her room (I'm thinking I'll sleep there tonight so Jason gets at least one good night in). I also returned a call that was left while we were gone that was supposedly from our bank. Half way through the call I got suspicious and decided to hang up, call my bank directly and cancel my card, so I am now, annoyingly, cardless. It might have been legit, but why chance it?

Found out yesterday that the neighbours will not be providing Georgia with one playmate, but with two. Was a bit of a surprise for them too as they were not on any fertility drugs and there is no history of twins in her family. She's only 6 or 7 weeks in now and already starting to show, so we'll be out shopping for maternity clothes on Wednesday. Not really sure where to look as Old Navy has discontinued their line (at least in stores. It's still available online but then you have to pay shipping and can't try it on so that's a major pain) and everyone else seems to be both ugly and expensive. I might just suggest that she wear the maternity scrubs she needs for work all the time and forget about shopping for anything else.

Georgia's rash is healing up and she should be all better after a few more cat-free days. I weighed us yesterday and I think she's up around the 10 lb mark, though my scale is notoriously inaccurate. I gained a bunch of weight while on vacation, as usual. I'll take her on a walk later today and pick up the mail.

While we were gone Texas was all cool and rainy so our lawn is lush and green, the tree has fully recovered and the bottle brush is happily blooming away. I think I should buy some mulch and weed this week and post a pic because this is about as good as it's going to look this year. It will of course just get better every year as the tree gets established and the bottle brush gets bigger.

To wrap up, here's a pic of Georgia and I at her first event:
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I started writing this entry Sunday, Sept 20th, but private posted it until I could get back to it and finish. Uuuugh for being busy.

Had a lovely day Saturday visiting with everyone. I was delighted that almost everyone I know in the SCA in Ealdormere made it out to this event. Special thanks to [ profile] utsi, [ profile] hel_ana and [ profile] much_ado for going out of their way to make an appearance since I know you guys don't come out to many events lately. And sorry to [ profile] sionnach_sidhe and [ profile] duir_sidhe for not telling you I was going to be there. I could have sworn I'd mentioned it to you, but with the baby brain and all I probably just thought about it and never followed through with actually doing it.

It was a great, relaxing afternoon in perfect weather with all my friends and some wonderful food (thanks again for the buns Utsi), and was just the recharge I needed this trip. No demands or obligations, and many people to take turns holding the baby. Lots of thanks to [ profile] real_jayde who held her for most of the day. How are your arms recovering babe?

I did get my dress finished in time, hemmed and everything, so while there was a little pressure to make that deadline (I didn't bring a back-up dress so if it wasn't done I'd have nothing to wear) it was good to have the motivation to make something new. I haven't made myself a new dress since I made the apron dress in 2005. Still not entirely pleased with the pattern, I think I'd like it to be narrower at the wrist, and the front slit was deeper than it needed to be, but it's close, and certainly good enough to wear. I'll just modify the pattern for the next one I make. This is the first thing I've ever made for myself out of linen, so that's cool too. God knows I've bought enough of it over the years, so it was nice to finally use some of the stash. I'm hoping to have enough of them made and a new apron for Pennsic of next year. It's definitely time to retire the old wardrobe.

I did throw together a quick dress for Georgia, out of a scrap of crappy fabric and I wasn't too happy with the end result. It did let me see how it would fit and what I'd need to modify to be happy with it. Fitting infants is weird because their proportions are very different. Georgia was also a bit rashy. Maybe because of the cat exposure she's suffered this week, or maybe because infant skin is finicky like that so she didn't look her best. On the other hand [ profile] eliskimo's baby looked perfect. He was absolutely beautiful, with these gorgeous big long eyelashes and flawless porcelain skin and the most wonderful little costume. Anyway, I've got some leftover linen from my dress, so I might make something for her when I get home to Texas and my sewing machine. Or not. She's growing rather quickly right now, so I'll have to see when the next event is that I'd like to attend and produce costumes accordingly.

I made it in time to see the last sentence of Tangwystl's speech for Odette and to hear her scroll read and see her receive all the symbols of her order. It would have been nice if I'd made it in time to see the entire ceremony, but that simply wasn't to be. We were all packed up and ready to go with Georgia in the car seat all strapped in when she had a massive poop that made her very upset. Then she had to be changed, fed and settled and it took another half hour to get out the door. Life's like that with a baby unfortunately.

In stark contrast, Sunday morning was a huge amount of suck. My Dad left the gate open ever so slightly so when my Mum let the beagles out she didn't notice that it was open. Beagles played unusually smart and though they checked the gate while she was watching from the door, they didn't escape through it until she was back in the house and they were out of sight. Not sure how long they were gone before someone noticed. Anna was easily found as she'd only made it two doors down where she was happily playing with some neighbourhood kids. Lizzy on the other hand made it to the other end of the subdivision. Jason was able to find her by following the "arooo"s as she'd treed at least one squirrel.

Got both beagles back safe and sound, but it so wasn't worth the stress and panic. The gate has since been tied shut and Dad has been informed that for the duration of our stay he is to use the front door.
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One of the local rollergirls just moved into a new place and found this tied up in the backyard, apparently left there by the last residents. She needs to find her a new home and I'm seriously considering it. If it wasn't for the impending international trip this weekend I'd probably already be driving over there to meet her. As it is I've told her to keep us in mind as a last resort if she still has this un-homed beagle in 3 weeks when we get back.

I must be nuts.
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Everything is going along as it should. Georgia is well out of the danger zone for her jaundice. We've got her down to one light blanket (either on the top or bottom rather than both), tomorrow morning if she tests well we'll go down to no blankets for 4 hours of observation and if we pass again we get to go home. The feedings are going well. Pumping is producing consistently in the 20-30 ml range. I've actually decided on the next couple feedings that we'll do breast or bottle rather than both. That way either Jason or I will wake up but not both of us. The hospital gave me a hand-pump (part of the package with all the bits that you use on the real pump that come in contact with milk) so I might continue to pump and store when we get home just so we can share the late-night duties for a bit. I'll have to see how the hand-pumping goes. I might experiment with it tonight before we leave the hospital in case I need help figuring it out.

My milk is in now and yikes but my boobs look strange. This morning they had expanded to the absolute perfect stage. If I was ever going to get a boob job, that's what they would look like. A nice, probably B-cup (I didn't have any way to actually measure), perky but still very natural looking. As of right now they look like total failed boob jobs. It's like someone got implants just a bit too large, so you can see the edges all around, and then the implants went hard. No word of a lie, it absolutely looks like bad, hardened silicone under the skin. I can't say for sure if they're a B or C right now as I am not a good judge of these things. I wonder if they will soften up or what will happen here. They're also pretty painful and leaky. I'm putting ice packs on them and I just washed up and applied my Lilypadz and that seems to be working. Then again, Georgia hasn't cried since I put them on, so we'll have to see how they hold up when that happens.

The other part of me that looks very odd is my belly. Of course the skin and muscles are all stretched and loose but now that they're not stretched over a baby they're hanging very low. I've got a binding girdle-like thingy on right now to smooth it all out and give some support so it doesn't hurt when I walk so much. When I take it off it looks like I've stuffed a basketball under my skin very low on my pelvis. I look fine from the base of my rib cage up and positively tear-shaped and freaky below that. I wonder how long it will take that to look at least half-way normal. I'm not talking freakishly well-toned abs or anything, just not bizarre pouchy thing.

The world's best life-saver of a night nurse is back on shift again tonight. Found out that we all play WoW and on the same server though she's Alliance. Ah well, we're not all perfect ;)

Lauren arrived today around 5ish. They came and hung out with me here and kept me company for a few hours, just left actually. They're going to keep the hounds company tonight so Jason is staying with me again.

I'm also super-hungry all the time. I really wish the cafeteria was still open right now. I could use some extra anything. I've sent Jason home to bring me fruit. Hopefully that will tide me over until "room service" re-opens at 7am.

Wish us luck for a speedy departure tomorrow. I know that I am eager to get out into the fresh air and sunshine again. I'm also eager to see how the beagles take to the new arrival. All signs so far point to a happy welcoming into the household. Jason brought home a hat that she'd been wearing for a few days so the beagles could have a sniff. They REALLY liked it. When he got out of the shower he found they'd taken it to bed and curled up around it. And when Jason picked it up to take it away Lizzy licked it. We plan to introduce them by putting Georgia in a crib or playpen and allowing them to sniff her through the bars/mesh. That way they can't accidentally get too rambunctious and jump on her or hurt her in any way. Not sure how long it will be until we let them get any contact without that safe-space between them. I'm sure they wouldn't do anything to hurt her intentionally, but over-excited beagles are a bit dangerous for a little one.
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Last night I had strange birth dreams. I couldn't get to sleep even though I was utterly exhausted, and when I finally did get some shut-eye, it was very much disrupted by dreams, which I could remember on waking. I almost never remember dreams, so this is pretty significant for me. Not significant in the sense that there might be meaning, but more in the sense that I am obviously not sleeping restfully, as evidenced by my yawning through my morning.

In the one that I remember most clearly the baby was very active, and pushing out even more than normal. So much so that you could see her facial features through my skin. Of course, being head-down and there being a LOT of layers of stuff this is impossible, but it's a dream right. Rhonda and Greg were over and got to see it and I called Jason into the room to catch it on film, which he did. Suddenly, instead of my hand supporting my belly, I'm holding a half-dressed baby (she had a shirt on and nothing else, don't ask why a shirt) and my tummy is back to normalish size. My brain immediately said "well that ain't right, we skipped the whole birthing part" and I got cut-scene re-wound to being in labour. Now suddenly I'm in labour (but it doesn't hurt) and all of our family is in the house. They're not exactly our family in that no one looks like any of our relatives, but in that strange way that dreams work I just know that they are. And I'm frantically trying to pack my bags for the hospital, and it's frantic because this is obviously going to be a super-short labour because just look at what happened "last time" I was just looking at my baby inside and suddenly I was holding her with no time in between! Again, dream-logic. My sister and her girlfriend are there helping me run off a checklist and I'm just not getting it all together fast enough.

I suppose the only thing this probably means is that I should get that bag packed so I'm not worrying about it any more. And yeah, I still haven't done that. Kinda hard to pack a bag since that would mean giving up a piece of clothing or two to a bit of luggage. And when you have so little to wear that fits you get a bit reluctant to do that. There's hopefully less than 2 weeks to go, so I should just suck it up, do some laundry today and make that sacrifice.

In other news... funny beagle story from last night. We had one of those odd little cloud-bursts, you know the kind where just one little cloud is raining and the rest of the sky is sunny, so it catches you a little off-guard. Well Anna was outside sleeping and it caught her completely off-guard. She came tearing into the house all damp, pawed at Jason and led him over to the back door. She then looked out the door and looked up at him as if to say "make it stop daddy". It's so cute that our beagles have so much confidence in us as these omnipotent beings that they think we can stop the rain.
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Yet another day of getting stuff done, but not the stuff I'd actually set out to do. When the weekend started, my main stated goal was to get the family room cleaned up. This is the room Jason spends the most time in, so I feel rather guilty when it's trashed. And right now that would be the best description for it. But once I got the shelves up and started clearing the sewing room I was feeling so excited about it I just had to press on and find my way to the carpet. It's still a long way from perfect. Most things are just randomly stacked around the room and there's at least 2 boxes full of unsorted junk. But there's also vast amounts of clean carpet that I couldn't see before so I'm rather happy with it. Also cleaned the windows, though with the construction next door I'm sure that will only last like 2 days, but for right now they look reasonably sparkly and clean.

Played hookey on work tonight too as we took the dogs to the dog park. It was a good outing. Anna even played nice with another dog for a change!

Tuesday and Wednesday I have the car to run to appointments. I never get anything done when I have the car as I always seem to find a few other errands to run (usually grocery shopping) and when it's done I'm too exhausted to tackle anything around the house. But Monday I have open, so I should be able to get something done that day at least. I'm hoping that the slightly cooler temperatures hang on for a few more days, but I'm not holding my breath.
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Every Monday when we go to our birthing class I lose more and more of my back garden. The hounds were very efficient last night. They dug up the second ixora (and at this point it's pretty clear that the one they dug up last week is completely dead despite the replanting and my efforts to save it), ate the entire plumeria and any low-hanging leaf on the lime tree. They also took another go at the purple thing, but I can't even tell where they pulled leaves off and it will certainly survive the attack, at least for this week. We've only got 3 more classes and I think they're going to have to be restricted to indoor caging. Sucks to be them, but they've earned it. Once we run out of plants I'm worried that they'll move on to the furniture. While the plants make me sad and re-planting will be an annoyance, it's still cheaper than buying new furniture. The other thing they might move on to is digging out under the fence and getting hit by a car, and I just can't give them that opportunity. Not sure what we're going to do with them while I'm in labour and for the few days I'm at the hospital. All I can hope for is that I go into labour while Lauren is here so she can pop home and check on them regularly.

I'm still undecided with what to do about the yard. Should I re-plant what has been destroyed or should I admit defeat and realize that all I'm allowed to have is grass and maybe those two citrus trees? Either way it's probably going to have to wait until after I give birth and get back from Ontario in the fall because I just can't deal with it right now. Still, very sad about the plumeria. It was a lovely plant, it was doing well, and it wasn't cheap either.
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The baby's room is almost done. Ikea finally got the crib back in stock and it's all assembled and ready to go. I also managed to pick up a comforter at Wal-Mart that matches the room, so that will be nice to snuggle up with in the winter months. All I need to do is finish the throw pillows, put all the linens and baby clothes back in the room that are in the laundry right now, hang the stuffed animal holder thingy and some mobiles and put up one picture. Most of that stuff is easy, and everything other than putting the linens back is optional really. The picture, which should be a 30 second job with a picture hanger and a hammer, is proving to be the most difficult thing.

Growing up I had this unicorn picture hanging in my room. It happens to match the colour scheme of the baby's room, so we brought it home with us at Christmas time. However, as we didn't yet know what we were having and Unicorns are fairly girly, I agreed not to hang it at the time. This means I put it somewhere to store. Beats the heck out of me where that somewhere is. I've checked my closet, the baby's room closet, the spare room closet and the junk room. I can't see it in the games room or in the garage. It's not in my sewing room either. The house is big, but it's not THAT big. Where the crap did I put this thing? Don't you hate when you hide something so well that you've hidden it even from yourself?

If I don't find the picture it's certainly not the end of the world. It just annoys me that I can't find it. Not like it's the only thing I've "lost" in this house since the move mind you.

In other news, the beagles were bad AGAIN this morning. I didn't feel rested when I got up this morning, so I joined Jason outside on the patio for breakfast and then went back to bed. I couldn't have been back in bed 30 minutes when I heard all kinds of frantic barking downstairs. I assumed some strange animal had entered the yard or the house, threw on a housecoat and went down to investigate. As I came down the stairs one of the beagles emerged from the kitchen into the dining room with a box of turkish delight in her mouth. I yelled, she dropped it and beagles scattered. Anna slunk off to hide, Lizzy tucked her tail firmly between her legs in the "I'm soooo sorry" gesture, but was also whining and dancing around me as she was THRILLED to see me. Obviously they thought I was gone with Jason, not just asleep upstairs. The turkish delight was up on the 36" high counter and Lizzy, an animal 15" high at the shoulders, managed to jump high enough to grab it. To put that in perspective, I'm 53" at the shoulder, so that would be like me jumping high enough to grab something 10'7" off the ground. I can't do that WITH the help and extra reach of my arms and hands, and she did it with her mouth! Amazing little athlete eh?

I'm not sure if the barking was misery at us being gone, or Anna encouraging the counter surfing "there, get that! Just a little higher! You can get it!" On the bright side, I did get the turkish delight back without so much as a tooth mark on the box. And I guess we know everything has to be in a cupboard now.

Beagles when a human is home are tranquil, peaceful, happy creatures, as evidenced by the fact that they've spent the rest of the morning and afternoon lounging and sleeping around the house and yard. Beagles when they think they are alone are whirlwinds of destruction. I'm not sure if they're unhappy that we're gone, or thrilled to have the opportunity to do what they like.

I've re-planted the bits of ixora that still had roots and leaves after last night's episode. I've also thrown a bit of orchid food on it to hopefully restore some nutrients and give it another chance. Here's hoping it makes it. So far the flowers are looking droopy and unhappy, so I think I've lost those, but the leaves look okay. It probably just takes leaves longer to die though.

The hibiscus that I replanted this weekend looks DELIGHTED with its new situation. I think the baby leaves have doubled in size in 2 days. Hopefully it will start blooming again soon. The replanted plumeria is also looking very happy and pushing out new leaves.

Next door, still nothing. I wonder what they're waiting for.


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