Jun. 28th, 2010

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Went to an event in Houston Saturday. Just Georgia and I and some people we brought to help cover the cost of the gas. Jason stayed home and didn't do a whole lot of anything with his day off as far as I could tell. I took classes on:

* Planting your own herb garden - class was meh, no handouts, didn't learn anything I wouldn't have learned from a modern gardening seminar
* Some sort of dance class - the ones where all you do is walk in time to the music, Georgia LOVED this, music, walking and occasionally spinning around, everything baby likes
* Period place-settings and table manners - excellent class, wonderful handouts
* Fingerloop braiding - not intentional, I was looking for somewhere to have a nap and I passed the room and the teacher seemed overwhelmed so I wandered in to help. I just stood next to her making more kits (she didn't have enough) and untangling her yarn. I was ACTUALLY helpful, not the "helpful" where someone wanders in and takes over a class. And she didn't do the braids the way I do them, or the way they are done in the Compleate Anachronist on the subject, so it was very good that I demonstrated the self-control to not try to "help". When people asked me questions I actually answered "sorry, can't help you, ask the teacher".
* Period Ointments - Same person that did the herb class, so just about as useful. However there was a woman in the class who was GREAT with babies so Georgia had an excellent 2 hours playing with her and I did come away with some massage oil and enjoyed the conversation, so overall I'd call it a win. More of a win in terms of socializing than learning though.

The drive was somewhat frustrating. I only had 1.3 hours of sleep the night before and I was doing all 6 hours of driving, so I was extra irritable. One of the passengers considered herself good with babies (she is a part time nanny apparently) but made Georgia cry and fuss when she started out calm, so that was frustrating as all heck for me. She'd do things like trying to fish Cheerios out of the car seat from under her. If the baby is calm just leave her alone already. No point in even stopping the car to calm her because I knew this woman would just set her off again. So most of the drive was spent with screaming baby and the woman saying "I'm sorry" to Georgia over and over.

Lunch was good if you got there early, but apparently they didn't have enough food for everyone. I was 2nd in line so it worked out fine for me.

Today Georgia woke us up early and I decided to go out and tackle the lumber in the garage. There still isn't room to park the van indoors like I'd hoped for, but I'm almost done making the baby cart (still haven't completely assembled it yet so I honestly don't know whether it will work). Have to run out to Lowe's tomorrow because I need a few more parts to finish it.

That's probably the last project I will get done this week as I have to turn to packing for the Ontario trip. So much to do and never enough hours in the day.
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The only picture of me at the event... looking at my feet as I climb the stairs, carrying a diaper and a modern water bottle - sigh. My most modern moment of the entire day. Rly. For the rest of the day I had her in a baby sling and carried no stuff, but this was on the way to do a diaper change. At the time I said to the guy that it wasn't a great shot, but he didn't offer to let me put down the stuff and take another, better picture. Ah well.

And yes, I am aware that red and purple are not the best combination, but this was the only linen underdress that was both completed and clean and I haven't managed to finish any of the aprons I started yet. Though the only linen one I've started so far is the exact same shade of purple anyway.

G had on all linen, an amber necklace and leather shoes. She's wearing a modern diaper without a wool cover, but as it was one of the all-in-one cloth ones that never leak I couldn't be bothered with one more layer in the Texas heat. That said it was an indoor event and they had the AC cranked right up to arctic temperatures. We ate our lunch outside in the courtyard anyway and that was pleasant.
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Last year we had a really hot, dry summer with ridiculously tight watering restrictions (1 day per week) and a lot of stuff simply didn't make it. My neighbour's tree looked good and dead, but miraculously in the super-wet spring it made a come-back. New growth started pushing out from the trunk. unfortunately, all the old branches were good and dead. So what they ended up with was this core of green surrounded in a halo of dead, grey branches. Today (with their permission) I went out there on one of G's naps and hacked away at the tangle of dead to give the new growth room to stretch out. After an hour of labour in the mid-afternoon Texas heat I've managed to hack away everything that I didn't need a ladder to reach. I'm going to leave the rest of it for a few weeks and see if any of it starts growing too and if not I'll deal with it after we get back from Ontario. In the meantime it will annoy me a lot less.

Back out into the heat to play with power tools in the garage now I think...


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