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In my absence LJ has mysteriously "forgotten" all my settings, forcing me to finally abandon the old, unsupported, but frankly just fine the way it was S1 layout and upgrade to S2. I hates it.

In other news, Pennsic was fun, but I am very much exhausted by the whole camping with a babe and traveling for 6 days to get there and back. I also discovered upon returning that I did not take nearly enough pictures. It looks like I have shots from the first day and the last day while we were packing up and that's about it. Not sure where any of the in-between time went. I have more shots of looms than of people. No pictures of anyone who isn't in my immediate family. No general shots of Pennsic. And it looks like Jason never got up the motivation to take any pictures at all. So much for buying a new camera. Also, I completely failed to get any decent shots of the cart in action. Go figure. It's like I got exactly enough images to prove I was there and no more.

We did get one nice family portrait shot after the van was all packed up and just before we left site:

The set of pictures is here. I told ya, pretty sparse, but there it is anyway.

I think it may be a function of the length of time I've been in the SCA. The longer I'm here, the fewer things grab my attention and require pulling out my camera. It's a shame because my wardrobe is certainly nicer now, and I do notice things that are worthy of note with a better eye than I used to. Maybe I'm just getting lazy as I get older.

Actual thoughts on the event will follow. I typed them up on the ipod on the way home and I'm just too lazy to pull it out now. Also tired, very very tired.
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