Feb. 18th, 2010

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Plane crashes into a building just a block or so North of Jason's office. Jason is okay. That's all for now.
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This is my thoughts on certain conservatives/tea baggers at the moment.

The domestic terrorist pilot was annoyed at the IRS. He ranted about "taxation without representation". I don't think the average conservative understands that phrase. Immigrants enjoy taxation without representation. The first Americans who were a colony of Britain, and subject to rules enacted by their parliament without being able to vote for members of that government were subject to taxation without representation. American citizens who whine about that are just self-centered idiots that think their every thought should become an action by their government without them actually working with said government. They can vote, they can run for office, they can BE the representation if they really want to, and at the very least they still get their single vote. There's a system, and if you can work within it but *choose* not to participate you don't have the right to complain that no one hears your voice.

Here's an excerpt of mine and Jason's MSN discussion on the subject of this douche's manifesto today:

Me: I can't stand americans who complain about taxation without representation

Jason: Yeah, I've actually heard "This guy was clearly crazy, but his manifesto was absolutely right." from some of the office conservatives here.

Jason: (quoting officemates)"The IRS really shouldn't be legal. I mean, if I took your money and gave it to somebody else, they'd arrest me!"

Me: Riiight, so we should be able to get rid of the military and the roads then. After all, it's not like you want us to give your money to anyone else for any reason right?

Jason: I suspect if you're agreeing with the suicidal domestic terrorist, you might want to re-evaluate your positions on those issues...

It's ironic that the conservatives complain the most about the taxes, and yet their war is the thing consuming most of the dollars right now.


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