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I hate cleaning. So far all I've managed to accomplish is a bit of tidying up and I've vacuumed the stairs and cleaned the baseboards of the stairs.

This morning, instead of doing more cleaning I chose to organize and inventory my Tournaments Illuminated issues. Then I thought, aw heck, how about doing a bit more scanning. I always tend to choose older issues to scan rather than the newer ones (you know, in case anything should happen to my collection, it's the older stuff that is harder to replace of course). Today I happen to be working on 1986. It's fascinating to me how this magazine has changed over the years. This particular issue for example, has wasted 3 pages on "lost sheep" (these people have moved and we can't mail their magazines to them, if you know where they are please contact us - really? was this of interest to the general readership even at the time?). This issue also had a crossword (lame). This is total rubbish for me as I'm only here for the articles. But I'm scanning it anyway as I am a bit of a completist. And did you know at one point that there were color interior pages! The number of pages per issue also varies widely. When I'm done the scanning project I'll summarize the high and low number of pages

Today's TI is a pretty slick thing. It's been good for years. I'm still irritated by the decision years ago to revoke the Kingdom Newsletter -OR- TI option. Back then, getting TI was a genuine incentive for me to get a membership. Now it's purely a financial decision based on how many events I plan on attending in a given year and whether or not I'll be hitting a big war. And I honestly wish I didn't have to get the Kingdom newsletter as it has only proven useful once. I actually tried to use it to go to an event last week, but the directions provided by the group were impossible to follow. Only 2 turns were given, one directed you to turn North on an East-West road, the other directed you to turn on a road that they gave the name of, but which did not have a road sign. I definitely have issues with how groups here give directions - sigh. I'm sure unbundling TI was a financially motivated decision, but ironically, when they removed the TI option, I ceased to be a member, picked up the missed issues of TI on ebay and thereby denied them of any income. It wasn't completely my intent to stick it to the corporation (as if they'd notice one less member) but it just worked out better financially for me that way. I think it is interesting that the BoD is talking about allowing people to subscribe without memberships. I don't think I'll be taking that option as I hope Pennsic is in our future for the next few years, but I like that the option for a stand alone subscription might be there for me if I wanted it.

The SCA itself has become a bit of a conundrum for me lately. Events are boring. There's only so much you can do as a spectator, and only so long that will be interesting. After 15 years there's not much I want to just watch. I don't really know anyone here and I'm not getting to know anyone here really well because I simply don't come out enough. I'm not really active in anything that is done publicly (I still sew, weave and lampwork, but that's not the kind of thing you do *at* events). I'm still really enjoying the crafts and hobbies that come with the SCA, but I'm not excited about participating. And it's totally my fault. People here recognize me from one event to the next and they are friendly, but I'm not putting in the effort to remember names or really make connections. I miss all my friends from elsewhere. I'm also feeling with the baby that I just don't have the energy for this. Jason doesn't want to waste his weekends on the SCA, and I don't blame him, that's his choice, but once I've packed up all the stuff, driven out there, and spent all my time baby wrangling I just don't have a lot of spoons left for making connections. I probably just have to stick with it and make an effort, I always feel a little out of sorts when I move to a new place. It just doesn't usually take me this long to fit in.

Date: 2010-09-05 07:56 pm (UTC)
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Did you complete the SCA Census? They are asking a lot of questions about the direction of the club in years to come - also a different question tree on "why you stopped" if you consider yourself no longer a member/no longer active.

Date: 2010-09-05 08:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yes I completed it, no I do not consider myself "inactive", just relatively inactive compared to what I have been previously (one event a month is not really active for me, but it's hardly MIA).


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