Feb. 6th, 2010

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Sewing again. This time nothing that urgently needed doing, just something I wanted to do for a while and today I finally picked the appropriate fabrics out of my scrap stash. It's not something I need for the event tomorrow and it's not even related to the SCA! Which of course means that I had it finished hours ago with no pressure. I wanted to make a needle case for my double pointed needle set that I bought a few weeks back. Dropping them all in a shoe box with all the rest of my tools simply wasn't working for me.

Hacked up a skirt that a friend of mine bought me years ago (I may have still been in high school) but that was always fiercely ugly on me and has never been worn and used lining from my gambeson as lining. Ribbon from the Christmas bag project finished it off. Totally thrilled with this project. Now just need to make a case for all the other miscellaneous knitting crap so it's completely organized and I will be happy. Desperately need to organize my other hobbies too. Sewing room is quite the disaster right now.

Originally uploaded by Evilyne Tensions

Originally uploaded by Evilyne Tensions

Also making good progress on sock v2.0. v1.0 was frogged when I realized I hated the pattern. It was boooring. I was getting very tired of doing nothing but knit stitches and it wasn't looking terribly interesting or flattering so I frogged it in favour of working on something more interesting. Sock v2.0 is toe-up so I can make it the length that works on me, and is cabled so it's interesting enough to be worth doing. I've already used more yarn than I did on the v1.0, which I know because I had to re-ball that portion of the yarn separately from the store-ball. I'm about half-way up my arch. Here's hoping I can avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome. I think the second finished pair of socks will probably be done using the knit 2 at once method. I've already bought enough yarn for 3 more sock projects.

Anyway, off to bed. Event in the morning.


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