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I realized while at Pennsic exactly how long it's been since I did any work with
glass. I hadn't touched the torch since I got too big in my pregnancy to get
near it and my festoons were from 2005?!?! At the time I made them I was really happy with them of course. But time changes, we learn things, and we start to realize what is wrong with the old stuff and start wanting new stuff. Also, I'm going to another event next weekend, and it's an A&S geek-out so I really wanted something new to wear to it.

This afternoon, in the sweltering Texas heat, I braved my garage and spent a few
hours making new beads. I recycled some of the acceptable beads from my old set,
incorporated some lovely metal bits I'd bought down here, and overall I'm pretty
pleased with the result.


There are still a few "modern" beads in the lot (there's only 4, can you spot
them?), but they stand out a lot less, or at least that is my feeling on it. All
of the beads I completed today were attempts at exact copies of period finds
(down to the colors used), though sometimes the glass got away from me and I
ended up with something that had a slightly different shape, or the zig zags
were wonky. A couple of them ended up being dead ringers for the pictures
though, and that made me most pleased. Unfortunately in this shot you don't get a good view of the millefiore cane I made and pulled myself today. Used some tips I got from someone at Pennsic and it turned out rather well. Still lots of room for improvement. But for the first time back at it in over a year I've got no complaints.

I also bought a bunch of linen at Pennsic and then picked up even more (as if I
needed it) at Hancocks because they had a ridiculous, and utterly irresistible
sale when I got back. Spent today getting it all pre-washed, so expect future
posts on the consumption of linen :) Speaking of which, time to move more of it over to the dryer and head to bed.
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