Aug. 21st, 2010

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Tomorrow is the last day of my sister's visit. It's been a bitter-sweet week for us here. Have done fun things with my sister, but Jason and I are also going through some sucky personal stuff right now that is dampening the mood. (in case anyone is wondering it's stuff happening *to us* not bad juju between us, and no, I'm not up to talking about it yet and might not ever be)

I feel a bit guilty about not posting at all here about G's birthday. We hung around the house most of the day. Took her to a splash pad when she woke up from her afternoon nap (and had it all to ourselves because it was dinner-time, which was awesome).

Had take-out Chinese for dinner, which she seemed to enjoy. Presents and Cake happened after dark and baby went to bed very late after staying up playing with new toys for hours.

Other things we have done during sister-visit this week...
Monday - stand up paddling at the Quarries - yay for free fun in Austin
Gotta love the yellow bubble-butt flotation device I wound up with, but again, it was free so no complaints.
Wednesday - Lauren came with me to derby practice
Thursday - long bike ride on trails in the next subdivision
Today - tax-free shopping weekend (it's a state back-to-school thing) at the outlet mall so no tax on shoes, clothes or school bags (I got a lunch bag for baby snacks). Was surprisingly well-behaved and did not over-spend.

Not sure what we will get up to tomorrow, her last day here. I do know that I will miss her when she leaves as always. Options for the day include bat fest, taking Georgia to her first movie (which might end in someone hanging out with G in the lobby while the other two watch the movie), returning to the splash pad or coming up with something entirely different.

Better get to sleep if I plan to be awake for any of tomorrow.
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The little mouse saw her first movie today, How to Train your Dragon. It was not the 3-D version (which is good because I think that would make me nauseous) and was at the cheap theater. Baby still reached out to try and touch the Northern lights during one flight sequence - awwww, babies see movies in 3-D without the fancy technology. She seemed to enjoy most of the movie, but from the climactic fight sequence onward I was not allowed to be in the theater. Instead I was out spinning her in the lobby to excited giggles. Ah well, I got the idea and I'm sure it will be just fine on video. Not sure when we'll make another attempt at a movie in theater. Maybe when Toy Story 3 hits the cheap theaters.

I thought it was very fitting that her first movie be about Vikings anyway :) Even if they were ridiculous, fictionalized vikings. And was it just me or was the village INCREDIBLY similar to the norse-influenced villages in WoW? My husband pointed out that it was probably because they were both based on actual Norse villages, but I'm pretty sure that they were entirely fiction.


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