Apr. 30th, 2010

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The backyard is finally done. Still need to follow up on a few nagging details (the guys broke a board on the gate and left a bit too much gravel in the front yard lawn for my taste) but I will take and post pics this weekend for sure. It's everything I dreamed of when I asked for the back yard to be done. It has also resulted in a surprising turn of direction for phase 2... I wanted a pergola over the hot tub for privacy, but I'm thinking I would rather have the open view of my yard than save the neighbours from viewing the naked hot tubbing. I just think a pergola would make it feel cramped and right now it is gorgeous and serene. Phase 2 is probably still 2 years down the road though, so plenty of time to think about my options.

Beagles seem to agree with the changes so far. Anna has found a new favourite spot to sun herself and they haven't eaten anything other than a few mouthfuls of mulch.

All that's left to do is the annual oiling of the patio furniture and we're off to the races. G has been a bit ratty the last few days though, so I figure I won't do that until the weekend when Jason is here to entertain her.

Tonight's project... new title/banner for my website:

Oh, and the hunt for living room storage was totally successful. I even managed to assemble it and put it to use already. Go me!


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