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Sunny came over this morning, earlier than I was really expecting her so I didn't even get the kitchen cleaning done that I had planned. We spent the day out enjoying ourselves as she may be gone by the time I get back from Pennsic. And anyway I needed new pacifiers for G because I left a bunch in Canada. We also had a nice lunch, roamed the outlet mall and hung out chatting for a bit.

When Georgia finally went to sleep tonight I got both of our apron dresses assembled and hers hemmed. Still have to do hemming (top and bottom) on mine and straps for both.

Dinner tonight was interesting... I think Georgia discovered that terrible experience where dinner tastes so good that you bite your tongue/lips/cheek. Had to stop dinner about 2 minutes into it and carry her around, sobbing, for about 10-15 minutes until she calmed down. The whole time I was walking around I kept feeling a beagle tail brushing against my legs. Lizzy was following around right under my feet wagging at the baby and trying to make everything all right. Anna on the other hand hung around the dining table howling that if we weren't going to eat that we really should be letting her have it. Had to coax Georgia back into the high chair by first feeding her tiny bits on my lap. Then when she got into the high chair there was a whimper of protest and some cautious eating before she tucked into it again and eventually got so happy that she was applauding dinner. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands seems to be Georgia's new motto.

Jason was kept unexpectedly late at work tonight, so I was on my own with a mildly grouchy baby all evening. Which explains my complete lack of progress on anything today.

Tomorrow's plan will be:
- Finish the apron dresses
- Cut out dresses for Georgia
- Launder all our stuff that's been in storage
- Set up the camp bed to test it out
- Apply first coat of finish to cart and camp bed

That leaves the following for Thursday:
- Make a hood for Jason (he's decided he wants this more than a new shirt)
- Make Georgia's last 2 dresses
- Make the shirt for Jason
- Make coifs and a cart-cover for Georgia
- Apply second coat of finish to cart and camp bed
- Finish hand work on my dresses

- Housecleaning
- Pack
- Wrap up any machine sewing before the trip (this is a low priority thing as I'm pretty much thinking if it didn't get done by then, it ain't getting done)
- Do Georgia's last cloth diaper load and switch over to disposables
- Visit Chiropractor

- Pack the car and get on the road

It's still a huge to-do list. Thursday especially is looking like an overwhelming amount of work when I factor in to the mix that I have to be watching Georgia while I'm getting things done. Might try to pack more into Wednesday to get a bit ahead.
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