Feb. 27th, 2010

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I got a flyer for a clothing store this week. Let's just say the 70s called and they want their fashion back.

No one should ever buy anything called a "romper" or a "jumper" after they are let's say 7. Though even at 7 I think you could count on having your ass handed to you on the playground if you wore one.

This charming example is a "romper":

Jason thought this "jumper" was just slightly uglier than the "romper":

"Classic Plaid" my ass. If you aren't 70 and hitting the club house after a rousing 9 holes of golf, you have no business sporting plaid shorts.

And finally, the piece de resistance on the back cover was this charming party dress fresh out of the early 90s. I guess I should be thankful that they've paired it with hair from a different decade. The 70s Farah flip isn't great, but it beats the pants off the hairsprayed wave of bangs that marked pre-teen fashion in the early 90s.

Jason commented that this flyer really was counting on buff models more than wearable fashion to sell their clothes. I really hope no one is clueless enough to buy this unflattering stuff because I don't think my eyes could take seeing it again. And yes, I had to share my pain with everyone.

In other news, Ravelympics is going well. I've finished a sweater for Georgia (need to block it and then I'll get a picture of her in it). I almost finished a pair of booties for her (just need to weave the ends in on one bootie). And because I couldn't find a bootie pattern I liked I ended up designing my own and posting it as a free pattern on Ravelry. In the first 24 hours it was posted it was added to 17 queues and favourited 60 times *warm fuzzies*. I wasn't planning on doing any design projects, but there ya go. Now I'm just wrapping up a scarf that I think will turn out too short. We'll see what it's like once it's finished and blocked. I may be able to stretch it into a useful shape. Or I may have to go hunting for another source for more of the same yarn. This was one of the balls I pillaged from the closing of a local yarn shop last week and it was the last one in that shade. It didn't even have the correct label on it, so who knows it might have not been a full ball either as someone may have used a bit and returned it. Ah well, for $4 I can't really complain much.


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