Jun. 18th, 2010

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Georgia is really coming along developmentally these last few weeks. She can easily stand supported with just one hand for extended periods. She can take a few steps with her little Ikea walker cart thingy. She can sign "change" and "milk" and has decided her word for solid foods is "nom nom nom". She definitely recognizes more people now. Gets excited when she sees Beth from next door or Sunny and Alexandra. She's known my parents on the internet for months now and perks up when she hears the sound of an MSN video call being initiated. Makes me wonder how far along she'll be by the time we head off to Pennsic. Will she be walking I wonder?

The wool diaper covers are working out surprisingly well. I really enjoy knitting them so I'm thinking I need to make a bunch more and pick up more fitted diapers. I'm getting up to the point where I could go almost a week without doing diaper laundry (which would be gross beyond words, I'm just saying my stash is ridiculous now). So far I'm loving my Sweet Pea covers best (the prices have gone up since I bought them, so sorry to anyone else that might fall for these) with prefolds. I like my Bumgenius for going out. I still like my Dream-eze for overnights. And when we're bumming around the house I've been putting her in fitteds and wool. So far I've tried a local brand of fitted (you can't buy them online) and they seemed super-absorbent and really soft. I will be getting more of these for sure. I've tried kissaluvs and they seemed to get soaked quickly but I like that they are snaps. I've also been using Thirsties Fab Fitted, and they seem to work really well so I'm ordering more of those online.

Pennsic prep is coming along. Got another dress mostly sewn today. Just need to decide what color to do the contrasting embroidery in and I can finish the neckline, wrists and hem. No, I am not embroidering the hem, this is going to Pennsic after all, I just haven't gotten to hems on any dress yet. That brings me up to 1 finished dress (the one in my userpic) 3 almost-finished dresses and 1 cut out and waiting to be sewn. Trying to decide how many of these I need... I'm there for 9 days. Will I want to wear these new dresses the whole time or will I want to wear Roman on occasion? How many aprons will I need? Decisions decisions...

Georgia has 2 dresses completely done now. I'm thinking I'll make her 4 or 5 and we'll try to get by the whole week on that. If I have to hand-wash a few of her things to make it through the week that's what I'll do. I should try to get all of her sewing done this weekend. And yes, pictures of all the cute baby clothes will be coming along, but for now... sleep.


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