Apr. 2nd, 2010

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Normally I don't object to the work that comes along with guests. A few extra loads of laundry, a bit of vacuuming, cleaning a bathroom I don't normally use, extra dishes, all no big deal. Removing all the viruses they bring in by checking their e-mail on my laptop on the other hand is huge!!!! I lost an entire day this week to that crap. Every single time I let guests use it I get a virus. I've never gotten one when I'm the only one using it. I didn't think "don't click links and don't open attachments" needed to be said, or that when it was that following those orders would be a problem, but apparently I was wrong. Password protecting my new laptop after that. From now on guests will have a read-only account on the old lappy. (Incidentally, if you're in the SCA and reading this, it wasn't Ben or Heather using my machine, it was Ashlie, and the time before that it was my father).

tales and pictures of Ashlie's week here including the concert behind the cut )

the mandatory Georgia update with pictures )

In other news the yarn shop had a great yarn sale this week and I am officially addicted. So much for the rule that my stash will be contained to one box. At the moment it's still just a single box, but it is overflowing badly. Must knit more. And need to give away the two balls of crappy yarn I bought years ago. If I'm never going to use it I might as well part with it.

Today I have a big day planned. Before Jason left this morning I got all the carpet on the stairs and main floor vacuumed, including moving all the furniture. I still have to clean the kitchen and all bathrooms, including mopping, vacuum the upstairs and make the second guest bed. Then get dinner on and have it all ready by the time my sister and parents walk in the door. Georgia is having a quick nap so I'd best get on with it.


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