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An unscheduled weekend, and yet I feel completely overwhelmed by it. I've decided it's time to clean and resume living like adults after our summer of slovenliness. Both front and back yards are in desperate need of weeding, pruning and lawn cutting, that task alone could take most of a standard weekend. Then the indoors needs to be dusted, tidied and vacuumed. Bathrooms need to be cleaned, laundry needs to be done and put away, and it's high time we parted with some of the junk in the junk room and organized those things we actually want to keep. I'm not sure if we should try to do all of it and completely exhaust ourselves, or attempt all of either indoors or out or try for a bit of both and end up with mild improvements in each area but not show-home perfection anywhere. There's also a whole mess of organizing and childproofing. So much to do, only one long weekend in which to do it, then I'm back to life as normal, with Jason at work and me baby-wrangling all day.

In the week leading up to my planned weekend of cleaning I've been poking at the mess and trying to minimize the work for the weekend without having any real expectations of myself. I've managed to get caught up on a bunch of laundry, do some work with the kitchen and purchase and assemble a new desk for myself. Am most pleased about that desk part. The kitchen cleaning involved a phrase I never thought I'd utter... so during baby's naps yesterday I scrubbed the beagle blood spatter off the walls. Yeah, I still hadn't gotten around to cleaning up after the big fight they had right before we got home from Pennsic. Done now, and except for the dent on Anna's nose and the wedge missing from Lizzy's ear tip you'd never know anything had happened.

Yesterday I was surveying the garden and trying to figure out where to start when I spotted what at the time I could only describe as an "oh shit!" spider.

The spider in question:

Wide shot for an idea of just how big this thing is:

Turns out it is a Black and Yellow Garden Spider and is beneficial. It kills flying things like mosquitoes (which may explain my complete lack of bites this year) and doesn't harm people or pets. Scares the bejezus out of you if you're not expecting to run into it though.
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