Jun. 30th, 2010

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It's bad when I get obsessed with something. I start it and I just have to finish it to see how it will work out. The cart is one such project. Got a little more progress on it this evening. Wheels have their first coat of polyurethane as does the bed. Once the wheels get their 3 coats I'll be applying the tires. I still have to add the following parts to the cart:

- handle
- hinged legs on fold-down bed
- device to secure the bed in the upright position

All of these bits require yet another trip to Lowe's for parts (thick dowel, hinges and some sort of locking nut bolts).

After that she's almost done. Just a matter of doing the final sanding and applying some sort of protective treatment. I've already decided on Satin finish Polyurethane for the plywood bits, but I haven't committed to anything with the solid wood parts yet. I'm undecided between more polyurethane and tung oil. My mother pointed out that G might chew this thing (the only parts I've finished so far are out of chewing range being outside the bars or under a mattress) so a food-safe finish might be a good idea. But it's going to Pennsic, so who knows what it's going to get dragged through, which makes durability king. Thoughts?

Anyway, it's coming out more like a rickshaw than a cart, but I'm happy with it. The whole thing packs flat using 6 pegs, 2 hitch pins and 2 mini-shims. Because it's two-wheeled it can turn on a dime. The mattress seems to fit in there just fine and it's strong enough that Jason was able to drag it with me inside. Not that it was the easiest thing in the world with my weight, but it was possible.

In other news the packing is not happening at all yet. I've got 2 nights left to pack and I haven't even done laundry. Maybe I'll try to get something done on that front tomorrow.

In Georgia news she has learned how to clap on command. When she's in the right mood I can ask her to clap and she does. And everyone is delighted and tells her what a good job she's done which makes her grin wildly and giggle with pleasure.

Off to have a quick sawdust-removing shower before bed. Dentist appointment in the AM, re-booked from the one I missed on Monday. Here's hoping I remember and make it on time.


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