Jan. 2nd, 2010

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I've become a bit knit-obsessed. Lots of finished projects. I have of course posted about my hat and the hat I made for Georgia. The rollerbooties still aren't finished as I'm still a bit daunted by crochet. Georgia's doll is still needing a dress. And I've got one half of a pair of mittens for both Christmas ornaments and Georgia still waiting to be finished.

With all that unfinished stuff you'd think I'd made no progress, and yet the list of completed stuff keeps growing. While my family was here I made my first pair of mittens. Alpaca yarn that was really soft as a ball in the store, but which I'm thinking might be a bit itchier than I'd like once knit. I'm going to try blocking and I'm toying with lanolinizing them to get a bit of waterproofing (that will probably be nice for my skin too). I made them as simple as possible because I was trying to make passable substitutes for naalbinding. Something that would be appropriate for my SCA-persona, but which I find tedious to do.

knit Christmas ornaments behind the cut )

And just for the heck of it, here's a shot of the glass fusing that I've completed to date.

The bottom two and the one on the right are mine, the top two were Lauren's. I'm only really pleased with the green one as the first two were basically playing with the materials as I got a feel for it so I had picked the glass I liked the least of the glass assortment that came with the kiln. Still need to sand off the rough edges on all of them and then figure out what I would like to do with them.


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